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Community Highlights 75

Hello Soldiers,

If you didn't see already, we have a lot of our PAX stuff posted up on the devblog so if you're looking for that, look no further than here.

Now scroll down. Go on then.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Sept 09, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



Foxhole Competitive League - Season 4

Here are your current list of active streamers:

Present Standings:

Credit Goes To: Akiira, Lord Metal Man, Marenova

To find out more information join the FCL discord.

By: Allester




By: Mummy

The look of a woman who just murdered a bunch of people. Think about it.


By: Terrento

The look of three women about to murder a bunch of people. Think about that.


By: Big Mac Gaming

Ok so apparently this bomber is such an ace that it downed 3 enemy aircraft with that tiny little machine gun on the back. Legend.


By: Mummy

Look deep into its eyes, then say it to yourself, softly, "Don't worry. Mummy's Here."


By: Mulon

Great suggestion, and great visuals to accompany. This is greatly appreciated.


By: Big Mac Gaming

And you thought the bomber was impressive. Gotta ask how this guy shot down four planes without any guns. But really, both of these are really great.


By: Hardnailz

Look at that photo-realistic drawing of a man's crotch. Really amazing.


By: firehole89

What am I looking at.


Funny Stuff

By: Mummy

Next panel is gonna be a training montage I hope.


By: Hadrian

Hahahahahahahaha.... fakenews because no petrol.


By: DarkLeftovers

Darkleftover animated what he perceives is the organizational difference between factions. Hard to argue recently...



By: Shawn

Battletonk footage. I figure as we move into patch 29, you'll start to see a few more of these bad boys pop up. So while they're still super scarce, let's appreciate exactly how much effort went into this little stint and video in simply preparing it.


By: Pie2

I'm super impressed with how those howitzer shells lit up under the canopy of smoke. Especially at night. Looks really.... lit. Get it? Lit.


By: Teto

Many a soldier were slain at this bridge, from these bushes. These bushes are killer.


By: Tin Can

Solid play.


By: Pie2

Less solid of a play. On that man's tombstone shall be written: "An attempt was made."


By: Teto

Kirby Dreamland music is amazing. Except that I had to listen to this for 4 days at PAX since our booth was right beside the Super Soul Bros. My throat still hurts from trying to speak over top of them.


By: Teto

Loxen and Teto go on a merry adventure. An epic to rival Frodo and Sam.


By: Morocco

Pickin on poor PAX Players... what a jerk


By: Teto

Notice how fast the spawn timers are? Eh Wardens? Did you notice??? No reason, just sayin'.


That's it. Go home.



By: Asagirii


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