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Community Highlights 79

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Hello Soldiers,

We had quite a few weeks go by with no community highlight. I'm really sorry (but also not sorry) about that. We've been busy.

I tried my best to gather as much of the content from the last 4+ weeks as I could, but I guarantee I missed some stuff. Videos especially. If your art isn't featured in this post, and you want it to be, please repost it into the discord creative channel. I'll grab it for the next one. Ping me as well, if you feel the need to.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Nov 11, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Moorrighan

Geeze man, could you just do me a whole portrait? I'd love it for my wall.


By: Bob Semple

This has inspired me. I'm going to do one of these. Stay tuned.


By: Morrighan

I legit almost didn't include this because it looked so real to me. I thought it was a stock image from a website. Phenomenal


By: Berkley_Toreno

I really hope you're selling your sprites on the marketplace. These are game-quality.


By: Mummy

Really clean. I especially like the warden tank, burning in the background. Heh. Hehe.


By: Sathoryn

I really hope you guys printed this out for everyone in your clan. This is stellar.


By: Red Donut

Leander! Come over here. The WN is trying to recruit you again.


By: Janeza

Janeza is BACK. You can tell because there's so much artwork everywhere


By: Morrighan

Incompleted but still lookin' swell


By: Bob Semple

Man, you really need a better camera.


By: Padfoot

That's how long its been since I've done one of these. Literally posting pumpkin pictures from October.



These look great. I want uniforms in the game.


By: Janeza

The ladies of SOM never get dirty. Always picture-ready.


By: Berkley Toreno

For real, just sell your stuff on the marketplace.


By: Wren

From our Red River test last month. Cool beans.


By: Asagiri

This is what I do on the frontlines. Except its a bayonet not a shovel.


By: Red Donut

Well that's positively festive of you.


By: Berkley Toreno

I love the warden variant of the katyusha rocket truck. Looks great.


By: My Man the Marx

This is a laser-cut (engraved?) Colonial light. Having trouble sleeping? Get this light. It will remind you that the might of the Colonial Army is everpresent, burning bright throughout the night.


By: JangofettAlex

Great job taking that trench! High fiv--oh.


By: Joan Risu

I've been told by reputable sources that the larger the eyes are on an anime character, the younger they are meant to appear. How young of a soldier do you think this is? Surely there's an age requirement before you can join the Warden military. They're not savages... Right?


By: Mummy

Damn these two are cute together.


By: Janeza

CRG are good guys.


By: Overshock

Wardens do love the snow, don't they.


By: Lercas

This actually reminds me of those old 'how did they draw it' disney flipbooks.


By: Berkley Toreno

I can practically hear the footsteps.


By: Wakato

He later did a full 3D model of this. But I didn't include it. I case he wanted to finish it first.


By: Rustic Sushi

Not sure if its your name, or the art style, but for some reason this reminds me of something you might find in a japanese sushi parlour, hanging on a wall.


By: Red Donut



By: Timberwolf

Dig. It spells Dig. I can't believe you didn't see that.


By: Mummy

Not sure if this is meant to parody Janeza's "Gas" piece or if, for some reason, it just says "Gas" and there's no actual gas anywhere.


By: Eagle101

I love these. Really simple, but very creative.


By: Freerk

You're scaring me man.


By: Belkan Lord

Unlimitied Collie Works.


By: Janeza

There it is. The gas.


By: France

Look how sad those warden medics look. They must have lost a lot of friends.


By: Berkley Toreno

This would be so cool.


By: Red Donut

Redriver, foxhole, Mordhau Crossover when?



By: I Saw A bear

BEHOLD - the update video.


By: I Saw A Bear

Ah yes. The grueling first few days when the blueberries held Saltbrook. And now... Now its ours.


By: Razzoorr



By: Seppuku

The exciting conclusion of said boat rush was inexplicably left out. I wonder why...


By: CaptainInArms

This awesome call-in show. These are always great.


By: Freerk

Oooooooooooh, so that's what's been going on. I've been so confused as to your sudden dramatic shift in art style. Now I get it.


By: Morrocan General

I see you've adapted to using the bayonet. You'll be unstoppable now...


Alright that's it. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Hope you guys have a great holiday. I don't want to see another Jade Cove Missile Crisis while i'm out eating dinner with the family. They don't understand. Like last year I'll tell my wife, "Hey, I need to take this call its important"

And she'll ask me, "What's it about?" "Oh someone did something stupid in a video game."

Skipping to the end of the inevitable argument with my family around the table telling me I need to get my priorities straight... you should know I don't win.

So don't do it. I'm warning you.



By: Wren


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