Community Highlights 71

Hello Soldiers,

This is a reminder that I'm cutting down on the number of videos I'm showing. I'm going to stick with just the handful that really caught our eye. We realized there was a problem when during the last Community Highlights there was well over 20 hours of actual footage to watch.


Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, July 8, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



By: Souperior

This is such a great image. I'm not even talking about the framing or posing of the shot. I love it because of what it represents. This is what we want Foxhole to be. It's more than just shooting and tanks. It's about a much grander scale. Planes flying overhead, tanks getting unloaded from massive freighters, and scouts up in the watch tower. This picture conveys the theme of Foxhole so perfectly, it really does stand a part from your earlier work. Nicely done.

By: Souperior

And this looks like another angle of the same shot. At the bottom of the hill facing the other way.

By: Crimson Sky

Crimson Sky was one of our featured artists in the art contest. Here's another shot of the cosplay.

By: Crimson Sky

Okay so if I'm reading these events right, The Warden tried to stop other wardens from killing the Colonial (art contest entry). He was shot for it. And then the colonial medic slaughtered his killers and buried them all under this stick. Case closed.

By: Janezaa

Introducing the Colonial Sailor Scouts.

By: Rickery

Basically: the guy in the middle farted, and these are the various reactions you would expect to see in a typical Foxhole squad.

By: Rickery

For real though, Rickery, these are really great.

By: Reina Aiowa

Ok. What is up with Colonial people holding the blade by the sword? Is there a lore tidbit im just missing here? This doesn't seem like a good, healthy thing for soldiers to do.

By: Mummy

Whatcha got there? Cause it ain't morphine. Look at those eyes. She's high as heck.

By: Cmdr. Engi

More paintings from Cmdr. Engi. Been a while, dude!

By: Bubbadeej

You see the bulwark there in the background? That's right. It's canon now. The bulwark was built to keep the titans away.

By: Pixlbab

This is my typical response to most things mod-team related. Buncha sassy shits...

By: However

Can't have a major war without at least a half dozen mentions of Jade Cove!

By: Trisha The Owl

This picture still creeps me out. The colour isn't the issue, Trish.


By: Teutonician Germanicus Danziger

Yeah go Wes---Annnnndd it's over.

By: To_Black

This image befuddles me. It's good. I just don't know where her legs are.

By: Nanna

OK. Rest of you need to take note. Because this is how I imagine most warden women to *actually* look. All those big-breasted, blonde-haired princesses you keep drawing up need a reminder that this is WAR. Cold eyes. Bushy, unplucked brows, and hair SHORT or cropped because you really don't want a strand getting in your eye when you shoot.

By: Alec the Northumbrian

You spelled 'occupation' wrong.

By: Psirojohn & Commander Rod

Check out the PressCorp discord if you want to audition for a part in 'This Damn Blizzard, Part 2"!

By: Xor

Can't tell if he's pointing or threatening to club me with that hammer if I don't do my part. Effective message, either way.

By: Sikarii

Got a chance to speak with some of the 128th AR guys on the PressCorp stream the other day. They are displeased with us. It has been noted in the complaints box and summarily filed.

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