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Community Highlights 48

Hello Soldiers!

A pretty short Community Highlight this week, and still I was late getting it out. Sorry about that! Things just kept coming up, one after the other. Nevertheless here it is, complete with all your favorite thingies, bobbles, and doo-dads. A quick reminder for those making videos though, I had a few I needed to cut this week because of some pretty spicy thumbnails or video titles... Just be careful, okay! This is a PG-13 Community Highlights Post (mostly).

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, July 24, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: LampP0st

Warden home regions, War #11, colourized


By: Богди (Bogdan)

Another great vehicle design by Bogdan. As always, support him by following/liking him on artstation here!


By: Богди (Bogdan)

I wonder if I plug his artstation enough if people will start taking me seriously. If you've got an account, follow this man.


By: Freerk

Some classic scenes from the history books, but animated! And in the Foxhole universe! And a crying baby. I... don't know what's going on there.


By: Xarub & Freerk

Xarub is teaming up with PFCBannon to host a 3v3 caged-match tournament on PAX weekend. I'm hoping we'll be able to participate from there. Should be fun.


By: Bandage Boy

Bandage put this together for a training course of his, I believe. Looks fantastic!


By: Neptune

I sense a strange tingle, a static discharge in the air. It cracks and sparks at the edges of my memory. *Doki Doki Colonial Club*, it says, but the words are unclear, and soon they're gone.


By: Arkan

This is really crisp, clean. Absolutely beautiful. Seeing this makes me think that if there was ever a world war 3, the pinup girls would all be anime.


By: Lercas

These are getting better and better. I like how 'blueberry' works beautifully as a politically correct, universal insult. And according to urban dictionary, using food as a stand in for insults is a thing. Really. Go look it up.


By: Hanz Scheiße

I like the little searchlights in the distance. Can you believe they used to use these? For shooting down planes? Crazy.


War #11 Stories

Day 215, Log 45

It was a normal day, like any other I suppose, when the call came down to meet at the briefing room to go over strategy and deployment for our next engagement. I slammed down my long cold coffee as I made my way over to the large port base in Dredgefort. The stuffy air was filled with exhaust as tanks, trucks, and jeeps rolled in and out of the base.

At the briefing room I stole a peak at the strategic map and discovered something very interesting, something worth sneaking out of a fool's errand to take back a forgotten land, too out of reach from the rest of the war, something many others deemed, "Pointless".

I raced over to the vehicle depot where I suited up for what seemed like a trip to the end of the world, and for all intents and purposes it may as well have been. I managed to steal the last APC, filled it up with fuel and took off before anyone ever noticed me. A few minutes later my ride ended at the ocean, a start of a dream, and a hope for the wars situation to flip once again. I drove my stolen wheels off the cliff and headed north, to the forgotten wastes of the enemy lands. The resistance along the way was null, not a soul would even think of the feat I had in mind.

I made it to the coastline expecting an army, but all I found was a barren hellscape deep within enemy borders, one mistake would be my last so I treaded carefully to a base I never even knew existed where I met a lone guardian of a hideout that was the key to breaking the back of the logistical nightmare that pressured our frontline.

We met under odd circumstances, neck deep in an enemy base, I was wrenching the lock off a truck like a pirate trying to liberate the contents of a locked chest. The thrill in my eye was one full of greed. What better than to take the hard earned efforts of others, enemies of the true people, and use their own weapons and tools against them. Not even a few seconds in and a enemy vehicle rolled up beside me. "Sh*T!" I yelled, as I reckoned my day's were numbered, but the boots that jumped out of the small jeep were not filled with malice, but curiosity. This lone hermit deep in enemy territory had come to see who it was that had invaded his solitude.

He held his hand out in friendship as we unloaded the fruits of our enemies labor off into our FOB with a gleeful smile spread ear to ear. No amount of rain was going to bog us down as we hit depot after depot with no opposition. The enemies eyes and ears were too focused on the conquest at hand to even realize the thieves back home. As we rummaged through tattered defenses and mined enemy resources making tools of war for our own cause we soon discovered we were limiting ourselves too much, so we moved, across the thick of enemy defenses and into the next land over. Even deeper into enemy territory, long forgotten by the sands of time we discovered coves of treasures. Trucks full of explosives, it was like Christmas day. Scouting had shown a locked away haven of enemy supplies, seemly hidden from their own team. Curiosity turned to mischief as our newly acquired explosives where put to very good use tearing down enemy gates.

The things we found in those chest left us dumbfounded for hours. Days worth of work, all sitting in a small corner of the map. The best had yet to come however, when we found the next dirty secret, a huge line of enemy tanks prepped for combat but tucked away, undefended, ready to be loosed on their masters. The following hours were filled with the blood and tears of our enemies as we cackled each time the enemy lost a base, a tank, a valuable resource, all fueled by the enemies own arrogance.

Each tank we lost in battle only furthered the sin of what we had done because it was no loss to us, we had merely taken what was there and had not spent so much as a single minute making any of it ourselves. Hundreds of shells fell upon the enemy, hundreds more waiting. This was a game changer in the making, but what could be better? I looked at the comms a moment and searched for an answer within the confines of that tiny square map in my hands... what could hurt them more than destroying their own weapons?

Like a lightning bolt it struck me; rather than destroy, better to build a base to add insult to injury, and perhaps draw away the enemy from the front to give us some much needed breathing room, and so we did. I called in the cavalry, into the shores of enemy lands my team rode in like emissaries of death mounting stolen steads into battle. Enemy tanks fired on their former comrades as we stole base after base until the full might of the enemy crashed down on us like an avalanche of karma, alas it was too late, the damage was done. My ride may have been a brief one as I rot away in a Warden prison for my sins, but I made a small legacy from the ashes. One, that some will never forget.

TL;DR I went behind enemy lines, stole things, killed people, had a blast. Hope you enjoyed

By: Jovan

Given them your serious number, name and rank. Nothing else, Soldier!


Derp123 (From the Gunners POV) 7/16/2018 Approx 12 PM EST Endless Shores

We have done what others thought we could not. We had assembled a column to move on Endless. We had 4 tanks, Field Arty, plenty of trucks filled with hopeful infantry and a scout even. We moved in and swiftly captured the small town of Enduring Post. I led the charge in the tank driven and commanded by OCDT Derp123. We fought for hours, days. We secured Enduring and destroyed the bridge to the North. We made several jabs into Woodbind. But what I will never forget is the 4th one. After 4 pushes, we were the only tank of the original 4 still alive. We, along with another tank pushed up with infantry. We moved in and were met by 2 enemy tanks. We fired back and forth like crazy. Our tank was struck multiple times. We could not move and the rear was on fire. But we had taken out one and the other enemy tank retreated.

(Continued) Mortar rounds hit us next. Derp123 and Saturday, our spotter got out and tried to repair. But they ran out of basic materials. For minutes Derp123 screamed into his radio begging for Basic Materials. He called the tank his baby. Eventually mortar rained down more, killing our spotter. A 3rd tank came up to assist. It moved in front of us and took a beating from 2 more enemy tanks. All to protect us. That tank and it's crew lost their lives in that moment... To save us. I still wonder why they did it. The enemy tanks retreated after losing another. After a total of 10 minutes, Materials arrived finally with more infantry. Derp123 grabbed materials along with others and stood out in front to repair frontal damage. At that moment, a Warden soldier ran out with an SMG from the side, striking Derp123 multiple times. I hate trying to remember it. He was dragged back by brave friendlies and was transported back unconscious. Struck very heavily we thought he was dead. But they still took him back. In the mean time we repaired the tank to 50% and skirmished with another tank and were shelled by Mortar. I moved over into Derp123s old seat and just threw it into reverse. For him, I had to get the tank out of there. Infantry covered the way as we rushed the tank back to HQ. I thought I lost my entire crew. But as I went to the medical tents, I saw Derp123. He was not dead. He had survived barely and the only thing he asked is, "Did she make it?" And gladly I was able to respond with a yes. His mood changed and he was so happy. After those 10 minutes the tank was called "The Lucky Tank" for the rest of its days in the war. Derp123 recovered and eventually we got back out there, but we always survived no matter how bad it got. I guess we just got a good tank... -Tank Gunner Fenriss

(Not apart of the story) [Lost the tank 6 hours later... it took down countless defenses, 3 tanks and other things. Rest in peace "Lucky"]

By: Lil Gucci

Hehe... like I wasn't going to include the part that isn't a part of the story.


The Great March A few wars ago

I was at the base for resupplying myself with ammunition. Then a fellow soldier approached me and said "Hey wanna build a tank together?". I didn't hesitate since I was a new recruit and I was excited to know much about the battlefield. Whilst were building, the others were building their own, too. As we finished, the guy I built the tank with (I'll call him Baylot cuz that's all I can remember of his name) asked the other soldiers with tanks "Hey wanna team up and take an outpost or something?". And so they said yes.

So there were three tanks, two of them were built and the other one stolen from the enemy. I was assigned as the gunner, and we were the lead tank. So, I set my game face on, and we rode off to the nearest enemy outpost at the time; Sitaria. All was going well. Three tanks in a lane looking at every direction for signs of the enemy. Infantry men were running beside us; we appear to be a force to be reckoned with. Baylot asked me "Hey howzit going up there?". I was also the spotter at that time since there only two of us in the tank. I told him that I haven't seen any enemies at all. So we continued onwards Sitaria.

But alas, the enemy has surprised us with rockets and mortars; an ambush!

By: Paysuite

"We were the lead tank" is such a perfect famous last words moment, isn't it....


By: Insanity

Yeessss. This is so clean, so perfect... I love this. Would love this more as a full war report.


Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: PoweredUpPenguin

I'd love to see this as a sew-on patch. Not an iron-on patch. Don't be lazy. Looks great!


By: Leo

Some alternative UBGE divisional logos!


By: Tunnel Vision

Clan 9's emblem (according to the filename. I don't know for sure which clan this belongs to)


By: Invisible

Okay so this is a comic using screenshots which is super cool. Unfortunately the slideshow means that you may no have any idea where it starts. It starts at "Earlyer that day: Things are going well!" slide.


By: Patchouli Starring Brad Pitt as Birdman850, and Lindsey Lohan as Stranger Days...


By: Hateball-Kanex

Callahan asks you, politely and without judgement, to kindly join the armed forces and maybe defend your homeland and stuff.


By: Cainsiderate

Blessed are the shotguns in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of CQB.


By: Torterra_A the stoopid Medic

Not good enough! Throw them in the river. Leave no CV unattended!


By: Nekron

I don't know what I'm looking at, but it both terrifies and excites me.



By: I Saw A Bear

Another great update video to keep us all in the loop on what's changed in Foxhole!


By: I Saw A Bear

How to properly turn a tank in Foxhole. I'm actually really excited to see more of these. There aren't enough tactical tutorials anywhere.


By: I Saw A Bear

At one point you see a group of like 4 dudes carrying RPGs alongside a column of tanks... Unnecessary force, indeed.


By: Invisible

These guys' roleplay game is through the roof. Papers and Manifest please.


By: TheHoodiedThief, footage from: Wooshie the Bear, Sethfire

In this video, HoodedThief includes footage from other content creators and makes a GMV!


By: Helping Hans

Defending Brine Glen in World Conquest #11. This town is a royal pain to take for the Colonials because of that darn wooden bridge.


By: Helping Hans

All these videos of tank battles... man... this war went on way too long.


By: Careful Rogue

I really appreciate Rogue taking this footage. This is actually from when 0.14 had just rolled out. Pretty old now, but better late than never!


By: Snuffyx

I love it too :)


By: Saint_Kristoph

A recruitment ad for the Wardens. Man these guys are stepping up their recruitment...


Sweet work guys. Keep sending me those war stories. And I want screenshots with those war stories. Those are always the best. But even if that's not possible it's still really great to see the effort and dedication you put into writing them. And don't forget that if you're coming to PAX West to give me a shout on discord. We're getting stuff organized.



By: Padfoot


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