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Community Highlights 5

Hello, fellow soldiers! HB here, once again bringing you all the highlights from the Foxhole creative community these past few weeks. Once again, great creations are coming up day after day and they continue to amaze us with how cool they are. Now on to it!

And if for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


This time, Lercas graced us with a very funny reminder of what happens in Foxhole if you are not paying attention.

By Lercas

Weapon Concepts

The weapon concept contest came to an end this weekend and we have the winners!

Carmain took first place in the Assault Rifle category with the fantastic VAP M1943. Beautifully designed and showcasing even the interior mechanism, it's much deserved that the one that started it all should take it home.

Assault Rifle winner by Carmain

In the Rifle category, Chubbs70000000 got first place with this amazing semi-automatic, named the MBR 700.

Rifle winner by Chubbs70000000

On the Sub Machine Gun category, unexpectedly, we have a tie! Both the S33 by 8Bit Rogue and the WT-33 by Drgark were so good a winner could no be decided!

S33 by 8Bit Rogue

WT-33 by Drgark

But that's not all! Throughout the weeks we've seen more and more weapon concepts from members of the Foxhole Community. So many creations here; they could fill a post of their own. Here are just a few of my personal favorites!

By Commissar Jimbo

By Drunk Russian Bear

By Commander Strike 1

By Nisqhog

By ✠∂єтнσяαтн✠

By Rice

Fan Fiction

Januszym is back again with another great chapter of The Quirky Company. Who knows where this story will end up. The more it unfolds, the more interesting it gets! But be advised, there is very strong language in this chapter!

The Quirky Company

Chapter 2: Making friends.

I can’t believe I already f***** myself over in less than a hour.” Rice thought to himself. “Where’s the armory? The sooner I end this day in bed the better.

He looked around. The buildings surrounding the street didn’t have any clues as to what their function was, the similar structure hadn’t helped one bit. Recruit wandered aimlessly for some time until growing annoyed. He decided to ask one of the guards about the location of the armory, until he hadn’t heard a distinct sound of SMG fire coming from a small makeshift garage.

“I guess I found it.” Rice muttered. Without hesitation he started walking towards the structure, completely oblivious to the scared looks other soldiers had given him on his way.

“AND NEVER COME CLOSE TO MY WORKSHOP AGAIN, YOU DUMB ****!” He heard someone scream.

Out of the doors rushed out a small dark skinned man, a horrified look on his face. He was wearing a full uniform, back and utility belt included. He was being chased by a tall man in a navy blue jumpsuit, a loaded SMG in his arms and a look of pure anger on his face.

“F****** hell, what now?” Rice asked.

“Looks like Hoxy managed to piss Ryder again.” Said Carmain.

“WHAT THE F***!” Shouted suprised Rice. “Are you following me?”

“Nah, I just came to see what’s with all the commotion.” Carmain answered. “Have you seen Bear already?”

“Yeah.” Rice said. “He told me to get my equipment from the Quartermaster and find Commissar Noble, whoever it is.”

Upon hearing those words Carmain smiled. “So you’ve been assigned to Fireteam Alpha! We’re in the same squad. High five brother!” He said while raising his arm.

“Uhhh” Rice looked at him awkwardly before high fiving. “That actually felt nice” He thought to himself.


If you want to catch the uncensored full version of the chapter, just download it here or visit the discord creative channel!

Cinematic Camera

Sometimes, even unexpected behaviors are opportunities for creativity to flourish. In this case, a bug with the death cam was just what was needed for Rice to create these fantastic snippets of war.

all images by Rice

Radio Podcast

Something quite different showed up in the creative channel this past week. Commissar Jimbo started an extremely well done Podcast. Called Radio Warden!, he is always in character, giving news about the war, reading fan fic letters from soldiers and bringing a great selection of songs. It will surely brighten up those dark nights around your campsite fire.

He is working on the second podcast right now and he is gathering letters from anyone (regardless of faction affiliation) to be read on air! Jump to the discord channel and send him a PM if you'd like to be featured!

New Clan

Coming out of nowhere, this new clan was instrumental in the Colonial victory during the last Weekly War.

Here to stack up the ranks of the Colonial soldiers comes the 75th Reapers Regiment. Under the leadership of [75_RR] King Burns, this clan is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. If you are interested, you can join them here.

War Propaganda

The creation of the 75th Reaper Regiment was all it took to spawn a new wave of recruitment posters from the the 82nd Death Korps.

By Commissar Jimbo

By Drunk Russian Bear

By Drunk Russian Bear

The Colonials, of course, did not just let this go, and responded with a recruitment effort of their own.

By Nisqhog

By Karpik

By Remly

The Art of War

The new features recently added to Foxhole like Concrete Walls, Salvaging, and the Transport Truck generated a lot of new situations that were captured in this random assortment of images from the community.

A great wall by Carson

Hardships of being in the Warden's logistic team by Commissar Jimbo

Salvage poster by Commissar Jimbo

A Warden passport by Commissar Jimbo

A showcase of the 82DK forces by Drunk Russian Bear

Colonial 4 life by Karpik


Not everything goes according to plans in a War. I Saw a Bear learned this the hard way, when his truck hijacking attempt turned south. Simply hilarious!

And if you think memes can't kill you, it's because you've never faced what Denis did. He was not happy about it!

Steam Controller Scheme

The last thing in this highlight is a very cool one. All on his own, Brodaty created a full configuration for the Steam Controller. We were so excited about it, that upon seeing it we started working on some game features to support his endeavor.

It is really interesting and natural to use, and you can give it a try yourself. The video description has steps on how to set it all up, but I'll also provide them here for you guys:

• Open Steam in BIGPICTURE mode

• Turn on your Steam Controller

• Go to SETTINGS > Controller > Configuration

• Press X

• Community Tab

• Import Foxhole Steam Controller Layout (Toughpad aiming)

• Wait few seconds

• Play!

Cheers & until next time!

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