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Community Highlights 45

Hello Soldiers!

We have a cram-packed load of content for you today, including some really incredible videos. Lots of anime as well and some propaganda too. Actually, the propaganda mill has been lacking lately. I only had a handful this time to put in which means that [CAW] gets all the limelight this week with their relatively few posts. Check them out though, unless you're a Colonial. In which case don't check them out. They're warden and therefore not worth your time.

Its been crazy getting 0.14 out the door, so its been great seeing all your content. It helps to keep us going. During those crunch periods when we just need a little breather.

And one of our resident artists, Freerk, underwent surgery recently so send him your love.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, June 12, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: However

This looks like me, trying to carry two weapons around when I can't decide which one I want to use...


By: Overdose

Lots of anime this community Highlights, not that I'm complaining!


By: Cmdr. Engi

This looks great man! Really good job on this. This is well outside your usual content, but we love it!


By: Arkan

These battleship girls always weirded me out. You guys are weird.



I love all the effort that went into this. I hate the potato-quality picture. Doesn't do it justice!


By: Zacharoy

I see I'm not the only one excited for the amphibious landings!


By: Big Mac Gaming (grey), and ПИҞАӋУ (blue)

But... why is his nose bleeding?? Isn't this a feelsgoodman meme?



Hey look! Nightmare fuel!


By: Timberwolf

A nice little image compilation here from Timberwolf using some of our older concept art.


By: Big Mac Gaming

I would love to see something like this that has real operations drawn out on it.


By: Cmdr. Engi

It's his long-anticipated HB-marine... Looks just like him!


By: Freerk

This was delivered to us by a relative of Freerk, who underwent surgery earlier this month. hope you're feeling better, man!


War Stories

Diary of Sergeant Titanium - 29/05/2018 Farranac Coast

This is Sergeant Titanium, Farranac Garrison. Colonial. We were hit hard today, an enormous armoured Warden force stormed through our territory, and we were far from ready. They took the Luxta Homestead within half an hour, and within another, Mara had fallen, along with most of the northern island. I was there, at the defense of Mara, garrisoned in a house with a number of my fellows. We held out for a while, but eventually, the house caved in under repeated tank shellings, and I don't know how few escaped after that. I made it back to Huskhollow where I regrouped with my squad, and one Staff Sergeant Blair. Blair was a good man, and a fine leader. He earned the respect of me, and the squad he led. When we had all regrouped, the situation was already dire. Hollow was under siege and, just like Mara, the defenders were underequipped and not prepared to deal with the force that was bearing down upon them. Our squad gathered what little equipment the base could part with, and decided to set off to disrupt enemy supply lines. We had seen the speed of their advance, and figured they must have had little time to secure their supply lines. We were right, in a way, and we were able to get behind their lines without a single encounter. We shared some squad banter on the walk there, and it was definitely something of a bonding experience.

Eventually, we found a main road and decided to stack up on the ridge, waiting to ambush any passing trucks. It took time, but our gamble paid off. We destroyed a single truck with an RPG, but in doing so, alerted them to our presence. It wasn't long before they got wind of our tactics, and before long, they sent an armoured escort alongside their supply trucks to flush us out, and it worked. We dispersed, unable to take the tank head-on, but it wasn't enough. What remained of us were either lost to the forest or crushed under the pursuing tank's tracks. I was the former, thankfully, and managed to escape across the river. Our sergeant, Blair, however, was not so lucky. I stayed in contact with him over radio, but he had become trapped on the other island and, with Husk Hollow having fallen, had no way to get to us. I hatched a plan.

I was the designated second in command for our squad and, having been given Blair's blessing, took command of the men that had regrouped. We thought of some way to get to Blair, to bring him back, but nothing seemed plausible. The bridge had turned into an infractible stalemate with no hope of a crossing, and the Warden forces were far too numerous to try and sneak across at any land points. Instead, however, the leader of one of the local garrisons at the River Mercy recommended us to construct a boat at our new HQ, Victa, and attempt to rescue our friend that way. I took his advice and, with my squad, headed back. As we returned to Victa, however, many new faces arrived to reinforce Farranac, and passed by our squad on their way to the front. At first, we had a few volunteers decide to join us in our rescue mission, refilling our squad to the numbers we had before our defeat. Over time, however, more and more men passed by our squad and, as our numbers increased, so did any passing man's incentive to join us. By the time we had reached the Harbour, our numbers had swollen from 6 men, to 20. This was no longer a rescue mission, this was an invasion force.

With this small army under my command, I supervised the logistics required for such a landing, and we constructed a landing barge together. In hindsight, I could have spent more time on the Logistics, but much of our force was eager to land and save Blair. We set off, scraping by on as much fuel as we could gather, with a barge full of eager faces.

When we landed, we found Blair waiting for us at the port, many of our men giving a great cheer at the sight of him safe and sound. Myself and Blair exchanged relieved greetings, and the sheer amazement in his voice is something I won't forget for a long time.

Now, we've established a beachhead and are readying to bring in more supplies to establish a real foothold. Problem is, the Wardens know we're here, and there are reports of Halftracks nearby. I'll need to

[The rest of the page is blank, as if the writer was interrupted]

By: Herbivore The Carnivore


By: McBlair

And this here is a video showing the events in the story by Herbivore above!


By: Big Mac Gaming

These cover the end of the Longest War in Foxhole History, WC#8. As well as the start of WC #9.



By: Kastow

This video from Kastow shows a complete history of the first 8 wars using information that was parsed from the War-Correspondent. Really cool!


By: Jaywoosh

Take a look at the new stuff coming in 0.14 in this video by Jaywoosh. Be warned though, all this stuff is from the devbranch so is subject to change.


By: Overdose

Defence of the small Garrison House is an artform in of itself.


By: Dimmmka

Celebrations got a little out of control after World Conquest number 8 was won...


By: Overdose

This must be previous to the 0.13 patch. That truck blew up super easy.


By: Nev

Evidently I need to watch Waterworld again. This isn't at all how I remember it.


By: Mashed Potatato

Such a lonely Christmas...


By: Mashed Potatato

Excellent editing. Well done!


By: Marin

For those of you not 'with it' this is referencing a meme.


By: Timberwolf

Will he kill the Armoured Car? Will the Armoured Car run him over? Find out next time... Same Fox-time. Same Fox-Channel.


By: Kamikadze

Foxhole Federation of Groupings events are held by Kamikadze for the russian community almost weekly. Though I think sometimes they do take it to the WC.


Propaganda & Funny Stuff


For the Immortal HB.


By: Nyancat

Ooh boy. Here we go. First Pirate Fleet.


By: HateBall Kanex

This is a really good flag. See below and you can see it superimposed on some other games.


By: A. Soldier

See! You practically can't even tell its an edited photo!


By: Hateball-Kanex

Man the CAW propaganda machine is churning overtime.


By: Big Mac Gaming

Arm... logistics? What for? It's not like anyone will try to kill them, that would be mean...


By: Padfoot

How dare you. Our Colonial intelligence is the finest of--ooh a candy.


By: Stryker Ben

Ahhh yee. Camera angles.


By: Big Mac Gaming

That fine Foxhole stick art though.


By: Bblurrr

Is he setting up the mines? Or is he dragging them behind him like rattling chains ala Silent Hill?


I had to save this Markfoot Island one for last. I haven't laughed so hard at a meme in such a long time. Terrific. But anyways, that's all for now folks. Keep it coming. Remember you can send us your screenshots, but putting them in with a War Story is even better. Catch you guys next time!



By: TurtleAndRabbit


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