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Community Highlights 7

More time has passed, which means more goodies have come our way from our amazing community! The comics have a cozy place in my heart and I have to admit that I laughed out loud when watching Barta Kornél's satire of a weekly war. Some great creations here guys! Let's jump to it!

If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!

Soldier Art

Colonials and Warden Pixel art soldiers by J.Penguins

animated gif soldier by Nisqhog

Horrors of war by Rice


The Russians invade Foxhole server by Karpik

The Russian army is very fierce. By Carmain


KrazyFlyinChicken was very thoughtful in creating this tutorial for new players.

It's full of great tips and advice for everyone. It's perfect to newcomers, but enjoyable for veterans as well.

Share it with any new soldier the help our community grow!


Foxhole in Garry's mod by Commissar Jimbo

First piece of [LIME] propaganda by Rice

[LIME] propaganda by [82DK] Cpl. Carmain

[75RR] logo re-design by Tassen

"Historical Photo" of Gold rush by Rice

War Stories

Foxhole by Patrick

The Colonials came because they had already ruined their land. They tore apart their own and fought over everything. In the end though, they realized they had to find a new land, so they traveled to find a suitable place to live.

Eventually, the Colonials reached the place that is now famously known as The Deadlands. Unfortunately for them, the land was already occupied by the people known as The Wardens. The Wardens refused to give up their land, leading to the fighting and bloodshed that has gone on since. The Colonials formed the 75th Reapers Regiment, better known as the 75_RR. Their goal: Destroy the Wardens so the Colonials can occupy the land.

In response to the Colonial threat, the Wardens created two new divisions to combat the Colonials. The first was the 82nd Death Korps, better known as [82DK]. They were led by Lord Commander Bear. The second was the 5th SS Panzer Division ‘Wiking’, better known as [WIKING]. It was led by Huaptmann Fox. Shortly afterward, two mercenary groups established themselves in the conflict. One was Fast Operative Group, known as [FOG]. Their leader’s name was Merser and they were Russian saboteurs. The other was Lime Squadron, known as [Lime]. Their leader was Rice.

The Wardens and Colonials then tried to create several propaganda posters to boost recruitment and increase the number of soldiers. The head of the Warden propaganda team Commissar Jimbo created the famous Warden line “Warden above all!”

The two sides engaged in several “wars” but despite several victories, neither sides could push the other out. Around the 6th battle, the two sides realized that they could simply destroy the vital bridges to cut off enemy supply lines. They begin using this tactic. Then around August, a new weapon is discovered, the Satchel Charge! The Satchel Charge is capable of blowing up fortifications and defenses and outposts, making demolition much easier. Then shortly afterword, the Smoke grenade is invented. This device would later be a crucial tool for the Warden victory of the 5th war.

Around September, Warden and Colonial command ordered landmines to be used in the war effort. Shortly after, gas grenades and and watch towers are also ordered to be used. Then, a big change occurred. Vehicles were invented. Trucks could now transport more supplies and equipment faster. Then a month later, Warden engineers created a brand new structure known as the Heavy gate. The Colonials caught on and began using this design. Then, a neutral journalist known as “The War Correspondent” began documenting what was happening on the battlefield. There were also rumors of the Colonials developing a new weapon known as field artillery.

After a while, the Wardens created a secret new weapon known as “the shotgun”, capable of blasting away enemy soldier in close quarters combat. They also designed their trucks so that it was now possible to lock the doors. But right before the 8th battle, a Warden commander known as ‘KrazyFlyinChicken”, better known as “Krazy””, turned traitor on the Wardens, he and his group of soldiers established a mercenary group. They called themselves the Pugs. The Pugs proceeded to leak the new shotgun to the Colonials and fought on their side. The Pugs and the Colonials used their devastating new prototype, Field Artillery, to destroy Warden outposts and fortifications!

(to be continued…)


The Mausoleum of Stephan

by MOM.Janus

It's a rainy night.

A shitty night.

Rain poured heavily on the lone soldier who walked through the battlefield. The skirmish that happened earlier during the day had taken horrible toll on St. Edgar's cemetery. Many graves have been shot up or downright decimated by the fighting and there was barely a single tombstone intact. It's hard to believe that this place used to be a tranquil patch of land once. It didn't matter to the Soldier, he had a job to do. The commander interrupted his quality time with the lads to send him out alone, in the storm, to find out what happened to the Second Platoon.

"Uppity asshole." The soldier murmured. He never liked his commanding officer. The man had an aura of arrogance around him that made standing close by an incredible feat.

The soldier started walking slowly to the bodies, lifting their helmets and checking their faces. After a long while he finally stopped, shocked by the state of one of the carcass backed up against a barely standing granite tombstone. The corpse's insignia indicated the man to be a captain, but the tremendous amount of blood made it hard to see. What grabbed the Soldier's attention wasn't the chevron, it was the way the man died. Unlike most men in the cemetery who died due to gunshot wounds or shrapnel, the Captain's torso has been brutally gored into minced meat and torn pieces of skin. Upon closer inspection he noticed that his ribs were engraved with symbols the Soldier hadn't seen before. It took him all his strength and willpower not to puke inside. He shifted his sight away and started to go through the Captain's belt and the remains of his pockets. A long search later he found out what he was looking for. In his arms he clutched a small bloodied book. This however wasn't an ordinary book, for the contents of it could topple the status quo of this war. The war that took so many lives and resources.

"So much death." The Soldier thought to himself. He's been on the frontline for so long he forgot many things. He forgot how a kiss felt, he forgot the singing of birds, but worst of all, he forgot what peace meant. There was never a day without atleast a single bullet fired since he arrived. He wished things could change. He wished to come home to his family but most importantly, he wished for some peace.

His train of thought had been interrupted when he noticed something was wrong. An unnatural fog had covered cemetery, rendering the Soldier blind of his surroundings. It made his hair stand still.

"I don't remember fog coming up before." The Soldier thought.

Suddenly, he saw something move in the fog. He quickly leveled his rifle at the approaching figure, feminine from the looks of it. She was slowly approaching him, making him extremely uneasy.

"Stop right there!" The Soldier shouted at the silhuette. "Identify yourself."

Nothing. The figure kept creeping up to him. When it got close enough the Soldier noticed a curved object in her right hand.

"Stop or I'll shoot!" The Soldier shouted again, hoping the figure would listen. Only thing he heard was a faint giggle escaping the figure's lips. Not wanting to risk anything, he fired. Only for the figure to disappear.

"What the fuck..." Were the only words the the Soldier could say before something heavy hit him on the head. He dropped on the ground instantly, the world around him becoming black.



[Untitled Halloween short story]

by Dondergod

A man opened his eyes, he did not know where he was, or how he got here. He did not even know who he was. He quickly turned around on the spot, taking in the enviourment. Around him, a city in ruins. Under him, a hard stone building. Several other men stood around him. The man opened his eyes but words refused to leave his mouth as if he was silenced by the gods. The other men looked back at him, their eyes showing fear. Suddenly, one by one, including himself jumped off the stone building. The man tried to shout in fear, but there was nothing to be heard.

The man ran through the streets, unwilling unkowning. He looked up to the sky, the sky was black. Yet... around him everything could be seen as if it was in bright daylight. HIs viewdistance was short, but that what he could see, he saw clearly. Like an aura of light surrounded him. Suddenly two lights came towards him, a vehicles it would drive him over! But his feet decided to step aside, allowing the truck to pass him. The man suddenly turned running after the truck. He did not understand, how was this possible? Was he even awake, or was it nothing more than a dream?

The truck stopped in front of him, two men got out of the car. 'STOP! STOP RUNNING', he tried to shout, as he was just inches away from the vehicle. At the last second, his feet followed his order. They stopped just before the man hit his nose against the truck. His back was getting heavier. It became heavier and heavier until he came to a moment where he thought his back would break. Finally his feet started walking again, he turned his head around and looked at the two men who got out of their truck. What were they doing with their hands? He could not say. And then he saw what those men were doing, two rifles were pointed at him. Firing bullets. One of them his the man and he tried to scream in pain, but his screams were never to be heard.

The man ran and ran, further and further away from the two others. He did not know why they shot at him, what had he done wrong? He did not get a lot of time to think about it, his hands suddenly moved to his backpack, grabbing a hammer from it. A see-through building appeared before him, it looked like a tent. The man moved next to it and started hitting it with his hammer. He did not hit the building, yet the sounds made it look like he did. He looked around him, looking for someone... anyone who could explain all of this. Was it true what he had seen? Those two men shooting at him, looking at him with fear? Looking at their own hands like they were possessed, just like he was.

The building was completed, in the blink of an eye the building had turned from a ghost into a solid tent. Was he finally going to get some rest? No, that was not the case. His feet started moving back to where he came from. Back to the truck... back to the men that had tried too shoot him. When he arrived at the street, the truck had dissappeared and so had the two men. He was relieved, he would not die here, not yet at least. He looked at his chest and while he still felt pain, no blood was too be seen. 'It has to be a dream than', the man thought. His feet however did not stop. They kept moving, out of the town, into the open fields. Before long he found a bridge. beyond the bridge, he could hear the sound of guns and explosions. He did not want to cross, but he had no choice.

His arms started to move again, to grab something out of his backpack. First a rifle, apparently he did not need it, as he threw it on the ground. Then a mortar... well, who needs explosives anyway? It seems the person behind his action had settled on an SMG. He grabbed in his backpack again, taking out almost 20 ammo. Then, he crossed the bridge. In the distance he saw a building, or... was it a tent? Yes, it was a tent but not the same as his. It was bigger, and it seemed to be partially underground. Then it started flashing lights. The lights came towards him and he felt a sharp pain as they penetrated his body. His feet changed directions and he tried to change direction. Yet it was too late. He fell on the cold stones the bridge consistent off. Slowly, his eyes closed.

A man opened his eyes, he did not know where he was, or how he got here. He did not even know who he was.

Keep it up, soldiers!

We can't wait to hear more war stories from you guys on our Discord creative channel!

New Clan

A new clan has appeared over these last few weeks to shake things up!

The neutral [PUG] came with a bang and quickly amassed a fair number of players. They have a pretty nice recruitment video done by their leader and veteran Foxhole player [PUG] KrazyFlyinChicken.

They help a lot of new players that are just joining Foxhole for the first time, so obviously "PUG" stands for "Pick-Up Group", right? Nope! According to KrazyFlyinChicken himself, after a heated round-table discussion over the meaning of the acronym.... it stands for "Pug"... as in.. the dog! Lovely!

Reach out to them on our Discord channel if you are interested in joining them!


A very funny and cheeky video of the 82DKs on a weekly war done by Barta Kornél

The clever end to the 8th Weekly war, captured by Lucifer Morningstar

8th Weekly war from [PUG]'s perspective by Katyusha

Some predictions for the 9th weekly war, by Lagger. The [PUG]s promised to switch side

Growing Community

The wiki created by HauptmannFox keeps thriving! If you get the chance, check out all the new content that has been added.

This is a great source of information if you have any questions about Foxhole, and is a great complement to our Discord channel and Steam forums. Go take a look.

This is HB signing out! Cheers!


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