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Community Highlights 67

Hello Soldiers,

Remember to get your submissions in for the Art cont--HAH. Fooled you. YOU'RE TOO LATE. Deadline is already passed and you missed your chance. Tough bacon. We're going to be going over the entries over the next few days and coming back at you with a verdict. When? I have no idea. But we'll get 'er done. A lot of amazing stuff in there.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Apr 29, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


The Third Annual Community Foxhole Festival

If you somehow missed the third annual Foxhole Festival then I'm sorry, but you'll probably regret it more than your parents regret not going to Woodstock. But that's okay, because unlike the grainy black and white footage of the 70s, we have screen capture software and a whole host of people who streamed, filmed, and edited the festivities for your viewing pleasure.

This was definitely the best festival to date, hosted by a plethora of dedicated moderators and community advocates, and organized by both Icanari and Caspar. These guys really outdid themselves.

Every event we went to, we had to force ourselves to stop and move on to the next one just to get through them all. And in the end, we had about 3 games per event with still time to spare! It was excellent. Thanks a lot to everyone who put this together. This was amazing.

By: I Saw A Bear

Where would we be without Bear's extensive coverage of the game? Nowhere, that's where.


By: DeluxeDuck

The Capture the flag event!



By: Souperior

This is part of a much larger presentation. I've seen it but I didnt post it here. Don't want to ruin it for when we do the contest post.


By: Wren

Look at those old-arse trees... and old colonial emblem. Dayum.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

There's a gif further down using these in a video game. Looks great.


By: Janeza

Class photo, except no one's doing the peace sign. That's how you know it isn't real.


By: Souperior

And that dude he's talking to is just going to let it happen. This reminds me of.... well.... everyone I know. You're all terrible friends.


By: Sir

Beep. Sir also uploaded this as a skin to Company of Heroes.


By: Janeza

I get that it looks cool but, girl, don't bring that spear into combat. I promise you won't find a good use for it, unless its to stuff up the XO's butt.


By: MathiasGaming

Click on the Colonial symbol to see this latest newsletter, and get caught up on all the latest Foxhole news, compiled by this awesome dude.


By: However

But..... why are they elves?!


By: Souperior

Maro in her prison fatigues. Exactly where she belongs.


By: Rickery



By: Janeza

Rich girls.... Richgirls and bikes. Like cheese and whine.


By: JabbaTheTrump

Lol.... the more you look the more amazing it becomes.


By: Janeza

Lol.... "Dercas"


Comics By Asigirii

Okay. So I don't normally create an entirely new section for a single person, but this time I felt like it needed to be done because I wanted to keep these all together. What impresses me most about these comics is that they're topical. Only those of us who play foxhole--and I mean really play foxhole--will get the humour, for the most part. Nice stuff man!

All of these comics were done by Asigirii (with some collaborations)








By: TurtleAndRabbit & Asigirii






Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: eat_pantsu



By: Toasty



By: eat_pantsu



By: eat pantsu

Da poster


By: TheHoodiedThief



By: eat_pantsu

I spelled out Propaganda over 10 posts. Did you notice? Dummies.



By: I Saw A Bear

I love that calm waiting before every tank engagement. Both teams just staring at each other across the battlefield with binoculars wondering who is going to make a move first.


By: I Saw a Bear

This was an epic fight up the hill. I'm glad there's at least one defensible location facing north for Saltbrook. Pretty cool to see players fighting for it.


By: I Saw a Bear

A pretty low-key update this time around, but I Saw a Bear is covering it as he always has! Check it out.


By: Razzoorr

82DK uses motorcycle rush. It's super effective!


By: King Kable

It's pretty cool to see a tank combat video in the woods. People really hate driving these things through umbral


By: Red Donut

Good gosh, you're at 6 episodes already? I see you getting lazier in your edits though. Don't you be slacking now!


By: Nemesis

Wow that is some SLICK tank column maneuvering there. And nice to see a video of Nemesis not tearing shit up solo for once :P


By: Nemesis

Ok I legit can't tell if that's a soundboard or a dude with a perfect voice for video game voice acting


By: Headhunter Gaming

About an hour of unedited footage showcasing the defence of Liberation Point


By: Patrickmen11

Just.... uh... 5 minutes of drifting? You're a weird guy. Who makes weird videos.


By: Patrickmen11

There's no boombox that I can hear. You're a liar.


By: Patrickmen11

Well you got remarkably far....


By: Patrickmen11

Oooof. I feel for that warden that warned his driver...


By: Patrickmen11

Of course its MoroccanGeneral in there. Of course.


By: Patrickmen11

Foxhole Festival!!!


By: Skaj

What............... the hell.


By: Wulfgang

This new Kanye song is really rad.


By: Spots_05

See Spots. See Spots Run. See Spots Die. See Spots die again. And again.


By: Mongoose458



By: Anzac

This was really nice. It's a memorial for the Anzac troops, a real Australian batallion.


By: Iz Do Filmz

Another perspective of the Anzac memorial service


By: Wren



By: Ceeps

Sure, but that only counts as one.


By: Subway

Another perspective of the epic SOM tank batallion strolling through umbral hunting heavies.


By: Assault Support Services

Gazou gets a tank kill. Good Job Gazou!


By: MT Gaming

Epic Music Score. Epic Voiceovers. I feel like you took them out of like... Eragon. Or Shadow Hunters. Not that I've watched either of those things. Just that it sounds like something from them.



When battletanks get into the port base :(


By: Gabe T

A little while earlier I was like, 'I never get tank videos in umbral!' And now im getting nothing but tank videos in umbral.


By: Henson Doan

I'm really glad stickybombs are still getting used. Balance. We got that.


By: 212 Fightin' Boyz

Pew. Pew. Peeeww. Rifles in foxholes. The iconic duo.


By: 212 Fightin' Boyz

Why the window mode. Why?!


By: FrimFram

Woooops. Remember to lock your tanks, boys!


By: DeluxeDuck

Epic footage of a saltbrook battle. I do love seeing fights in this city. It's so pretty.


By: Seed



By: The Bazlow

All you need now is a guy hanging out the side shooting a shotgun wildly into the air.


By: Cal

Shneaky little...


By: Uncommon_Nick

Armoured Fighting Tractor dodging a tonne of stickies.


By: Uncommon_Nick

More sneaky ninja stuff. Whatsup Collies. You cant fight like men anymore?


By: Uncommon_Nick

Jokes aside, I love this clan's cohesion. It looks really good.


By: Uncommon_Nick

Man there's a lot of gold footage from what I can imagine is only one play session?


By: Uncommon_Nick

And Beach landings too! These guys done it all!


By: Uncommon_Nick

More perfect cohesion. Tanks this time.


By: Uncommon_Nick

Solo play.


By: Uncommon_Nick

I think i've seen this one already. But its still pretty damn good. A huuuge line of tanks.


Ok get outta here. I'm sick of lookin' at ya. Especially you, Dercas. Friggin Dercas, man. That guy sucks. If you see him around tell him I said so. On an unrelated note, keep an eye out for the next few devblogs. Those things be bumpin'.

Until next time!



By: Pie2

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May 03, 2019

THIS COMMUNITY IS SO FRIGGING GREAT! I can now read all the text correctly! Thanks for the formatting, Clapfoot! This is marvellous. Thank you all very much!

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