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Community Highlights 70

Hello Soldiers,

This Community Highlight actually covers 4 weeks of backlogged content instead of the usual 2 weeks because I went on vacation. This is deeply upsetting me because Community Highlights is going to be the first series of posts to reach 100, and the devblog is presently on #68. That means I'm now only ahead by 2 posts.

And one other tragic bit of news is that I've hit the maximum blog-post size. That's right. There's so much community content that I actually can't fit it into a single post anymore, so something has to get axed. But what? Anime is the obvious answer here--we could remove all anime from the Community Highlights post going forward and that would definitely free up some space.

But no. Against my better judgement I've decided to trim down on the videos a bit. There were over 30 videos to post this time around, but I'm going to start focusing a little more on the ones that really impress us, and the channels that are consistently putting out content. (Don't read too much into which ones got picked this time around. There were a lot of videos and I was already really crunched for space. It'll get better.

If we're the first to reach 100 I'm going to have a party. I'm not sure what kind of party but I guarantee it will be infinitely better than Deluxe Duck's WIRE PARTY. There'll be at least two kinds of cake. A pinata. And a giant inflatable unicorn pool floatie. Everyone's invited.

Except Deluxe Duck.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, June 24, 2019. Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible.



Kastow's Global HQ Website

By: Kastow

This incredible website is brought to you by Kastow, who did the lion's share of the coding. He also credits the following: CaptainInArms (PressCorps), Mulon, ISawABear, Sethfire, BladeRikWr, Derp, Carefulrogue, Mitchel-256, Chestmeister, Hayden, BlackHawk, krowt9r, Phil, Mark, Casey, Rohun and KFC.

On this website you can plan your logistics routes, deliveries, production schedules, and artillery positions. You don't even need a sign-in. It's definitely the most sophisticated Foxhole tool we've ever seen, and we owe Kastow a great debt of gratitude for organizing this and putting it together.



By: Lisek

If you look closely on the left you can see HB's wig shoppe, with Matt's head resting on the window sill. This is amazingly detailed.


By: Mummy

Holy cow that head injury looks serious.


By: Bogdan

Check out Bogdan's concept art for a battleship! You can also see his artstation where he has a whole bunch of other neat concepts


By: Red Donut

hehe look at their cute little socks.


By: Mummy

Okay hang on a second here. I don't think bandaids were invented for this time period. Look at that forearm wound! If this were a real war she'd have bled to death. True fact.


By: Sheita

Errrrrrr....... Looks good!


By: Lisek

In case you were wondering this was my face at seeing Sheita's image above.


By: Liberty Prime

Listening to music instead of PressCorps. This guy's not a true fan.


By: Joan Risu

I dig the style.


By: Julian

I really wish I knew the context for this. I'm sure there was a reason. It's Julian!


By: Mummy

Well she looks way too happy for someone bleeding from her neck and eye.


By: Bubbadeej

This is really, really clean and neat. Superb style.


By: OverDose

Ok guys, we need to have a word about lines and skirting them. (I said skirting, not the other thing.)


By: My man The Marx

I always love seeing art that isn't necessarily in the form of digital media. This kind of thing takes it to a whole different level.


By: Morrighan

When I first saw this I legit thought it was copied out of a WH40k rulebook. Really well done.


By: TheHoodiedThief

Submitted for the Art Contest, and still really good!


By: TurtleAndRabbit

RrRrrRrrrRrrrrr... POW. Pewpewpewpewpew.


By: Mummy

The dude. He's holding a knife. By the blade.


By: Mochi Whalesworth

Really digging this look and feel.


By: Rickery

The second image is the in-game lore piece that goes with this image. In case you were wondering.


By: The Meth Man

I'd like to do this just once in my life; ride a freighter across the Pacific ocean. Just watch the stars as they sail on by. And endless horizon. And a mammoth friggin' boat.


By: Kaboom Doom

Kaboom Doom is like the Warden equivalent of Thomas the Tank Engine.


By: Rickery

Wait... occupation of Veli? So after the war, when we've won, right?


By: Stefan

Diglet Dig! Digglet Dig!


By: Dr. Romanian

Nice, simple animation.


By: Wakato

Superior Warden miniaturization technology.


By: Rickery

This went from 0 to 100 really, really fast.


By: Wren

When the bandages wont stop the bleeding, morphine is there to ease their passing.


By: Desert Snake



By: Rickery The Longbarnnes, also known as the "Scarlet Scarves" were a Caoivish regiment prominent in the Great Wars. They were mostly hailing from the region of the Moors. Where the old nation of Moornhaselfeld once situated, before being assimilated to the Caoivish Empire. The people of the Moors still embraced Moornhaselian tradition, not afraid to show their old culture, such as farming and agriculture. It was not until the Great Wars that the Moors had endured countless brutal warfare on their own soil. To the point that they realize that farming was impossible for the next century. It was until the formation of the Longbarrnes, named after their old capital, that they shown their ferocity and brutal nature. The regiment was specialized in trench raiding, mostly because their region only shown battles that involve trenches. Seeing that their land was brutalized and scarred forever, they showed no mercy to the invaders in the Great Wars. Their trench raiding was almost always successful, not achieved by stealth or silence, but by brutality and fast-paced advances. Due to this, they adopted a old Moorhaselian tradition where different colors of scarves the people wore, were based on their emotion. Blue for feeling calm, yellow for feeling happy, any color had their own distinction. But as for the scarlet, the color of boiling blood, was for rage.


By: AnPanzer

I like how you gave up on the south-eastern shore. Indeed, the Colonial governments are so corrupt they need no names.



Janeza has been a dedicated contributor to the Community Highlights for months. It's not just the quality of his posts that makes him special, but the sheer quantity. I'm not just dedicating this section to him because he's awesome. I'm dedicating it to him because he had so many darn contributions that he could actually fill out the whole section.

By: Janeza

Check out this girl's nice pair of... glasses.


By: Janeza

Leave it to Maro to tell you to get to the front without telling you where it is.


By: Janeza

I think I've posted this one before. But oh well! Cat ears and tail.


By: Janeza

Frilly lace maid sleeves is not suitable combat attire for a... berzerker, axewoman?


By: Janeza

I'm sensing a medieval theme here.


By: Janeza

Oooop, nope. I see it now. You're trying to sneak Saber into my Community Highlights. Nice try. I'm on to you.


By: Janeza

That's niiice. Real nice. If I cold name this one I'd call it Bushwookie.


By: Janeza

The taking of Weathered halls, circa about 20 minutes ago (as of this writing)


By: Janeza

The look of defeat. Practice it well, you'll need it soon.


War Stories and Comics

By: Potato

Some Propaganda posters from Potato for the all-covering PressCorps


By: Potato

This covers the most recent war. Maan that world looks good in black-and-white (figuratively speaking)


By: Potato

This one covers the previous war. Didn't want to miss it.


By: Joan Risu

Advanced Warden Engineering and hyper-realistic foxhole physics.


By: Joan Risu

Been there. Both sides of this. Several times.


By: Big Mac Gaming

Welcome back! We've needed you. These Colonial propaganda specialists are getting out of hand.


By: The Meth Man

This isn't a real war. It's a theoretical one drawn out by Meth Man. What's shocking though, is how shockingly close it got to predicting the first week of the war.


Funny Stuff & Propaganda

By: Sir

Even Sir was praising the crane this patch. Imagine that!


By: Wren

Look at this idiot trying to dismantle some tank traps with a wrench. That's ridiculous.


By: Oilie

Look at this idiot trying to dismantle some tank traps with a wrench. That's ridiculous.


By: Subway

Not Rmats and Sulfur. No sir. You can just hand those over to me. Thanks


By: Oilie

Those shells are worth their weight in gold.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

I.... wat.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

See your doctor immediately if you're missing your doinker.



By: I Saw A Bear

If you've missed this video, I'll need the grid coordinates of the rock you've been living under. Thanks.


By: Potato/Commander Rod

This is an absolutely phenomenal radio show written and voiced by Commander Rod. I absolutely love this show. Check it out and show your support so I can get more.


By: Nemesis

Watch now how Nemesis attempts to bury this video among his other videos in an attempt to disguise how disgustingly overpowered the revolver is. I see you.


By: Deluxe Duck

What I envision when I hear "Wire Party" is like a lan party from the nineties with doritos, a full flat of coke, and all-night counter-strike 1.6 and Starcraft. You know what I got? A bunch of dudes trapped in barbed wire. You don't even need to watch this. I just put it here so I could shame him.

By: Deluxe Duck



By: Razzoorr

Every good video starts with "FBI open up"


By: Stanislav_kruger

If you could go ahead and show this to Deluxe Duck. I think he needs a proper reference point for what a PARTY really looks like.


By: Lord Metal Man

I just wanted to show this one off because ASS hasn't been around lately and it's nice to see them back in full swing.


Okay that's a wrap.

Wanted to take a minute to thank Vaxsin's girlfriend for the wonderful artwork she did of me and my wife down below. It means a lot to me to have this image. We didn't spring for a professional photographer so this is actually really nice to have for the album. Thank your girlfriend for me. She's also invited to the CH 100 party. It'll be on a Yacht.



By: Vaxsin's Girlfriend


Jul 01, 2019

can't see Global HQ, Bogdan, Red Donut nor Mochi Whalesworth, Please link. Also, thanks Lisek for links-


[WN] Lisek
[WN] Lisek
Jun 28, 2019

Also, the avatar of the dude with shades and the guy carrying the fuel can next to the tank is the same guy, [WN] Konigstiger :) for your info


[WN] Lisek
[WN] Lisek
Jun 28, 2019

In case anyone wants to see the full tank picture with all the details, here's the link

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