Community Highlights 50

Hello Soldiers!

Holy cow we're on Community Highlights number FIFTY. If this were the Hunger Games we'd be having our second quarter quell and everyone would be going nuts. We're on War #12 too which is like the 12 colonies--minus the 13th war which didn't really happen and doesn't really exist. There's also absolutely no Mockingjay hidden in these posts, so don't bother looking. And also if there was a Mockingjay hidden in these posts the first person to find it would win a free frogurt.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Aug 21, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Freerk

I recently visited a museum with an exhibit from Marvel about the creation of some of their notable comic-book heroes, so this one really tickled me pink. A shockingly new style than anything we've seen previous!

By: Bogdan

Yes, yes, yes!! Now we're talking! We were talking about super-weapons in a round-table on discord one week and this is is just... perfect. As per usual, subscribe to his artstation to see more of this amazing stuff!

By: Psyk323

Psyk323 did this commission piece, taking inspiration from Foxhole. check his twitter: @Psyk323 for more!

By: Magnesiyum

Been a while since we've seen some of dat animu. My interest in this internet subculture is going to be steadily rising in the next few weeks as my trip to Japan draws ever-nearer...

By: Fennecky

Of course......... sigh

By: AnPanzer

That looks like the tank from Indiana Jones! Ba ba duh duh! Dum De doooo... (If the theme song is stuck in your head now, you're welcome.)

By: TimeRetrieval

We were just talking about player profiles the other day. This is perfect.

By: Cmdr. Engi

We saw the soldier, but what's a soldier without his trusty sandbags? You're on your way to a full war table! (I love the paint-splotched kleenex background. The mark of a true hobbyist!)

By: AnPanzer

Asking the real questions.

By: Deer Chan's Friend

Sure. Your 'friend' drew this. Don't worry, I believe you.

By: Patchouli

Okay I'm putting this in the art section because this is a work of art. Not in the truest sense, but in a very creative sense. Patchouli put this together as feedback for our most recent changes with automated mines, and it was exceptionally useful for validating some of our theories. This is art because not only did he put immense effort into articulating this, but putting it together in a neat and visually appreciable way. Thanks you!

Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: Shawdotion

I saw this on reddit and im still not sure if its an original. Let me know if it is, because you deserve some special recognition. Well done!

By: Padfoot

Has anyone checked up on Padfoot lately? By the sheer number of these posters I have to imagine he's finally gone off the deep end. Great stuff! But poor guy...

By: Freerk

Fix Bayonets!

By: Freerk

Well that went from a scale of zero to dark in no-time at all

By: AnPanzer


By: Leo

You guys better be printing these to patches. Good gosh. 19 months?! That's insane...

By: Neptune

You know you're done when enemy forces are reenacting scenes from Nutcracker through the streets of your home town.

By: Dan the Man

I've locked them all and hidden the keys in the driver's seat of one of these tanks. Good luck.

By: Big Mac Gaming


By: TheRedVipre

I really hope HelpingHans sees this...

By: ! Dankest Moth

I laughed way harder at this than I should have. Ahhhh the nineties...

By: Leo

"Now shutup and Drive! Drive... Drive...." Mmhmm. Yup. Pretty confident we could make a song out of this.