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Community Highlights 6

Look alive, soldiers! It's time for some community highlights again, and HB is here to bring you the joy of your fellow companions' creativity!

If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


The comics keep on coming! This time we have some great works from the the Warden-oriented mind of Commissar Jimbo.

By Commissar Jimbo

Pixel Art

Rice and J.Penguins graced us with some nice pixel art concepts of a Warden soldier. Personally speaking, even though each piece is so different, each has it's own unique charm!

By Rice

By J.Penguins

Garry's Mod

Another very interesting thing that came up these past few weeks was some pretty convincing concepts of Foxhole characters done in Garry's Mod. Commissar Jimbo managed to create some very impressive images of how Foxhole characters would look.

By Commissar Jimbo

War Stories

The 3rd weekly war brought about a series of creative accounts of war written by players. Carefulrogue opens up with a dramatic re-telling the conflict.

A late train was how it all started. The train was held up because the technicians checking the line for sabotage were behind. I realize it's important, but shouldn't it be easier to tell if a satchel is attached to a tie?

Anyhow, my train arrived later in the evening, and as we offloaded into the heavily fortified Callahan's Pass, the one paragraph briefing wasn't helpful. I grabbed my gear, and loaded my rifle as I ran. I reached the end of the Pass, and showed my passport to the guards at the checkpoint, and then found myself in the great open wilderness that was the Dead Lands.

A funny thing about the Dead Lands, it's one of these key chunks of land we've been fight for over and over again. Command refuses to supply enough soldiers to hold it, much less push beyond it, so every time it's taken, we get beaten back, or, if the Colonials take it, they get beaten back. Artillery barrage after artillery barrage would rain down on those that hold the territory, so it's become almost a game. Once either major end of the region is captured, the enemy commander of the conquers orders the entire region to be shelled into mud.

So under the impossibility of holding it, we just continue to fight back and forth. Soon as this installment is won or lost, command will be shipping me out again, to fight on another losing front, or some equally hellish place where I'm as useful as the next.

First priority, was to meet up with the logistics corps, and began to ship supplies to the front. For about a week, that was all I did, hauling things back and forth. A few fights broke out, as command provided us trucks, but no keys, and some privates that barely passed basic kept taking the corps' vehicles.

That would have been fine, to be expected on this front. But it was when I got shot by a supposed ally that I decided to move to the front. The argument was petty, the truck the guy was driving got stuck in the mud at Iron's End, refusing to budge. There were a few trucks, the drivers of whom had radioed in earlier that they would need critical supplies, couldn't get past the stuck truck. And so I got out, and began to unload the truck. If it was so stuck it was blocking traffic, we had to resolve the issue quickly. As I unloaded and told those around me to do the same, a bullet whipped past me, and I fell down, the wind knocked out of me as I struggled to respond. Then a second came at me, piercing my abdomen. At that, I cried out in pain and collapsed.

Later, I would feel some men pick me up, and later I would emerge from the hazy red and black of pain. Some crude bandages were applied to me, and around the way a standoff was occurring between the members of the 82nd Death Korps' logistics, and the two that had shot me. Accusations flew, and while no one was shot when it broke up, there was a lingering anger.

After that, I made my way to the front, hoping to avoid further confrontation with fools. The confrontation I sought lay on the front.

The front, was in miserable shape. Normally, the front is referred to as a line. There wasn't so much of a line, as a island. Abandoned Ward has had some dramatic changes in landscape, with alternate river paths being carved and some bridges the colonial's had built to still access it. There was a mountain plateau, that often some of the soldiers glanced at in longing, as if they could reach it's heights and rain fire on the enemy from it's peaks. But it's too difficult to get men up, especially equipment. And it would be a lonely and cold position. Not something I'm volunteering for.

The front was a mix of actual progress and complete lack of it. Mortar tubes, abandoned rifles, spend casings, blasted concrete, spare tires, littered the ground. The spend shells in some cases where so thick, it was like walking on polished ice. Shots rang out, and the thumping of a pillbox gun could be heard occasionally over everything else.

It wouldn't be until a week later, when a soldier that had gained the nickname KrazyFlyingChicken, did we actually claim the Ward, however briefly. He had organized the supply trains to bring in mats to Plaza, that were being converted into green ash, gas masks, medkits, shells, satchels, and any supplies he deemed necessary for his operation. Effective command and control, as well as clearing a path for trucks to deliver supplies further into the Ward, advanced us step by step.


You can find the rest of the tale and other stories from different players on this Reddit post. Another testimony of the 3rd war came from Sapper Chuckles, through the eyes of the 75RR

Before the war started, the Colonials formed a new regiment 75th Reapers to counter the formation of 82nd Death Korps of the Wardens. I enlisted when the 75th Reaper Regiment needed veteran soldiers to help the new rookies get in shape before the impending war. Unfortunately, the 75th had barely any field training besides a practice exercise the night before the war. The war started on a cold morning day with artillery shells plastering our forward positions, the 75th Reaper Regiment was stationed at Liberation Point. The fresh commander of the regiment King Burns took charge and order our regiment into squads throughout that cold day. The amount of fresh and wet behind the ear Colonial soldier’s about to fight the Wardens gave me the sickening butterflies to my stomach. I knew some of them weren’t coming home. I didn’t know if I was going to make it through the first few days of the war. I was assigned to the 75th Sappers, I worked on setting up defenses around Liberation Point. I knew this could be a fallback position, if we lost Cemetery Junction. The sappers with me worked through the night, building defenses and getting our outdated trucks operational. As the night turned to day, I needed rest, I found a place to set up my tent. I rested for a few hours, that would not last long. I was woken abruptly, that I needed to head to the front at Riverwalk, it needed defenses as soon as possible. The enemies keep shelling the emplacements and they needed repair badly. As I headed to the front on a truck, I noticed lines of men lining the road, full of bandages, and to freshly dug graves. I knew I was about to be reminded of what war was and the sadness it brings. I reached Riverwalk, the bridge entrance smelled of death, I had no time to think. The shells started falling down on Riverwalk, and I was reminded I had a job to do. I furiously built pillbox after pillbox, and around dead of night, I could hear the clanking sounds of water canisters crossing Riverwalk bridge. I knew those weren’t friendly, I grabbed my rifle, and aimed ahead. Along with me, I had a small detachment of the 75th Infantry. We waited to see their faces before we opened up on the Wardens. The newly created Pillboxes opened up first, the rattling of the machine guns blared. Then the 75th detachment and I opened up next and the Warden’s fell one by one. The combination of the machine guns and rifle fire forced the Wardens to retreat. I felt relieved, but the casualties we suffered, saddening as well. I pulled out a cig, to take the edge off and to think about my lovely wife. I sat on a sandbag at Riverwalk until dawn, just trying to get my nerves down. Around mid-day, I heard we pushed the Wardens out of Ward. I was ecstatic. As the first week passed, we built foxholes and other emplacements in Ward. We got a FOB up in Ward. The Colonials generals were full of jubilance and I was ordered to the new front. I grabbed my rifle and began heading to the new front at the Crossing. As I almost got to the new front, I stepped on an enemy mine in Ward. I was sent back to the medical ward at Cemetery Junction. I rested for a few days, and then I heard panic blaring over the once jubilant radio at the medical ward. I walked out of the medical tent, and saw men with bandages over their eyes, and men dying from poisoned lungs. I asked a dying man, what happened. The man gasping for air, said “We got attacked by the Green Ash”, and that was the last words he spoke before his breathing stopped and his body slumped down a little. I looked up after that and my eyes widened, our entire army was in a massive retreat into Cemetery Junction. A commanding officer ordered every able man to grab a mask and rifle. Every able man was forced to rush to Cemetery Junction’s bridge.The Warden’s just crossed it, I heard over the radio that 75th Reaper Regiment was doing its best to hold the massive tide of the Warden’s blitzkrieg tactics. As I approached near our FOB, I saw a Warden sneak right into our FOB and walk out with a grin. Moments later, I fell flat on my ass, and in front of me was the rubble of our FOB. Over the radio, I heard we had to do a full retreat to Liberation Point. I defied the retreat order, as did many others of our weary and tired eyed remanent force. With all of my strength and with others, we charged right into the enemy; guns blazing. After a day of fierce combat, we pushed them over the bridge into Ward again. I needed rest, and requested leave from the front, the front was Ward again. A commander looked at me, and said “I should have you shot for disobeying orders, but that would be what the Warden’s do”. I gave a good chuckle and grin, grabbed my gear and looked for an outbound truck. I waved down a truck heading out of Cemetery Junction, and hopped in the back. I had a feeling this would be a long war, and looked around in the truck seeing fresh and familiar faces of the 75th. I pulled a cig out, closed my eyes, and pictured my wife in her summer flower dress.

Not to be forgotten, the 4th weekly war was a story to remember. From our reddit page, Lagger shares with us his own dramatization of what transpired

*"The Opening of Glen"*

The initial moments of the Fourth War were chaotic and gruesome. In a very short timespan, dozens marched to their deaths, the battlefield was molded and key locations were taken. It can be argued that the whole war was decided within twenty minutes of its beginning, for better or worse.

Although little is known about either side's true strategic goals and exact plans, what tiny pieces are understood hint that the Brine Glen was a centerpiece of both faction's plans and decisions. Both the Wardens and the Colonials immediately recognized the importance of production value, strategic placement and vicinity to key positions that would allow them to avoid the stalemate that plagued the Third War altogether if captured. Most of the high-ups agreed that Brine Glen would be key to the war's outcome - and in a sense, they were correct, although in a completely different manner than they imagined.

The Wardens were first to arrive, crossing the bridge and taking up defensive perimeter around the scattered buildings, attempting to seize the initiative and gather what momentum they could. It was a direct effort, a simple necessity to their plan - But no plan survives contact with the enemy.

Mere minutes after the Glen was seized by Warden troops, the Colonials arrived in force and with the element of surprise at their side. They charged the Warden's left flank, and the combined effect of panic and bullets whizzing past their heads sent them on a spiraling retreat. This was hardly the end of the Warden's brave efforts, of course, but the proximity of Brine Glen mines turned out to be exactly the kind of kick necessary to finally establish Colonial dominance over the area for the rest of the war. What was supposed to be a smash and grab attack turned into a sluggish retreat under fire, as the Wardens refused to give up the bridge, hoping they could at least control the damage Colonials were inflicting upon their plans. The battle raged on for almost a whole day, but ultimately died down as Wardens focused their efforts elsewhere and the Colonials established a stable perimeter.

*"The Charge of Krazy's Kreigers"*

Heroes tend to arise at the least likely of times. The Wardens learned this the hard way, through a test by fire.

With the Brine Glen under enemy control, and the Warden plans rendered useless, a single officer arose to command a small group of soldiers to change the tide of battle. Most originated from the 82nd Death Korps and were still recovering and regrouping from the early defeat, now without a plan, reduced to a contingency they had not prepared for. This fate-blessed commander was KrazyFlyinChicken, and he proceeded to alter the course of battle with only a handful of troops and a vision. The nickname "Krazy" was given to him by the soldiers he led, most definitely as a testament to his seemingly impulsive decisions and the fact it worked almost every time.

Realizing the Colonials pushed heavily and in numbers to secure Brine Glen, he led a small group, later nicknamed "Krazy's Kriegers", to rush straight across the battlefield, correctly identifying a hole in enemy defenses and avoiding engagement with a massive enemy patrol. His exemplary performance earned the Warden side Sun's Hollow deep behind the main Colonial line, only secured after a short but bloody battle between two elite units from the Kriegers and to this day unidentified Colonial special forces. The victory was costly, however it came so soon and so unexpectedly it caught Krazy's opponents off-guard. During the attack that shattered the organization of Colonial forces in the area, another unit, notably less elite and led by two eager corporals, Lagger and Whiskers, managed to follow suit to the Kriegers and arrived just after they finished setting up the first two foxholes. The combined might of these two squads proceeded to secure the area.

The Kriegers then attempted an impossible feat: A commando assault at the remaining Colonial base. It is largely unknown what exactly had transpired, but the Colonial witnesses to the attack later stated that once the smoke cleared, and all Warden attackers lay dead, the final satchel charge necessary to blow up their target was in the cold hands of the last man, mere meters away from the FOB and their defeat.

This victory, however, also had its cost. With Krazy and most of the Kriegers leading the Sun's Hollow efforts, the rest of the Warden forces stood on their own when the captured mines at Brine Glen finally started showing their might, and throwing rank upon rank of Colonials at the Callahan's Gate Forward Operations Base. Although Sun's Hollows became the Hammer, The Gate had in turn become the Anvil.

*"The massacre at Sun's Hollow"*

At first it seemed after the horrendous push, the Colonials would give Krazy and the newfound Sun's Hollow garrison a bit of a breather. It later became apparent the lack of any early counterattacks was simply a result of the losses they suffered, and the time it took them to reorganize. This would ultimately prove to be their downfall, and solidified the Warden's hold of the area.


Keep'em coming, soldiers! We can't wait to hear more war stories from you guys on our Discord creative channel!

War Propaganda

Each clan continues to work hard in finding new recruits (and throw shade on opposing squads in the process)!

the original by Commissar Jimbo

and the cheeky jab by Karpik

Not only did we see new (and slightly salty) war-posters created these past weeks, we also saw a good influx of war propaganda and new clan logos. Let's check'em out!

By Chuckles from the 75RR

By DrunkRussianBear from the 82DK

By Chuckles from the 75RR

By DrunkRussianBear from the 82DK

All this propaganda might get you pumped about enlisting. If so, don't forget to fill out the comprehensive 82DK Audit Form that Commissar Jimbo created. You wouldn't want to be reprimanded!

All Foxhole clans now have their logos as emojis in the Discord channel. Go represent your clan on Discord today!






Radio Podcast

Commissar Jimbo is back with another episode of Radio Warden!, with a great selection of music, letters, and info from the war. Great content!

New Clans

Two new clans were created recently and they are slowly but surelly building up their ranks. On the Warden's side, the 5th SS Panzer Division 'Wiking' fight under the watchful leadership of [WIKING] HauptmannFox. If you are interested, you can join them here.

As a neutral party, the Fast Operative Group comes together under [FOG] Merser. They can be found here.

We welcome these clans into the community and wish them a great time playing Foxhole!

War Reports

Since the last Community Highlights, we've seen some awesome weekly war reports created by the community. They are very interesting and detailed examinations of the wars. Let's take a look!

KrazyFlyinChicken created several war reports that include maps, strategies, and commentary.

Not only did he provide reports for the 4th war and the 6th war on imgur, but he also created this very impressive video above for the 5th! These reports are the best way to understand the fantastic strategies that happen during weekly wars in case you miss them (or parts of them)!

For the most recent war, CarefulRogue fills us in on what happened at the end of the six or so hours of combat in his report of Operation Merchant Garden.

As for the end of the war (spoiler warning?), Major Denis brings us a video showing the exact moment the Wardens achieved victory with a very well coordinated attack.

First looks

The good influx of players we've seen recently has led our kind community members to create some great first look videos for Foxhole.

By Skylent Games

Even though I understand nothing of Russian, first looks are always welcome!

By Elf ONE

On the other hand, if you have been playing, you might be more interested in what new things come to Foxhole with each week. Youtuber I Saw a Bear continues his series of Foxhole videos that highly weekly game updates. Great job!

By I Saw a Bear

Growing Community

The community is spreading far and wide nowadays. HauptmannFox started a Foxhole wiki, full of info, tactics, and tips for anyone to contribute to and enjoy.

Now, whenever you have a question about Foxhole, besides our Discord channel and Steam forums, you can find a plethora of information about the game on this wiki. Go check it out. That's not all! A facebook page was created by an intrepid, anonymous soldier.

We don't know who you are, but we salute you!

The light-hearted side of war

It's not only gritty moments that the wars of Foxhole provide. Once in a while, unexpected comrades come together from both sides to enjoy themselves. This little truck race was exactly that. Chuckles captured this moment of peace, when these soldiers decided to blow off some steam and burn some gas.

By Sir Chuckles

Rice found out the hard way that new technology is not to be trifled with. In this case, using the gates as means of a space-program proved fatal. But it was hilarious.

By Rice

Cheers & until next time!

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