Community Highlights 69

Hello Soldiers,

What's different? Well, on the Foxhole-related weeb discord, they spent several days collecting, making, and posting this burst of terrible anime material in what i'm now dubbing, 'The stupidest revolt in Foxhole history'.

I need a vacation.

Which is exactly what i'm going to do. I'm going away for 2 weeks, which is why this post is coming a little early. I don't want to hear, or see from any of you until I get back. Don't burn the place down. Make sure the dog's been fed. And if anyone needs anything: F*** YOU I'M GOIN TO MEXXIIICCOOOO.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, May 27, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Janeza

I hate this.

By: Niyochara

This is a commission from an artist on deviant art. Here's a link. She's phenomenal. But I still hate this.

By: Niyochara

That link again.

By: Morrighan

Look at this! Hate it.

By: Yanafian

This might awaken something in me. Like hatred. Pure unadulterated hatred.

By: Joan Risu

Hate it.

By: Janeza

Really hate this one.

By: Asagari

Hate it.

By: HB (the Dev)

I hate you most of all for encouraigng this.

By: Asagari

And this is how they repay you, HB. Depicted as a hated neutral. If that doesn't build animosity toward this unruly weeb mob you've created, I don't know what will.

By: Bubbadeej

It's like you want me to hate this.

By: Janeza

Hate it.

By: Bubbadeej & Big Mac Gaming

The tank is great. Good job Big Mac Gaming! The people in it are not. You're a terrible person, Bubbadeej.

By: Bubbadeej

Hate it.

By: Sheita

She's got a wrench. Obvious griefer tool. Hate her. Hate it.

By: Bubbadeej

What happened to her shirt?! Hate it.

By: Firehole89

No. Not nice. Hate it.

By: Janeza

1/10 hate it.

By: Janeza


By: Janeza


By: Colt Bolt

And please, everyone, direct your hatred to this gentleman. Find him.

(Real) Artwork

By: Anthony (Dev)

This is from Anthony, one of the more respectable devs on the team.

By: Souperior

This tank I believe was designed by Starwarss and Big Mac Gaming! So that's really damn cool.

By: Starwarss

See! That's wicked cool. Nice job both of you!

By: Big Mac Gaming

I can't tell which one of these came first, but I want to say it was here. The original tank by Big Mac Gaming (correct me if i'm wrong)

By: Souperior

Welp. Shrek's canon now. Thanks Adam.

By: Big Mac Gaming

Good 'ol normal devitt light tank.

By: Souperior

That feeling when you're just minding your own business making community highlights when a bunch of jerks drop a proverbial tonne of anime on your desk on the Saturday before you go on vacation.

By: Big Mac Gaming

I.... I really don't.... know what you're doing here. Are you ok?

By: TurtleAndRabbit

Hehehehehe. More cute little 8-bit characters. I love these guys.

By: Souperior


By: Asagiri

"Warden Guerilla Engineering Clan Mascot ( Not Waifu )" - Asagiri

By: Rickery

Go go Canadian Battle Moose.

By: Morrighan

Sexy tank hunter

By: Mathias Gaming

Another edition of Mathias Gaming's monthly newsletter! Click the image to go to the site, or click here.

By: Rickery

Why that man is holding up the head of his comrade, I'll never know. Typical Warden treachery.

By: Stefan

This is pretty nifty. Just a fictional war report. It'd be cool if this was reflective of an actual war.

By: Psychofr

This is the start of something great! Need more please. Full body. Thanks!


By: I Saw A Bear

I Saw A Bear defends westgate keep against its rightful Colonial owners

By: HelpingHans

Been a while since I've seen one of these videos pop up on our discord! Everyone meet Turbo181.

By: Deluxe Duck

That motorcycle caught fire because you touch yourself at night.

By: Commisar_Jimbo

Its tough to say how much of this you actually edited from the original, but it's pretty damn good!

By: Razzoorr

I love how when the howitzers start firing there's just 10 wardens sitting on sandbags watching it

By: Skaj

Yup. I hate this too. I can't explain why, but I do.

By: Ph'shivau'dt

Omg just kill him. FFS.

By: Red Donut

Funny moments. A lot of them.

By: TheHeadhunter444

This video is entitled 'the siege of abandoned ward' but really its just a handful of guys trying to take out a safehouse for an hour.

By: Spots_05

Watch as this guy slowly loses his mind sitting on a rock waiting for bad guys to come who never come. Why.

By: Deluxe Duck

Deluxe Duck tries to make friends. Spoiler: Deluce Duck fails.

By: I Saw A Bear

Rooftop camping like a biiiiiiiiiiitccchhh!

By: Wren

Yup! Me as well.

By: TheHeadhunter444

And he's Still struggling with that safehouse