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Community Highlights 59

Hello Soldiers,

Happy New Year!

There is a lot of content that we received over the holidays, so I apologize, but I really needed to do some pruning or else this post would have taken me a week to do. We received a huge number of Jade Cove memes, but I decided to include only a handful of them to keep the rest of this piece balanced.

For those that don't know, for your work to be considered for the Community Highlights, simply post them in our discord in the 'Creative-and-Stories' or 'Screenshots-Videos-Streams' channels. I'll also be pulling some stuff off the reddit and Steam Forums.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Jan 1, 2019. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Red Donut

This belonged in Propaganda but... it's also incredible art. Easily the most tasteful, well done memes coming out of this whole debacle. And I don't see how I could possibly release this community highlight without highlighting one of the most notable events over the holidays. This is really great!


By: Souperior

Reminds me of my eighteenth birthday... lying in a bush late at night.


By: Souperior

Man this looks really good. Looks like a shot out of Operation Overlord, with that church looming in the background.


By: Souperior

With ads like this, who could say no?


By: Klaus and ZAYn0nDER

This is a 3d printed model of the warden light tank, printed and designed by ZAYn0nDER, and painted by Klaus. Absolutely stunning! Begin mass production!


By: Big Mac Gaming

Remember those rockets that you used to lob over half the map? This is what I pictured when seeing those bad boys land.


By: Big Mac Gaming

You can actually see BMG's bias in these drawings. You can totally tell how much more time and love he put into the warden variant than the colonial. You dog.


By: Freerk

This is how it starts. First the free press gets some advertising, then they're being bought up by major corporations. Pretty soon it wont be the free press.... It'll be the Freerk Press!


By: Monika

These are super cute. Drive me closer! Weeeeeeeee...


By: Monika

True story. I'll bet most of our players have no idea there are female avatars in the game.


By: PaPaJo

I'm noticing a trend here...


By: OverDose

... Look guys, I'm telling you...


By: WootWoot

Woot woot is right!


By: Burning Grey

Look at that cute little chocolate bar! Darn this is good. Fair bit late for inktober though!


By: Belkan Lord (AnPanzer)

This seems like the groundwork for a miniature game or card game. How dare it tell me what I can and cannot do as a combat engineer!


By: Starwarss

Perfect. Let the airforce know exactly which trucks to strafe. Brilliant.


By: Starwarss

Rembmer boys, you need to wear one of these bright armbands when you go out at night. Wouldn't want to get run over.


By: Starwarss

An excellent compilation! It all started with a hat. Now it's a whole scene!


By: Starwarss

Constructible Bridge!


By: Red Donut

Ahh perfect. A silent night. A holy night. Launch that rocket and follow the Northern Star home to Bethlehem.


By: The Hoodied Thief

I watched a bit of the making-of video for the turret. While we can all admit this isn't a 3D print tank, it shows that you've got all the skills you need to do it. Make a 3d model of these. You clearly have the artistic capacity to do it. Just do it.


By: Mochi-Muncher

First - I love the name. Mochi Muncher. Second, this looks bad ass. Our HMG model needs a serious do-over. Lol.


By: Bogdan

Bogdan has done some amazing art for Foxhole over the years. I put his artstation link in the post below!


By: Bogdan

He did a whole series on these. Check the rest out on his artstation here!


By: Overdose

Great detailing on the rifle scope and eyes.


By: Wolfie

Stunning rendering! Man this puts our own badges to such shame. Looks so good.


By: Insane Katrina

The man's using a shotgun. He deserved it.


By: Padfoot

You know you're a true colonial diehard when you're wearing your true Colonial diehard wristband!


By: Insanity

Ahh, a family foxball christmas card. Such nice.


No image for this one. Just click here for this nifty google doc of tactics and strats!

By: TPS Geronam

This is a strategy/tactics guide. Not really many images that I could post up, so just click here!



By: Der Henker

The german community has been building for quite a while. Check them out. You can find their discord pinned in our german language channel on our own official discord.


By: Timberwolf

I'm not sure what the 15:30 is in reference to. Was there a movie? Did I miss it?!


By: Hardnailz

Oh wait I found it. The movie, I mean.


By: Lercas

The festive christmas logo of Swords of Maro, by comrade Lercas!


By: Insanity

Someone ought to tell those guys they have strings attached to their shells. What if they run out of rope?


By: War Journalist Asi

Wooow, that's a super old version of the map. Like super old.


By: Insanity

Hehe... that's a cute little warden cufflink


By: General Phanter

And a happy New year to you too!


Funny Stuff

By: Red Donut

Never leave home without your red feathered cap.


By: Bandage Boy

An artists depiction of the famous Terran Marine. May he continue to strike fear into his enemies with epic soundtracks and soundboards.


By: Cerberus

They added a rocket to their coat of arms as a joke, to make light of the situation. Never forget.


By: Paman0ma

We'll take y'er jerbs!


By: Fade Sevar

Depending on if this is a warden wearing the mask or a colonial, this image tells two very different stories.


By: Geeke



By: Cpl Parker

Uh oh, does this mean Medcom has been reformed?! Noo! Medcom!


By: A Talking Cucumber

And lets not forget this little snip of drama. Both sides arguing for days over what to tech first... LTs or BTs.


Press Releases & War Stories

By: Colonial Press

I can't begin to express how cool these newspapers are. I remember this happening too. Westgate was a neverending battlefield while Heartlands and Umbral had become superfortresses. I remember on more than one occasion thinking we were never going to bust out of there.


By: Big Mac Gaming

Can't have a colonial press without an equal and opposite Warden press! Here's the newest article from Big Mac Gaming!


A. Soldier

It was a red dawn the morning when our tank first arrived in Umbral. We were part of an invasion force there to take a strategically important Fort in order to allow us to have a foothold in the region. After we captured it I gave the order for us to move out and try and approach the neighboring towns in hopes of expanding our gain.

One after another the towns fell, until we came to some crossroads where the Colonials had setup an ambush. It was in near Thunderfoot where they had a Tank Ace of their own loaded up with AP rounds and being supported by a lot of infantry and Light Tanks. My own Panzer Kompanie took several tank loses and our Tiger was hit in the engine, puncturing the fuel tank. That meant that we were leaving a trail of fuel behind us, forcing us to resupply every few hours and thus limiting our effective combat operational range.

In the end however the enemy tanks were destroyed and their Tank Ace retreated, ultimately we had taken over the town but at the price of many losses which we could not sustain for much longer. It was the usual Urban fighting that we had of encountering enemy infantry with AT weapons hiding in every house, Light Tanks trying to flank us, it wasn't rare for me to order my gunner to fire HE or Shrapnel in already destroyed buildings. Every inch of ground we took was paid dearly in blood, fuel and ammunition.

After taking Thunderfoot it would serve as our forward area of operations base for a continued assault on Sentry, a town located South-East. We had also been reinforced by another Panzer Kompanie made up of another Tiger and some infantry, not enough for us to push through.

Upon crossing the creek bed we were faced with heavy resistance from the town, to our South there was a dense forest, to our North an open field, perfect for enemy tank flanking maneuvers, our only way to Sentry being through the road we dubbed "Hell's Highway