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Community Highlights 60

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Hello Soldiers,

There were a surprsing number of war stories from this most recent war. As usual I only included a few, but if you want a better chance of getting yours featured, I'll tell you I am definitely super impartial toward stories with videos and images attached. It just catches my eye a little better. Jus' sayin. Pro tips.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Souperior

The colours really stand out for this one. The deep shadows as well really sell it. I can almost feel the crisp morning air.


By: Souperior

That same tank crew... the night before. I'm going to start calling the shaven one Mr. Blinky.


By: Souperior

I just want to take this and replace the image on all our webpages.


By: Burning Grey

I think what's really great about these isn't just how good they are, but how many of them there are.


By: Terrento

It probably says, "We're out of Perogies".


By: Haley B.

This is a gif done by I Saw A Bear's friend, Haley! Super cool man.


By: Mochi Whalesworth

These models were made by Mochi!


By: Bogdan

And a tank! Link again!


By: Starwarss

More guns. I SAID MORE GUNS.


By: TheHoodiedThief

Imagine this dude stormin' your foxhole on D-Day. That there is the true face of the enemy.


By: Big Mac Gaming

I would love something like this in game. An artillery piece that you don't have to push around like its some kind of anchor strapped to your back.


By: S-2K

All that technology, and it's being powered by a paddle wheel?! What are you thinking, wardens?! Superior warden tech my butt.


By: Starwarss

I feel like this is a teaser. Silently in the background Starwarss is working on an enormous battle scene and these are just the small character models he plans to use.


By: Syo Much

So Syo was asking me for these decals a while back. I didn't give them to him. So he remade them!


By: Paman0ma

It's tough when you put art like this on the page next to so many great artists, but man, we all start somewhere and this to me looks like a pretty damn good start.


Funny Stuff

By: TheHoodiedThief

Apparently there's a leak in the office somewhere, as this is basically a play-by-play of our internal design meeting.


By: Insanity

I love how both the balls are surprised. Lol.


By: Morocco

Morocco throwin' some shaaaaaaade.


By: Invisable Woman

I can wipe out your gunboat, all I need is 2 more guys and a spitfire!


War Stories


Weathered Expanse, Day 426

The frozen grounds at Dullahan's Crest used to hold fields suitable for barley, but in the Mid-afternoon sun of Day 424, Colonials made a daring assault into Weathered Expanse, destroying the Missile Silo as well as destroying every established Warden Base in the area, disturbing the once lush fields now turned cold and dead from the frost.

The night of 425, into the Dawn of 426, The region was largely under Colonial control when Warden units, with members of [CAW] among other units, stormed into the Northwest of Weathered Expanse in an attempt to beat back the Colonial Legion.

Nobody was surprised when the Wardens decimated Crow's Nest. However, Nobody, Not even the Colonials, was expecting the sudden turn off events of Dullahan's Crest.

With Warden Tanks positioned just outside the Fortified town, BlackRose, A Colonial Officer, led a daring three-man charge with sticky grenades, stuck and destroyed a Warden Flood Tank, while Accurate Mortar Fire and shots from Field Artillery Destroyed their Warden's ability to fight-- They turned tail.

As they turned, The support fire opened up and killed each tank dead in their tracks. With 3 Warden Battle Tanks and 7 Dullahan tanks destroyed on Day 426 of the war, The Colonial Legion emerged Victorious from a battle they were sure to lose.

By: Mothman47

There's a video depiction (below) of these events. The glorious colonial stickybomb rush.


World Conquest #20

“Of Iron and Weathered”

Weathered Expanse, Dullahans

Day 400+, 0800 hours

The Umbral Tiger armored division

With most of the Warden forces allocated in Jade Cove, Farannac became the ultimate stalemate. While it served as a defensive city for the warden forces in Mooring, it became too much of a convinient city for them to hole up in.

This was their one and only double edge sword. They had given up all means of offense to Gallows and to heartlands and decided to make the entire place their iron fortress, this allowed the Umbral Wildwood corps to push up and capture the region of Endless

Intelligence reports of a massive armored column in the Weathered Expanse, speculation suggests they were to be used to either take Endless back or be transported to a nautical route to invade Umbral Wildwood from the east. With the Chinese behind us, we marched in with tanks of our own. It was one hell of a fight.

"Alright, our mission is to destroy all enemy tank commanders and their support columns in the area! As soon as their armored division falls, Weathered will be ours!"

In a matter of hours, the Warden armored division set on Weathered was destroyed and with the warden army sparing no more manpower to defend their eastern front, we thawed through the ice cold machine of the Warden empire and captured a critical military target in the war. With artillery support, and coordinated infantry pushes, it was only a matter time till we seal the fate of the Warden army and end the World conquest of 20.

Story by: Notes

Video by: Choot, TitanBlackRose

"We Thawed through the ice cold war machine..." Hah... Look out PressCorps, I think this guy is gunning for your job.


You're not Wardens. Remember that.

That's what they told us at training, if you can even call it that.

We won't be charging the enemy lines and winning the war singlehandedly. We won't be the famed heroes people talk about. Stay in the foxhole. Don't try to be a hero.

Just follow orders and do your part.

You're not Wardens. They are actual soldiers.

That's what officer said to Barry with whom I was enlisted.

Since our training was limited to recognizing uniform colours and handling a repeater rifle and maybe a one-way radio. Appearently, we do not need to know more.

Guess we really aren't soldiers if we don't even have ranks.

You're not Wardens. You have other tasks.

That's what they said when they took that guy with glasses.

He managed to escape conscription thanks to his academic background, but war catches up to everyone.

Now, he's sitting in that bricked hole, surrounded by poisonous fumes, grinding powders for hours and smelting the bars.

You're not Wardens. They are too busy with important tasks.

That's what that old bearded grandpa said.

I've seen him once, when we were passing by the tower in the Cove. Some say he hasn't gone down from it for years.

I wonder if that's his voice I sometimes hear in radio at Town Hall.

You're not Wardens. You're expendable.

That's what I heard from the guy in the foxhole next to my pillbox.

We're to sit here and hold the ground until relieved. Even if the supplies run out planks start to rot, we must still be wary of the Colonials. We never know when shells start falling.

And eventually, they did. I got lucky. He didn't.

We're not Wardens.

They are right.

We may just listen to orders.

But we still do our part.

We are the Auxilliary Infantry.

By: Kacpo

"Flim Flam, Godamn, we're Auxilliary Infantry!" - Someone important, probably.


The constant clanging sound of his hammer echoed throughout the day as he continued to hammer away, breaking down the heaps of metal, rubber, and whatever else was laying around. He must gather more scrap, he must keep these men supplied here in Gallows. We will push these colonial invaders out of our homeland.

The young man continued to think as he worked tirelessly, ferrying scrap to the refinery, day in and day out as the war raged on around him. He missed his family, missed peace, but had lost both when the colonials came. This war was personal, and he was doing his part. He hoped his father would be proud, proud of how hard he was working to defend his homeland, proud of—-

The young man’s thoughts were cut short, as a colonial sharpshooter took his shot, the bullet tearing through the young warden’s head, right outside the refinery at Gallows. The young man fell, right there, still clutching a pile of scrap. Some other warden soldier came by, ignoring the body, instead taking the scrap to continue working, hopefully not meeting the same fate.

By: blythe

There used to be a time when scrap piles would absorb bullets. People would hide in them like little safe shelters. Good times.



By: Kastow

For all you people who joined us over the winter holidays, this video will get you up to speed about ever war previous!


By: Mulon

Yeeaaaah. I love these. Great timelapse of the battle in Deadlands from last war!


By: Seed

Retroactively added because im a dummy.


By: Fiqrie

The fine line between bravery and stupidity is usually drawn by the result.


By: Marenova

This is probably worth watching for his accent alone. And those bag pipes. "BOYS! boys. There's no actual enemies in there." Lmao.


By: Beans

Welcome to the game, comdrades! Great to have ya! (actually I think beans has been with us a long time)



By: Moxie

Don't watch these. Not unless you want to see me screw up and die a bunch. Moxie was evidently filming all of it... the bastard.


By: Moxie

And this is him when he abandons me. Stupid Moxie and your stupid warden face.


Thanks for checking us out everyone. We have a big announcement next devstream as it relates to the community highlights, so tune in to that one. And before you ask, no we're not going away anytime soon. It's good news, I promise.



By: Hermes


Feb 10, 2019


Jan 27, 2019

I assume that the guns and drawings are cool but I don't know becase the image is still cut. I like what you did with linking. please add that to every image, or fix the cut borders by adding a white border aroud so that gets cut instead. so sorry I'm missing out on such detailed (I assume) backgrounds and statistics. please fix

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