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Community Highlights 63

Hello Soldiers,

Remember to get your submissions in for the Art contest. You can read more about the requirements for it by clicking this link. You have until Apr 28, so get your submissions in!

There were a lot of really great war stories these past two weeks but, as always, I tried to keep it to the ones that were formatted and written well, and the ones which were done as newspapers or with screenshots! I like those the most.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Mar 4, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Souperior

I love that dude running across the top of the tank with an armful of TNT. Definitely Foxhole.


By: OverDose

This one got me scratching my head at relic artillery pieces....


By: Souperior

This would make an infinitely better victory screen than our present one.


By: Commisar Jimbo

No arguing indeed. This is quality work, man. Writing, images, and all.


By: Souperior

Could be wrong but I don't think wardens look this cool in the real game though. Needs less mustache, less cigar. More Grey-haired, grumpy old man. Im not a lore-master.


By: Bogdan

I wear sunglasses at night. Artstation Link!

By: Belkan Lord

He's designing tanks per their native provinces. In this case Nicnevin.


By: Stefan

Ok. Ok, so we can all agree this isn't exactly the Mona Lisa... but consider this: this was probably done in paint. Look closely at every drag line on the road, every dent on the tank. I don't care if this isn't a glorious painting. This is a monument of passion.


By: PixlBab

Are all the humans in this picture recruits?


By: Starwarss

It's the Relic Motorcycle!


By: DrakeTheAntiGrom

Looks like Jade Cove except its missing the obligatory nuke.


War Stories

By: Commisar Jimbo

These have been fantastic. It would be great if something like this could be combined with Mulon's war recap videos for coverage of a full war, with video! So you can actually watch the events unfold as articles fade in and out on screen


Ace Tank Crew of "Zaamurets" The Battle Tank, Heartlands, 2nd Last Day Of WC #21

Zaamurets is the name of an armoured train that changed hands between three different nations during World War One. Our tank changed hands between three different commanders, me being the last one.

[Pnzgr]Matson and his battle tank had been alive for days before the events of this true story took place so the final kill count could be higher than what is said

[Pnzgr]Matson had arrived in Heartlands shortly after we had taken Blemish, on the way to the frontline I happened to be on the road with a full tank kit I scavenged from abandoned FOBs along the road. He offered a ride and I decided to join him for the journey. In the town of Blemish we found two other crew members and decided to head for the frontline. At this point we had a four man crew consisting of a driver, a bow MG gunner, an engineer, and a commander gunner (my role).


Second engagement: 2 BT kills

Our tank and one other light were closing in on the crossroads just outside of the enemy port

base. We spotted two enemy battle tanks down the road. We called out their positions to our field arty crews. The enemy tanks advanced 50 meters apart which our tank to pick them off one by one. We started to advance and we disabled one of the enemy tanks. Our field arty proceeded to pound them into submission along with us. The second enemy battle tanks dropped like a fly. Our light tank died to the second enemy battle tank but we succeeded in yet another one on one battle tank engagement five minutes later.

Third Engagement: 1 BT kill

We were trying to hold the crossroads just outside of the enemy port base with another friendly

battle tank and two enemy battle tanks arrived. they took over the crossroads and continued their push while we continued to pull back and assess the situation. We decided to go for a head on approach and we engaged the enemy tanks. In the fighting, the friendly battle tank that was fighting with us died leaving one of the enemy battle tanks burning. We managed to secure the kill on the burning tank but we suffered heavy damage in the process. we made it back to Blemish in one piece despite this.


Fourth Engagement: 2 BT kills

Our tank and three other light tanks were defending the town of Blemish from an enemy assault

force consisting of seven light tanks, three battle tanks, a field machine gun, and loads of infantry (soon to be bodies). Our tank formation was the only thing standing in the way of the attacking forces. We set up ambush in the town and waited for the enemies to attack us. The battle tanks formed up on the main road leading into the town in a single file line. We gave the order for our light tanks to flank from multiple directions and we succeeded in killing one battle tank. They did the same attack twenty minutes later with their remaining battle tanks and we managed to destroy yet another battle tank. While all this is going on, the enemy light tanks kept trying to flank the town. We were there to stop them while the light tanks and friendly infantry held off their main force. Eventually, after many stickybomb assaults, our three light tanks met their fate at different times in different areas on the same frontline. The remaining enemy tanks pulled out of the town and sat at a safe distance. They waited far back while their infantry raided the buildings and destroyed defenses. After a while, they managed to take the town and we made a quick offroad retreat away from the frontlines to regroup with more friendly forces.


Fifth Engagement: 2 BT kills

We regrouped with a formation of friendly battle tanks on the road outside of Blemish. We

numbered three light tanks and four battle tanks. Us and an battle tanks crewed by ANZAC went for a flank attack on an enemy BT that was sitting down the road leading inside Blemish. A friendly light tank pushed with us and we caught them off guard. After the kill was confirmed we made a hasty retreat back to our lines. We then caught another tank off guard while it was making an off road retreat on the opposite side of the road fifteen minutes later. We proceeded to wipe it out.

Sixth engagement: 1 BT kill

Our battle tank saw an opportunity to take out another enemy battle tank. A friendly battle tank

pushed ahead of us without notice and got disabled by an enemy battle tank as we were advancing forward. We pulled in front of them to block the tank rounds. We managed to kill the enemy battle tank but the friendly battle tank died and we were disabled. An armour piercing round hits us in the side and we were unable to locate the enemy or repair our tank in time to survive another shot. Our tank was destroyed and I was the only one that escaped it.

By: Alpmert

This has always been a dream of mine: Just gather you and your 10 closest friends and start up a tank division. Roll around the map just stirring stuff up with excellent team-based tank tactics.



By: I Saw A Bear

Update 22 Video! Just in time to make the higlights right before Update 23!


By: I Saw A Bear

Castle Clapfoot as seen from Bear's perspective! I'm really glad to hear that you guys all had fun on this one. Hopefully Caspar and Icanari will plan another one soon.


By: Mulon

Part 1/3


By: Mulon

Part 2/3


By: Mulon

Part 3 The exciting conclusion!


By: Freerk

Of course, by freerk. God I love all of these.


By: Terran Marine

Best of Terran Marine. The amount of work you put into editing definitely shows.


By: Moxie

Watch this lone man struggle in his fight against the oppressive regime holding Fisherman's Row.


By: MoonFF

Everyone clan blame MoonFF for the stickybomb nerf. And also Terran Marine. And all you other jerks who did this. (See how I did that? Moved the blame of the nerf from us to you guys. Classic.)


By: MoonFF

I hope our sticky nerf doesn't kill these kinds of bonzai charges. Five guys. 1 sticky each. Good luck.


By: MoonFF

I hate when this happens to me. Like, as a truck driver, this is the most rage-inducing thing ever.


By: LarionDoesThings

Dude this is some ace AC driving. Notice how the guys protect him while he repairs, and he's always moving with infantry support.


By: LarionDoesThings

I dont see how any of this constitutes an operation. But some good footage all the same!


By: LarionDoesThings

"That was the actual infantry hiding behind the tank instead of protecting the tank". Hahaha.


By: LarionDoesThings

I saw you playing and got my hopes up. 'Finally! Some Great March combat'. Nope. 10 second clip then aaallll deadlands.


By: Red Donut

Man the sheer number of videos we got of this event makes me think it should be written down as some kind of marketing strategy for some bigwig company. We'll need big corporate buzzwords for it like... 'Dynamic Content Generation through Organic Event Planning." Then we'll write it on a whiteboard, nod at each other emphatically around a large oval desk and congratulate people on a job well done.


By: Medic_Here

By posting this, im not condoning this behaviour. But I *am* laughing, if that counts.


By: Medic_Here

The answer the philosoraptor question: is no.


By: Medic_Here

My biggest multikill is.... do rockets count?


By: Medic_Here

Of course it was chess hustler...


By: Lord Metal Man

Damnit Duri...


By: CarefulRogue

The quality of your footage has improved drastically since the last time. Nice work


By: Razzoorr

Nice! From what I gather, the wardens were an incredibly organized bunch this war.


By: Subway Nice! Man I love the discpline of these guys. No fear. "Go forward" and he went forward, knowing he was doomed. And they got two BTs down for it.


By: Deluxe Duck

I feel lied to. I didn't see a single convoy in this. Not one.


By: Morocco

But you drove past all those people you could have killed! So many missed opportunities!


By: Jaywoosh

Whooaaa.. calm down there, my dude. Calm the hell down.


By: Deluxe Duck

Again man. What rifleman brigade?! I don't see it! Quit lying to me!


By: Jakaryy

I admire these videos that must have taken a tonne of editing... Dayum.


By: FlightlessBird

Great.... drive a battletank into a port base -_-


Thanks for all the laughs. The videos especially are getting incrementally more and more well edited. If you haven't watched them all, I strongly suggest it. There's a lot of really great Foxhole shenanigans in there.

Until next time!



By: Infin

1 Comment

Mar 09, 2019

You got a lot better at image placement! the only ones I couldn't read were the war stories images! Kudos!

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