Community Highlights 65

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Hello Soldiers,

Remember to get your submissions in for the Art contest. You can read more about the requirements for it by clicking this link. You have until Apr 28, so get your submissions in!

As I write this, I'm still coming down from my high of participating in a small 2v2 Company of Heroes tournament hosted by [BM] and [TD], a couple of newer Foxhole clans. A bunch of really nice guys, let me tell ya! And also: I beat Texas#9884 . That was the highlight, really. He said I could gloat. If you guys see him, make sure you rub it in on my behalf.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Apr 1, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: TheHoodiedThief

The lighting in this in on point. You can see a lot but you do get a deep sense of night and darkness. I love how you can see the outline of the man in the road ahead. Fantastic, really.

By: Souperior

You know when you're running around in the wild trying to find a hole in the enemy defences, then you come across a bunch of colonials just chilling by a fire for no particular reason? Me either. In real life, he'd be dead.

By: Cmdr. Engi

Dude your painting is getting better and better every time I see it! Great shading, great drybrushing! Now just add some highlights!

By: Rickery

Colonial guy: "The Steadfast Colonial Light Tank "H5" was designed by "a young, talented engineer from the industrialized western city-state of Dimiourg"

Warden guy: "Cormac Flood, The Designer of the Iron Beast: Flood Mk-1 Battle Tank"

Rickery; man you are killing it. I love how your art isn't just one medium. You're really diving deep into the lore and actually placing it in the world. That's so friggin cool.

By: Souperior

Me last weekend.

By: Malaran

Nobody wants Trains, Malaran. We already tried to add them but the community was like, "No way. We don't want trains!" I know how you feel though.

By: JANEza

This dude looks exactly like how I imagine Lercas to look.

By: Daikyu

Click the icon to listen to the sound file. Daikyu created this phenomenal Colonial anthem!

By: Big Mac Gaming

These are getting more defined each and every time. Next time though I want you to put a Chicken pinup girl painted onto the side.

By: TurtleAndRabbit

I swear i'd seen these before but im not taking any chances. This looks great and pixel art needs more attention.

By: JANEza

Man Thea's hair changes colour with every iteration. It better be purple next time.

By: Rickery

Exactly how I imagine them. 40 ft tall and wielding swords.

By: JANEza

Thea, careful. Your shirt is ripping. Good, there you go. You were making some of the men uncomfortable with that near-miss wardrobe malfunction!

By: JANEza

It even has the little toggle to go from Auto to Semi!

By: TheHoodiedThief

Pretty sure I seen this in Company of Heroes. You tryin' to pull a fast one on me man!

By: Belkan Lord

With that hole there in front of him, im not sure if man is contemplating suicide, or spelunking.

By: Kanex


By: Toasty


War Stories

By: Colonial Press (RgbMan)

I love the casualties rates. Those better be accurate.

By: Ba Bayonette

Spoiler: They Surrendered

By: Colonial Press (RgbMan)

One day i'm just going to print all these.

By: I Saw A Bear

Watch Bear do everything! Builder, support, medic, sniper, everything!

By: Deluxe Duck

Watch someone use a halftrack without getting killed!

By: Seed

Seed recaps war 23! (Late entry, sorry Seed!)

By: Lightning

Wow cool, a battle in Whitechapel. Haven't seen that in ages! Some conservative battle-tank gameplay whilst defending the highground

By: Timberwolf

But only one guy hit you with his RPG. Truth is if even half of them hit the tank you're dealing with an above-average number of professionals!

By: Medic_Here

You carebear.

By: Medic_Here

How do you seem to have no problems making friends with people that want to kill you. It's uncanny.

By: Nemesis

Good god. You found the one blind gunner in the whole warden army.

By: Nemesis

Lol, nails him dead on with a tank shell.

By: Nemesis