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Community Highlights 66

Hello Soldiers,

Remember to get your submissions in for the Art contest. You can read more about the requirements for it by clicking this link. You have until Apr 28, so get your submissions in!

In a world where anime is the only art form, in the seedy underbelly of the now-illegal anime drawing black market, Foxhole players battle it out in a secret war for waifus.

At least that is how I imagine this is playing out. I don't actually know. But there is indeed a tonne of anime this time around. What the hell guys (and girls).

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Apr 15, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Arkan

Poor girl, her eyes are too far a part to use those binoculars! Look at them! There's no way!


By: Janeza

Typical Wardens. Always invading that Colonial comfort bubble.


By: Freerk

This was made to commemorate Bannon's last regular stream. He says he'll be back for major events, though, so no tears.


By: OverDose

See what I mean? So much invasion of personal space going on. Talk about rude.


By: Hanz Scheiße

These are incredible. I just wish it was up against something like a banana so i can see its scale. I'm not sure if that's a carpet underneath, or Hanz's back hair.


By: Janeza

R.P.G. A Really-Pretty-Girl. It is. Check your infantryman's manual, right below the definition for gullible.


By: PsiroJohn

Company of Heroes?! What's that? Never heard of it. Did you make that up?


By: Janeza

Yeah yeah yeah, quit nagging me, Cally Chan. I'll take back the homeland tomorrow.


By: AdmiralJimmy

It's so cute!


By: AnPanzer

One's got a smoking gun. The other has a smoking cigarette. And I don't see a lighter.... talk about bad ass.


By: Janeza

Blonde Eagle this is brunette swallow. Come in Blonde Eagle. Orders from the top, mini-skirts are NOT a viable uniform. Over.


By: Rickery

A really nice touchup to the original image!


By: OverDose

Cool girls don't look at explosions.


By: TheHoodiedThief



By: Janeza

Yo those things aren't stackable anymore. You aren't authorized to carry a backpack full of em anymore!


By: Starwarss

Starwarss got one whiff of uniforms and went diving off the deep end.


By: AnPanzer

That wood siding though. They better not have included that in the side armour thickness value. Also, its spelled armour, you backwards American!


Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: Blast_Cat

MAG. I seen these guys in Mooring. Go figure.


By: Kanex

Yo dude, i'm pretty sure you already sent us these but..... I'ma let it slide this time.


By: Hardnailz

I only agreed to read this because Hardnailz can't read.


By: Leo

See, this guy knows how to spell Honour.


By: Soteriax

Pretty damn good touchups. Especially that shield one.


By: Mulon

Sunken Pillbox, the persistent-when-enemies-are-around World Warfare game.


By: oldsage

Next one goes to the moon.


By: A. Tanker

Yee boi. Bus Boi.


By: Eats Pantsu

Great poster but quick question - what the hell kind of name is Eats pantsu? That's a weird thing to be advertising.


By: Lioncide

Seatbelts, everyone.


By: Kanex

First we gotta get there. Then we can send the postcard.


War Stories

By: BaBayonette

No ketchup in your pasta!? Are they even human!


By: Mr Drake

The writing in this one is superb.


By: MathiasGaming

Click the Colonial Icon above for a link to the newsletter Mathias put together. Looks pretty snazzy! Man I need a better image to use for these links... this one is so... icky.



By: I Saw A Bear

Attempts?! I'd call that a success. Even if it did end in failure.


By: Razzoorr

A column of light tanks goes on the prowl in Callahan's Passage last war


By: Razzoorr

Some excellent tank play, using infantry in support


By: Razzoorr

It's hard to tell if the hornets nest that was kicked was the colonials, or the 82DK squad, swarming out of those bushes.


By: Razzoorr

Lol... the poor guy was so confused why they weren't shooting back that he stopped shooting himself.


By: Patrickmen11

Bikes don't work that way!


By: Patrick11

This is an exceptional video of Patrickmen11 filming himself. Not much else. Just an exceptional video of himself. The foxhole youtube equivalent of a bathroom mirror selfie


By: Patrickmen11

Ahh friendship. Such a powerful motivator for suicide.


By: Patrickmen11

Stabby stabby!


By: Razzoorr

"Your uniforms look silly, how does that make you feel?" Hehe... this gentleman.


By: Uncommon Nick

Poof! -- what a terribly unimpressive explosion sound for a bridge blowing up. Just Poof.


By: Uncommon Nick

I'm really glad this didn't work. Don't get me wrong this is a ridiculously cool tank column, but I'm glad that a force made entirely of tanks is ineffective. You need infantry support!


By: Spots_05



By: RaYder

This has to be the first foxhole video i've seen filmed entirely with a cell phone. What the hell man.


By: TheHeadhunter444

This is a really long, unedited video of an OPsquad playsession in Deadlands. The video was timestamped to the push on Liberation street, but I couldn't timestamp it in the blog. Damn you blog!


By: Mongoose458

He's lying to you though. There were definitely quite a few steps back in the making of this film.


By: Seed

95% of this movie is him fighting in Eidolo, not Elksford. I was about to call him out on his lies but then at the last second it cuts to elksford nobody would notice the drastic change in climate.


By: Matthew Mcflooney

Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up is the song everyone hates on but secretly, really loves.


By: Wren

The weirdest update video i've ever seen.


By: Liberty Prime

Not only does this guy talk about Fight Club, he downright videos it! Take a peek inside this, the dark underbelly of Foxhole.


By: TheHeadhunter444

Another, extremely long, unedited take of gameplay. Come on man! Shorten it a little!


By: Sosiska

Dat circle-strafe around the enemy tank doe. Smooooth


By: Sosiska

Nifty retro music.


By: Withrund

So much screeching. So much.


By: NiceBandit

Dayum didnt we slow these things down? I thought we slowed these things down.


And now I have Never Gonna Give You Up stuck in my head. Thanks jerks. This has been another Community Highlights, filled with memes and propaganda and everything else. Remember if you want your stuff featured here to post it on our discord in the #creative channels.

Until next time!



By: Arterez

2 Kommentare

22. Apr. 2019

Can i get a link to Arkan? i can't find the artist anywhere

Gefällt mir

22. Apr. 2019

Still can't read newspapers and the touchup only loks like the part with nothing but 1 tank trap. you need to reformat the site or add links to the originals. Great community you have there, don't waste it.

Gefällt mir
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