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Community Highlights 52

Hello Soldiers!

Pretty light on the community highlights this week, and its a good thing too. We've been crazy busy with the next patch for Foxhole and i've been in a mad scramble to get it all done. Don't worry though, we've still been keeping a close eye on all your submissions (including the reddit and steam forums!) so if you think we're not watching... well... you don't know us very well, yet.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Sept 17, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Jabba the Trump

Well when you load and unload a trick by ramming rubbing your grill up against the wall, this kind of situation doesn't surprise me at all.


By: Lercas

You had every opportunity to put a joke in the 'helpful hints' section and you let it just slip you right by. Much sad.


By: Leo

About once a year Leo does one of these surveys. This is awesome. Wish we had a few more responses (only 400? Come on!) but we still got a lot of really great info from this. We also received your comments as well which I'm panning through one at a time. Thank you all for taking the time!


By: PFCBannon

This was a pretty cool event! FG got hammered in the end, but now we know who to be looking out for in the upcoming Foxhole Competitive League season!


By: Insanity

Me: "Insanity, make me a whole map using the foxhole balls." Insanity: "I made a green ball with some beige balls in ms paint."


By: Fennecky

Another avatar drawing by Fennecky, this one for player and 82DK leader, Eevee.


By: Leo

Leo made Deadlands in Knights and Merchants. I'm not old enough to remember this game, but I have been propositioned to play it on more than one occasion... it might be time.


War Stories

By: rgbman195

I want to know if that's true, 350k-400k bmats to run the war. I love the part about Endless. Just seeing what the map looks like today its like this is a real newspaper happening right now (at the time of writing...)


By: rgbman195

I was a part of the operation that dislodged the green menace from Callahan's Passage. Begone, heathens!


By: FilmorSTAR

Finally! Someone puts together a war report including the logistical requirement document, as if logistics isn't 90% of any operation. Nice!


Colonial Marines Raid Warden Island We are receiving reports that a group of Colonial Marine Raiders located a secret Warden Island along the coast of Endless Shore Friday Night. The small group of highly trained raiders used a combination of off shore artillery and explosives to clear the light warden defenses, then scaled to the top of the mountain, eliminating three warden command structures. Following this, all available supplies and vehicles were captured to be applied to the Colonial War effort and remaining warden structures were promptly destroyed. It is believed the island was used for storage, rearming purposes, and observation by Warden Raiders.

By: Kilroy115

A perfect little snippet about the battles raging in Endless Shore right now.


>Spawn at spearhead >Literally stalingrad >only pistols against 3+ halftracks >enemies in the garrison in front of the TH >Start fighting, scavenge rifles from the enemies you've killed >Somehow push them back a little >Decide to go on a trip behind enemy lines >Find an AC, a battle ensued with some collie and warden backpacks >Find a wrench, unlock the AC, pull it back >Pass the enemy HTs on the way, they think I'm friendly as the AC was a Colonial one >Somehow manage to sneak the AC in to the town while all the HTs are watching >Start holding the town with that single AC >Somehow a truck comes in with some AT rifles >Start giving out them to infantry >Hold your ground >Boom, a halftrack is dead >Another boom, another one! >This goes on until they have 1 halftrack left, we destroyed 4 HTs in total starting with pistols and one single AC >Push them back >Set up defences >Relocate to mooring since they're crying for help >As soon as we set foot on Mooring, our team loses spearhead

By: Maybar66

Naval invasions are HARD.



"Beware, beware the Legion of the Sea." "Beware," I heard them cry. Their words carried upon the ocean breeze, As they sank beneath the tide.

Those blood-soaked shores of Farranac, Where soldiers fought and died. The Caoivish fell at Apollo's, Because the Legion came.

Curse thee! Curse thee, oh Legion of the Sea! Curse thee! For crushing our naval fleets! Always the ruin of our ocean sides, Why would you kill us all?

When the Caoivish fled across the coast side wide, the Legions followed west. What else but stop and stand their ground and pray they survived the fight?

But there they saw upon the ocean tide, Gunships 'pon the rise! And when they tried to flee the Legions The gunships fired off.

And buried deep beneath the waves, Vanquished by the fleet.

To the their nation, with their last breath, cried, "Beware the Legion of the Sea."

I heard, I heard, across a moonlit sea, The voices warning me, "Beware, beware the Legion of the Sea", "Beware, beware..." ...of us

By: Lercas

This is a set of lyrics to replace the ones in this song.



By: Ferendris

An oldie but a goodie.


By: Devoid

This guy has been going nuts building his clan. Been putting up servers for him and his clan events for the last few weeks. Very active.


By: Freedor21

So what you're saying is the Colonial Air Force is a lot like the Canadian Airforce... practicing for the day they get an actual plane.


By: Insanity

Ahh, but is it Reformed? Colonial? The? I don't know, Insanity. I just don't know... <3


Funny Stuff

By: Big Mac Gaming

You.... you're an ugly dude.


By: ElvenGhost

Give a man tank and he'll win you war. Teach a man to tank, and he'll tank the tank tank. Tank.


By: Lek

I don't know what this is but it confuses and angers me.


By: A.Soldier

Get this man a napkin, he's leaking ketchup all over the concrete.


By: BlackMeowMeow

Name check out



By: I Saw A Bear

This is one of the many reasons I love PAX. You get to meet famous celebrities, like this guy.


By: I Saw A Bear

In case you have no idea who this man is, here is his latest.


By: Freerk/Captain-In-Arms

Here's Freerk doing an animated short to CaptainInArm's Coca Collie commercial. So awesome...


By: Ryu Sabusa

I love the tank duels at 12 minutes. Those were really spot on. I need to spend more time in tanks...


By: Xarub

Every time I see Xarub pull this off and hop into an enemy tank it makes me physically angry. Like the hair on my arm raises up and I just want to punch the screen. I absolutely hate it when people do this to me... so frustrating.


By: Xarub

And here we go again....


Thanks everyone for your content this week. A lot of really, really great war stories. I enjoyed reading about all the fights happening in Endless Shore. It seems to be the main turning point in this war. I hope its still going on by the time this community highlight hits the presses...



By: Raazzoorr


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