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Hello Soldiers,

What's different? Well, on the Foxhole-related weeb discord, they spent several days collecting, making, and posting this burst of terrible anime material in what i'm now dubbing, 'The stupidest revolt in Foxhole history'.

I need a vacation.

Which is exactly what i'm going to do. I'm going away for 2 weeks, which is why this post is coming a little early. I don't want to hear, or see from any of you until I get back. Don't burn the place down. Make sure the dog's been fed. And if anyone needs anything: F*** YOU I'M GOIN TO MEXXIIICCOOOO.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, May 27, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Janeza

I hate this.

By: Niyochara

This is a commission from an artist on deviant art. Here's a link. She's phenomenal. But I still hate this.

By: Niyochara

That link again.

By: Morrighan

Look at this! Hate it.

By: Yanafian

This might awaken something in me. Like hatred. Pure unadulterated hatred.

By: Joan Risu

Hate it.

By: Janeza

Really hate this one.

By: Asagari

Hate it.

By: HB (the Dev)

I hate you most of all for encouraigng this.

By: Asagari

And this is how they repay you, HB. Depicted as a hated neutral. If that doesn't build animosity toward this unruly weeb mob you've created, I don't know what will.

By: Bubbadeej

It's like you want me to hate this.

By: Janeza

Hate it.

By: Bubbadeej & Big Mac Gaming

The tank is great. Good job Big Mac Gaming! The people in it are not. You're a terrible person, Bubbadeej.

By: Bubbadeej

Hate it.

By: Sheita

She's got a wrench. Obvious griefer tool. Hate her. Hate it.

By: Bubbadeej

What happened to her shirt?! Hate it.

By: Firehole89

No. Not nice. Hate it.

By: Janeza

1/10 hate it.

By: Janeza


By: Janeza


By: Colt Bolt

And please, everyone, direct your hatred to this gentleman. Find him.

(Real) Artwork

By: Anthony (Dev)

This is from Anthony, one of the more respectable devs on the team.

By: Souperior

This tank I believe was designed by Starwarss and Big Mac Gaming! So that's really damn cool.

By: Starwarss

See! That's wicked cool. Nice job both of you!

By: Big Mac Gaming

I can't tell which one of these came first, but I want to say it was here. The original tank by Big Mac Gaming (correct me if i'm wrong)

By: Souperior

Welp. Shrek's canon now. Thanks Adam.

By: Big Mac Gaming

Good 'ol normal devitt light tank.

By: Souperior

That feeling when you're just minding your own business making community highlights when a bunch of jerks drop a proverbial tonne of anime on your desk on the Saturday before you go on vacation.

By: Big Mac Gaming

I.... I really don't.... know what you're doing here. Are you ok?

By: TurtleAndRabbit

Hehehehehe. More cute little 8-bit characters. I love these guys.

By: Souperior


By: Asagiri

"Warden Guerilla Engineering Clan Mascot ( Not Waifu )" - Asagiri

By: Rickery

Go go Canadian Battle Moose.

By: Morrighan

Sexy tank hunter

By: Mathias Gaming

Another edition of Mathias Gaming's monthly newsletter! Click the image to go to the site, or click here.

By: Rickery

Why that man is holding up the head of his comrade, I'll never know. Typical Warden treachery.

By: Stefan

This is pretty nifty. Just a fictional war report. It'd be cool if this was reflective of an actual war.

By: Psychofr

This is the start of something great! Need more please. Full body. Thanks!


By: I Saw A Bear

I Saw A Bear defends westgate keep against its rightful Colonial owners

By: HelpingHans

Been a while since I've seen one of these videos pop up on our discord! Everyone meet Turbo181.

By: Deluxe Duck

That motorcycle caught fire because you touch yourself at night.

By: Commisar_Jimbo

Its tough to say how much of this you actually edited from the original, but it's pretty damn good!

By: Razzoorr

I love how when the howitzers start firing there's just 10 wardens sitting on sandbags watching it

By: Skaj

Yup. I hate this too. I can't explain why, but I do.

By: Ph'shivau'dt

Omg just kill him. FFS.

By: Red Donut

Funny moments. A lot of them.

By: TheHeadhunter444

This video is entitled 'the siege of abandoned ward' but really its just a handful of guys trying to take out a safehouse for an hour.

By: Spots_05

Watch as this guy slowly loses his mind sitting on a rock waiting for bad guys to come who never come. Why.

By: Deluxe Duck

Deluxe Duck tries to make friends. Spoiler: Deluce Duck fails.

By: I Saw A Bear

Rooftop camping like a biiiiiiiiiiitccchhh!

By: Wren

Yup! Me as well.

By: TheHeadhunter444

And he's Still struggling with that safehouse

By: Beans

I don't know who Alice is. I presume some kind of deity.

By: Beans

Someone should really fix that hole.

This is actually just the worst community highlights ever.

Like in several months we're going to have a bad run of meme-art and people are gonna be like, 'Is this the worst community highlights ever?' and I'm going to reference this post like, 'no man, you remember when the weebs revolted?' And then we're gonna have a laugh like its just nostalgia but really we're dying inside.



By: Asagiri

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