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Community Highlights 62

Hello Soldiers,

Remember to get your submissions in for the Art contest. You can read more about the requirements for it by clicking this link.

We had a blast during Castle Clapfoot on Friday. Thanks Caspar and Icanari for putting that together. Next time we do this though maybe you guys be the ones in the moving tin cans getting shot at by everyone and their brother.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Monday, Feb 18, 2019.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Castle Clapfoot 2

Hosted by: Caspar & Icanari, screenshots by: Pandaontoast

Last friday we hosted a quick impromptu event with those of our playerbase that was on Discord. The event was planned and prepped by Icanari and Caspar. In it, the developers were instructed to hold their safehouse in Jade Cove against insurmountable odds.

With the help of some very dedicated wardens, they succeeded. At least until the rockets started dropping.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was tremendous fun for all of us here at the office before the long weekend.



By: Extellus

I really dig this style. Looks like it could almost properly fit into the Simpson's Universe.


By: Starwarss

What I really love about this is that we can actually use this for a solid reference for when we do get around to the uniforms. This is exactly what we had talked about. We want uniforms that never detract from the aesthetic of each faction, while each one still being unique enough to be noticeable. Great work.


By: Mek

Hand these out at every recruiter's station.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

This is the second version of TurtleAndRabbit's Cities: Skylines map of the Foxhole world map. Looking good!


By: LizardScript

Followed closely behind by the Armoured Fighting Cattle, and based out of the Forward Operating Barn


By: Lercas

These flags represent some pretty deep lore that very few people would actually know. Whenever someone asks me a lore question, I just point them to Lercas.


By: Mulon

This is how I like to see suggestions formatted... Makes it really easy to understand. As for this suggestion however, I would think something like this as unlikely. A progression system that benefits the self we feel will indulge players into playing for themselves, which we aren't a fan of. Now with that in mind, I think a progression system would be a huge benefit to the game. But get inventive and think: What would a progression system that benefited the team look like?


By: Lord of the Isles

Lord of what isles though?! You'll never be lord of the Iron Isles. Or Hermit's Rest.


By: DreadWeasel

Maaaan this would be a super cool minis game. Like crazy cool. I want to paint these.


By: TrishaTheOwl

So Trisha sent me this and the first thing I noticed was the hammer and sickle on the warden flag. Interested to know how the rest of you feel about this. Angry? Despondent? Riotous?!


By: General Phanter

Ahh, a fan of House Baratheon I see. At least it's not a flaming heart.


By: Alpaco

As pixel art goes, this is some pretty high fidelity.


By: Bubbadeej

The hell kind of salute is that soldier?!


By: Anpanzer

A little late for halloween my man!


War Stories

By: Commisar Jimbo

Commisar Jimbo has taken a number of fan art submissions, stories, and more to fill this great newspaper with stuff that's happened during the last war.


Swords of Maro holds off Warden Invasion

Day 443, Midnight

The Swords of Maro narrowly destroyed a massive Warden tank column, including 3 Flood Mk 1's and 10 Devitt Mk 3's. Legionary forces were tipped off to this massive advance from forward scouts in the Weathered Expanse region a day prior, receiving 24 hours to prepare for the imminent attack in the remote and unfortified region of Umbral Wildwood.

Under the command of Praefectus Death and the SOM Legate Lercas himself, the outnumbered and outpowered Legionary armored column met the enemy advance on the outskirts of Foundry, in a surprise ambush that caught the Warden menace off guard.

In 3 advances, sustaining insurmountable casualties, Colonial forces managed to destroy the Warden column, marking a narrow victory for the Colonial Legion against their stronger foe.

The Swords of Maro would like to remember their fallen comrades of the 1st advance, from which none survived but who without, the enemy would have prevailed. They will be remembered for their unyielding defiance in the face of certain death.

Estimated Warden Casualties

10-15Light Tanks, 3 Battle Tanks, All crew and 20-30 infantry

Estimated Colonial Casualties

12 Light Tanks, all crew members KIA.

Pictured below: SOM and compatriot armored columns swarm the third and final Warden Battle Tank, with a harrowing and memorable battle cry.

By: MegaMikey75

"Legate Lercas himself". He better have had the entirety of his King's Guard with him at all times. You don't bring a man like that to war without some assurances.



By: Potato

I've been anxiously awaiting this one for so, so long. Come on man! Finish it! Stop teasing us!


By: I Saw A Bear

I like when they were trying to build a little barge bridge across. Why'd you have to stop it? That would have been epic!


By: I Saw A Bear

But why were all the garrisons down?! Colonials what are you doing?!


By: Mulon

Every time Mulon posts these, I get a little giddy. These are incredibly helpful, even to the game-design side of things.


By: Red Donut

I really appreciate the way these are edited. Similar to the Terran Marine ones.


By: Maybar66

During the castle Clapfoot event


By: Lennyface

Nice to see STR still going strong!


By: Lennyface

Ahh, that patented HMG APC. We saw a lot of this during the FCL tournament. Very strong. Much clever.


By: Lord Metal Man

Well that worked. That was a thing. I'm not angry about it but i'm not happy either. Bike nerf inc.


By: MoonFF

And they say shadow dancing is dead...


By: Deluxe Duck

That's one excellent intro. And Thumb! A lot of random shenanigans on Tempest Island


By: The Man in Gauze

Lol this is some excellent editing. Fantastic content. Watch as The Man in Gauze is driven around frantically in the gunner seat of an armoured car!


By: Patrickmen11

Part 1 of 5


By: Patrickmen11

Part 2 of 5


By: Patrickmen11

Part 3 of 5 - I watched this twice and didn't see you kill me. Fakenews.


By: Patrickmen11

Part 4 of 5 - Castle Clapfoot ending. Glorious.


By: Patrickmen11

Part 5 of 5 - A dude. Talking to himself.


By: MedicHere

Lmfao... This whole video is pure gold. Like. The whole damn thing.


By: Captain Sokka

No. No, the average corporal would have been sure to take you with him.


By: Captain Sokka

Realistic Physics. Check.


By: Alarsin

These last holdouts in the safehouse are always a blast. I'm really glad they panned out. I love seeing them get absolutely surrounded like this. As a defender, it really lends exactly the kind of feeling we were hoping for. That desperate struggle against imposible odds.


By: SabreOne

I'm really proud of you for doing the right thing here. Put him out of his misery... god we need a 'suicide' button...


By: Cirne

hey... pst... the war is ended.


By: Sosiska

THE BODIES. SO MANY BODIES. God I love safehouse fights.


By: Tornik

Foxhole Moments. I actually really like your playstyle. You play a lot like I do. You clearly spend more time thinking about where you are.


Thanks everyone for your art and submissions. Sorry for not getting a highlights portion on the devstream this past week. It has been a packed few days. The war ended a little earlier than expected and we had to cram to get the patch out the door for you guys. We'll be back to our usual selfs next time. Until then!



By: T_Slothrop



good things. this time, I could read most of them, keep doing whatever you are doing because that makes it readable!

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