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Community Highlights 71

Hello Soldiers,

This is a reminder that I'm cutting down on the number of videos I'm showing. I'm going to stick with just the handful that really caught our eye. We realized there was a problem when during the last Community Highlights there was well over 20 hours of actual footage to watch.


Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, July 8, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.




By: Souperior

This is such a great image. I'm not even talking about the framing or posing of the shot. I love it because of what it represents. This is what we want Foxhole to be. It's more than just shooting and tanks. It's about a much grander scale. Planes flying overhead, tanks getting unloaded from massive freighters, and scouts up in the watch tower. This picture conveys the theme of Foxhole so perfectly, it really does stand a part from your earlier work. Nicely done.


By: Souperior

And this looks like another angle of the same shot. At the bottom of the hill facing the other way.


By: Crimson Sky

Crimson Sky was one of our featured artists in the art contest. Here's another shot of the cosplay.


By: Crimson Sky

Okay so if I'm reading these events right, The Warden tried to stop other wardens from killing the Colonial (art contest entry). He was shot for it. And then the colonial medic slaughtered his killers and buried them all under this stick. Case closed.


By: Janezaa

Introducing the Colonial Sailor Scouts.


By: Rickery

Basically: the guy in the middle farted, and these are the various reactions you would expect to see in a typical Foxhole squad.


By: Rickery

For real though, Rickery, these are really great.


By: Reina Aiowa

Ok. What is up with Colonial people holding the blade by the sword? Is there a lore tidbit im just missing here? This doesn't seem like a good, healthy thing for soldiers to do.


By: Mummy

Whatcha got there? Cause it ain't morphine. Look at those eyes. She's high as heck.


By: Cmdr. Engi

More paintings from Cmdr. Engi. Been a while, dude!


By: Bubbadeej

You see the bulwark there in the background? That's right. It's canon now. The bulwark was built to keep the titans away.


By: Pixlbab

This is my typical response to most things mod-team related. Buncha sassy shits...


By: However

Can't have a major war without at least a half dozen mentions of Jade Cove!


By: Trisha The Owl

This picture still creeps me out. The colour isn't the issue, Trish.



By: Teutonician Germanicus Danziger

Yeah go Wes---Annnnndd it's over.


By: To_Black

This image befuddles me. It's good. I just don't know where her legs are.


By: Nanna

OK. Rest of you need to take note. Because this is how I imagine most warden women to *actually* look. All those big-breasted, blonde-haired princesses you keep drawing up need a reminder that this is WAR. Cold eyes. Bushy, unplucked brows, and hair SHORT or cropped because you really don't want a strand getting in your eye when you shoot.


By: Alec the Northumbrian

You spelled 'occupation' wrong.


By: Psirojohn & Commander Rod

Check out the PressCorp discord if you want to audition for a part in 'This Damn Blizzard, Part 2"!


By: Xor

Can't tell if he's pointing or threatening to club me with that hammer if I don't do my part. Effective message, either way.


By: Sikarii

Got a chance to speak with some of the 128th AR guys on the PressCorp stream the other day. They are displeased with us. It has been noted in the complaints box and summarily filed.


War Stories

By: Big Mac Gaming

Keep up to date with the latest in successful warden operations (with none of the colonial ones!)


By: Deluxe Duck

Ok but you need to know that you can't copyright images taken from our game, just so you know! Those're ours. The rest is yours though!


The End of the War

Me and a private were walking along the snowy coasts, patrolling for enemy activity. He told me it was his first 10 hours on the frontlines and was part of a regiment sent to reinforce the sector where I am at. We just recently bombed one of the warden’s last logistical stronghold in Kirknell. Like the old war dog I told stories of the times when I was just a warrant officer.

I do remember my days as a grunt. War is supposed to be over in about half an hour, messaged to us from High Command. We’d be celebrating with drinks and caovish meat turkey from Moltworth as a way to celebrate.

Airborne operation was a success and a few trucks came in to supply us at least enough to act as border control. Though I do remember my days as a warrant officer, I was one of the many reasons why colonials were dominant in the heartlands and completely crippled warden logistics in that region. Though disaster struck as we came back to the town when the wardens attacked it, burning Moltworth.

Welp at least now I know why nobody had tried to contact river coast patrol. We were overrun.

Me and Bang headed into town to look for survivors. Fortunately we found a squad, disoriented and lost without a squad leader or an operative as all four head officers of the area are either missing or were gunned down by warden resistance.

We were all carrying explosives and have nothing but a few small arms and techparts on us.

“Who’s the next seat for command?” I asked.

“You are sir” they replied.

The situation as I understand it, we lost all ground in viper’s pit, the men I see here are probably the only survivors and now we’re walking our way back to Marban Hollow, on foot in the freezing cold region of the Caovish empire. We were moving at a slow pace but then I pointed out to a nearby enemy forth located at the very south of the region by the road.

“Men we have to get make use of our stuff and lighten our bags, unload all HEs into that enemy fort! And so we did, while walking south back towards colonial territory.

I made a promise to these men that regardless of what happens or how harsh the conditions were, I’d get them all home safe. Though I wasn’t able to keep my promise from all of them. Private Tesla, the poor rookie stepped on thin ice and it took us 2 minutes to notice he was missing.

But it was too late… he’s dead and we don’t have any medical equipment nor proficiency to resuscitate him. He was gone. It was a sad day and what we’d do now is just move on and survive in honor of him.

The night was cold and cruel but soon enough we managed to reach colonial controlled territory and the heat slowly began to return to our bodies. We survived but we aren’t out of this mess yet. I still have to get these men back home to their families. I’ve seen them in action and they risked their lives out by paradropping into the mountains, capture and fight for moltworth, survive the warden counterattack and journey through the ice cold night of winter.

Tired yet relieved and happy that the worst is over and the war won, we took a truck and drove all the way back and away from the front so that these men can reunite with their families once more. Heck they were fortunate to have a home to come back to but not for me.

For I neither have a name nor a home, not anymore.

Saving these men from viper pit was a privilege and before we parted ways, they gave out a salute and I accepted it gracefully. To whether they’d return to the front or stay within the country is now their choice to make. After all while the Caovish Government had given up on the war, its military hasn’t and we are just fighting a bunch of rebels striving to retake control over their lands.

But that’s not my concern anymore. I’ve retired, these hands were not as they used to.

You know, my own Captain told me that after the war, they’d rent a house back in heartlands, the one by Olivian 23 street? I bought the place tho, it has been rebuilt and refurbished, warm but the kids on the streets tend to throw rocks at the windows just for fun and the cats would somehow climb up the rooftops every night to mate.

I may not be a big shot of a hero as Camper, Irish Jesus, Lek or the other officers now but hopefully someone would still remember amongst the many colonials that worked with me, took a bullet for me and ate and hang out with, I do hope they remember the time that there was once a colonial who lead their group to victory in heartlands, who served with the spearhead that gave themselves for the legions and inspired us to never give up and win.

A colonial named Notes.

By: Notes

Now this is a story all about how,

Note's got lost, he got turned around.

And I'd like to take a minute, please don't despair,

to tell you about how Notes is still lost out there.

You're welcome.



By: I Saw A Bear

I love me a good safehouse siege. These are some of the more exciting battles in foxhole imo.


By: I Saw A Bear

Bear covers the new tool: Global HQ. He covers what it can do, and how to use it. I got a chance to use this along with [WN] last week and while I think the logistics stuff may be a bit too complicated for me to grasp, there's a lot of interesting and useful tools in here besides it. Like I love the announcements that CaptainInArms does whenever a town gets taken.


By: Dudek

Excellent screenplay. I especially love how you got them all to walk in there. They must have been encumbered to pull that off. So good. All it needs now is the tiniest bit of dialogue. Contact Commander Rod for voiceovers.


By: Dudek

Update 27 in a nutshell.


By: Asianchalkboard

This guy deserves some special attention. He put together a comprehensive playlist of tutorials for the game by breaking them up into short, little videos. I'm really hoping this continues. We need this. We need this badly.


By: Hole Death

I can't stop watching this. Lmao.


By: Nemesis

I don't know if this is a lesson in clearing dormant foxholes before moving up, or a lesson to teach us that Nemesis is a dick.


Hope you liked it.

Here's a body-pillow.



By: Pixlbab


Jul 13, 2019

YES! The new layout is so much better! I can finally read the newspapers! Thank you so much for updating it! Presscorps and Souperior still captivate me the easiest, though.


Unknown member
Jul 13, 2019

Who reads the feedback?

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