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Community Highlights 54

Hello Soldiers,

Sorry for the late highlight! I just flew home from Japan so I hope being on the other side of the world gives me a small pass for being a couple days late. As I was away for two weeks, a lot of this content I will am seeing for the first time as well. So I apologize in advance for a serious lack of context as far as memes are concerned.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Lercas

Lercas has been working on this one for a long time. We've been watching it slowly progress over the last few weeks and it's finally done. Absolutely stunning!


By: Fade Sevar

Fade did this for Inktober. Positively horrifying. Grotesque. Just in time for Halloween! The kids'll love it.


By: Bogdan

Another structure suggestion from Bogdan. Gonna say though, this is kind of what the observation tower is though, no? Unless I'm missing something.


By: Cmdr. Engi

We saw this work in progress last week. Here it is completed! Now send us a picture of the collie and warden side by side.


By: Psirojohn

Man, brass has been getting real pushy with all these orders.


By: Rickery

A profile pic by Rickery! Man these would be so great if you could upload your own profile pic into the game


By: TheHoodiedThief

This looks just like my yacht! Except it's missing the pool deck, and the helicopter pad.


By: AnPanzer

More Inktober! A comfy ride if I do say so myself.


By: Psirojohn

Psirojohn is back and making more cards! Over the months we've accumulated quite a collection of these.


By: Pikachu

Not really artwork, but also not *not* artwork. Plus I love it as a suggestion. The idea for a clan tab to be added to the main page.


Funny Stuff

By: Marenova

Man those HMGs sure are popular in the FCL these days.


By: Padfoot

I remember seeing this fortress. Spoiler.... it fell, but it took many days....


By: Padfoot

First, you need to find the eagles.


By: Razzoorr

I like the date at the top. So future generations will know that this meme lived and died in War #15.



By: TheHoodiedThief

A series of animated posters including one three of my yachts!


By: A. Soldier

A number of coat of Arms for various divisions. I'm not sure if he intended these for any particular clan.


War Stories

The siege of Protos

The Next Great Stalingrad

30 Brave men charged into that gap. 5 Men came home. The logi train didn't exist to us on that dreaded stretch of sand and dirt. Five time the warden's sent their waves at us, each one leaving more and more bodies in its wake each time. By land they came in droves on the back of Halftracks and trucks, whilst the shores were stripped away with each landing craft and amphibious vehicle. Every moment of the fighting we gritted our teeth. Yelling out at the German and Russian recruits. We screamed at them "Work shall set you free" as the howitzers came down upon us. Laying bag upon bag on the walls. Putting the limbs of our brothers up like mortar to hold the wall up higher. During the first wave the wardens got anxious and sent up a logi which had a bosom laden with RPGs and shells that the crackpots on the mainland had yet to put together. It would be our saving grace. Each time getting cut down by their knees from the daisy cutters. On that day there was no winner.. only survivors.. and to this day.. we still remember when nerve gas blocked out the sun... It gave us warmth.. it gave us hope as we heard each man fall onto his brothers. Gasping for air while our men stormed out. Each one screaming a war cry that could not be heard.. but it was felt...

Brothers taking bullet and shell for brother just to get closer by the moment. We struggled for hours upon hours and then it happened. We could hear the ocean's waves and the wind across the stained dunes. Each inch of the beach... the streets... even the houses were stained. Gas had seeped into the wood and stone where blood covered everything else. We couldn't tell anymore who was a friend or foe... just count the dead and shift through the bodies. Readying for the next onslaught to come our way. Each man held his mask tight to his face and readied the next pin of ash. It wasn't just a war for us anymore. It was animals fighting for a breath of fresh air praying for the madness to end for even a moment.

By: Zerocain

War #15



Convoy song recreated by Marin

Was the dark of the moon on the day 174 In a Kenworth pullin' crates Cab-over Maro with a reefer on And a truckers haulin' hogs We is headin' for bear on I-one-oh 'Bout a mile outta farranac coast I says, "Trick six, this here's the HE Nades. "And I'm about to put the fuel down."

'Cause we got a little convoy Rockin' through Deadlands. Yeah, we got a little convoy, Ain't she a beautiful sight? Come on and join our convoy Ain't no partisans gonna get in our way. We gonna roll this truckin' convoy 'Cross the every map. Convoy!

By: Marin



”Straight Outta Caiova” Parody of Straight Outta Compton by NWA(edited) You are now about to witness the strength of Warden knowledge [Verse 1 - Patrick20206:] Straight outta Caiova, crazy Warden named Patrick20206 From the clans called Wardenz With Attitudez and 10thSS When I'm opped off, I got a shotgun Squeeze the trigger, and the collies are hauled off You too, collie, if ya fuck with me The collies are gonna hafta come and kill me Off yo ass, that's how I'm goin out For the punkass collies that's showin out Colliez start to mumble, they wanna rumble Mix em and cook em with a nade Goin off on a collie like that With a AT rifle that's pointed at yo ass So press 9 Ain't no tellin when I'm down for a flank Here's a K/D ratio to keep yo dancin With a record like Callahan SMG is the tool Don't make me pull the trigger Me you can go bayonet to bayonet, no maybe I'm knockin collies out tha box, daily Yo weekly, monthly and yearly Until them dumb subhumans see clearly That I'm down with the capital A-L-E-R-T Boy you can't fuck with me So when I'm in your town, you better run Cause Patrick20206 is crazy as fuck As I leave, believe I'm blastin But when I come back, boy, I'm comin straight outta Caiova [Chorus:] (Country of Caiova, Country of Caiova) [Earl:] Yo Redmond [MC Redmond:] Whassup? [Earl:] Tell em where you from! [Verse 2 - MC Redmond:] Straight outta Caiova, another crazy ass Warden More colliess I smoke, yo, my commends gets bigger I'm a badass frontliner and you know this But the zergass collies don't show this But I don't give a plane, I'm a make my commends If not from the ops, from jackin the logi Just like partisan, the definition is 'jackin' And when overencumbered it's called 'packin' Shoot a collie in a minute I find a good piece o' bmat, I engi up in it So if you're at a show in the front row I'm a call you a green or dirty-ass traider You'll probably get pissed like a noob is supposed to But that shows me, whiney, you're composed to A crazy muthafucker from Caiova Attitude legit cause I'm tearin up shit MC Redmond controls the hmg For any dumb collie that stands still Not the right hand cause I'm the hand itself Every time I pull a hmg off the base The fortifications is maximum and that's a fact R-E-D-M-O-N-D spells Redmond but I'm raw See, cause I'm the motherfuckin hero The definition is clear, you're the collie I’m a killin That's takin place without a shout And once you're on the barrel, your ass is through Look, you might take it as a trip But a Warden like Redmond is on a clan tip Straight outta Caiova...(edited) [Chorus]

(Country of Caiova) [Dr. Don:] Earl is his name and the pain is comin...(edited) [Verse 3 - Earl:] ... straight outta Caiova Is a Warden that'll smother yo' medic And make ya friend think I will let him surrender Dangerous Warden raises hell And if I ever get caught I make a nade See, I don't give a fuck, that's the problem I see a motherfuckin collie I don't dodge him But I'm smart, lay low, creep a while And when I see a collie pass, I smile for the kill To me it's kinda funny, the attitude showin a logi drivin But don't know where the fuck he's going, just rollin Lookin for the one they call Earl But here's a gas, they never seize me Ruthless! Never seen while in a bush nightcapping Except when I unload my SMG, see I'll get over the hesitation And hear the scream of the squad who got the last penetration Give a little gust of lead and I'm jettin But leave a war story no one'll be forgettin So what about the high ranking collie who got shot? Fuckem! You think I give a damn about a unrank? I ain't a sucker! This is the war story of the E, and if you ever fuck with me You'll get taken by a superior warden who will cap you Word to the collie, straight outta Caiova(edited) [Chorus]

By: Patrick20206




By: I Saw A Bear

Wow HMGs are everywhere!


By: I Saw A Bear

I Saw A bear teaches some newbies how to play! That's friggin amazing... Seriously its not just bear either. We've seen so many of you helping out those new players. Thank you.


By: Freerk

This is so adorable. I love the zoom out of the backpack. I kind of wish it just kept going.


By: Sethfire

Weeb Perspective of FCL Season 3, Match 2.


By: Leo

I always love me some amphibious naval landings!


By: Shacks

Player footage of FCL Season 3 Match 2


By: Shacks

Player footage of FCL Season 3 Match 1


By: ATGolden

Sepctator Footage of FCL Season 3 Match 1


By: ATGolden

Sepctator footage of FCL Season 3 Match 2


By: Xarub

I really *hope* this is Xarub's birthday stream given his webcam image. If so, Happy birthday Xarub!


By: Xarub

"Come on guys move up they're all dead". hehehe... cheeky...


By: Xarub

I appreciate that Xarub is loading all of his epic plays into youtube. Twitch links work terribly with this website...


By: Xarub

It seems like Xarub's thing is all about stealing vehicles...


By: Xarub



By: Waricck

That's some serious set of pipes you got there bub!


By: Devoid

Official recruitment video. Take a peek.


By: Lord Metal Man

LOL at the collie who RPG'd the back of his buddy's head...


I've already seen some of the content for the next community highlights and it looks darn good. That one will only be a week and a bit away since this one was so late, so stay tuned for that. I appreciate you guys holding it together for the two weeks I was away. Nobody ate anyone. No major fires. You guys are great.



by: Pip-boy


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