Community Highlights 47

Hello Soldiers!

It's me, you, from the future. You're going to be huge one day; the most successful artist and/or writer who ever graced the internet with their light. You'll start as most people do, with a driving passion for a game called Foxhole. They'll feature your stuff on a Community Highlights post, and all you did was post your work in the #creative-streamplug channel on discord. Then just like that, you're on your way. So don't wait. Get started on it and thank me later.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, July 10, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Богди

The latest designs from Bogdan. If you guys haven't checked out his Artstation already, please do so. Give this guy some love. The work he does is absolutely stellar

By: Cmdr. Engi

Cmdr. Engi, you have been working on your models for Foxhole for a very, very long time. Your commitment to the game, and the art, is something that our team struggles to express, and this latest piece leaves the others behind. It's one thing for someone to put pen to paper, but to then see that come to life in the hands of another is truly humbling. Thank you.

By: Freerk

Some side-scroller action right here. This would be a cool game. Imagine a sidescroller where you could build defences and build battle lines and the enemy had to push across it... kind of like a hybrid tower-defence side-scroll action game. Get on it Freerk.

By: Freerk

And here are some sprites! By you! You're almost done!

By: Lercas

The art was done by our concept artist Julian, but the colour was added by lercas. This must have taken quite a while...

By: Insanity

I love this way more than you might think. I love the little foxhole ball scrapping in the middle, and the little vehicle balls. I'd love to see a whole map drawn out like this with little Foxball battle scenes drawn in like a Where's Waldo spread.

By: Big Mac Gaming

I'm actually most impressed by the fire and explosions you added in there. Those look really great

By: PsiroJohn

These are off-center because that was how they were saved. Don't look at me like that.

By: Rei

If you look very carefully at the sky, painted in the clouds in a slightly off-grey colour you can see the words, "traider".

Funny Stuff & Propaganda

By: Mike Object

Really love the logo. Complex in parts, but simple.

By: Padfoot

Another fine logo by our resident logosmith, this time for 82DK which looks great as always.


This just about sums up my artillery experience as well.

By: Barrel Boi

Of course the officer leads from behind. The Colonial officer looks darned happy about it though.

By: TR_AtaOzd

Warden space program is a success. Tanks officially land on Mars. Here are also some other cute little Foxball comics.

By: Insanity

Stop them before they find the ice dragons and break through the wall!

By: OverArtDose

I'll pay 3 commends for one.

By: Pear120

It always astonishes me how many people just leave their trucks back at base for someone else to pick up. It really does go a long way and I have no idea who to commend for it...

By: Padfoot

So many zergs! So many.

By: TurtleAndRabbit

Point to where, exactly, the roof of the scrap can be found... I need to know.

By: Valiant Ghoul

And then the dude who has to transport the shells to the FOB, and then pull the shells form the FOB. Aahhh teamwork.

By: Valiant Ghoul

I sense a malcontent with our sulfur mechanics...

War Stories

War #10

Dew war stories today

Interrogation of a Colonial Soldier right before the orders of "No Quartering" had been given.

It was the Battle of FrostMarch Road. It was a bloodied and deadly battle. We had lacked supplies and had been outnumbered by Colonial Troops and Tanks. Thus we head our grounds between a broken wall and repeled the Colonial Attack long enough for support to arrive. The order given was "Not one step back!". Three people had been executed for attempting to retreat in the odds. All had the courage to fight and die than to run and be shot in the back.

By: Jeonsa Bak

"The Colonials often prattle on about their so-called 'freedoms'. But what do their 'freedoms' even amount to? The freedom for the rich to exploit the poor, the freedom for the wicked to torment the innocent, the freedom for the weak to oppress the strong? That doesn't sound like 'freedom' to me. That sounds much more like slavery, instead. Meanwhile, they claim that because we do not engage in the petty popularity contest that they call 'democracy', that we are the ones who are un-free. Look around you, brothers and sisters. Would you say that you are not free? Would you say that you are a slave to the Emperor, as the Colonials would claim? I wouldn't say so. I wouldn't say so at all. I would say that we are, in fact, more, far more free than the Colonials could ever pretend to be. Every man and every woman in the Warden Empire, every child of Callahan, is given the freedom to prove themselves, to prove their ability, their talent, and their merit. They are given the freedom to advance themselves in their life through their own skill, rather than because of how much wealth they have, or because of who their parents are, or because of who they've groveled on the ground in front of and ingratiated themselves towards. They are given the freedom to make of themselves whatever they could possibly dream. And I tell you now, brothers and sisters, that these freedoms not only make you more liberated than the weak and effete citizens of the Colonial Republic, but also make you stronger and greater than they could ever be. And these freedoms, these freedoms that have and continue to contribute to who we are, both as a nation of Wardens and as individuals, are what will win us this war against this so-called 'republic'. Now go, and bring their corrupt 'democracy' down! Bring it down and bring about a new age of honor and justice for every person living on Caoiva! Bring it down for the Emperor, and for Callahan!" -General Sean Murphy of the Warden's 7th Mooring County Division, on the eve of the Great Westgate Offensive.

By: MissBrainProblems

Created by: Acquilius#9878 Time / Date: 5:30 AM EST, 06/21/2018 Location: Callahan's Passage

I honoured my deal with the [DEV]il. We were to work for the Colonial Legions for their own benefit. So we went deep into Warden territory, and strike'd fear into their hearts. We took a truck that had ZERO supplies, and our Leader said "Let's take callahan's.... "sure bro why not" we said.