Community Highlights 43

Hello Soldiers!

So this Community Highlights is loaded with content, including a whack of videos. I'm not sure what happened, but it feels like the video mill went on overdrive. There's like 20 of them. A lot of them have some really good information and feedback for us for balancing so keep it up. We saw a lot of... interesting strategies in this batch, which made us really think. Thank you!

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


By: Freerk

This is not real concept art. If any of you run to the presses with this we're going to have a hunt of the you variety.

By: Big Mac Gaming

Took me a while to order these properly. Date them better, darnit! I will not be held accountable for out-of-order news stories in the future... probably.

By: Богди

You should check this guy out on Artstation. He has some really amazing stuff.

By: Lercas

I had to ask him. He actually drew these. He used the standard meme as a template, but these are original. Fantastic.

By: Freerk

Hehe... the Fire Station says, 'REE'. But no seriously, what I love about the fire station in particular is how there is a stairwell in the destroyed version, but not the built version. Gives us some stuff to think about when we consider the town revamp.

By: Hanz Scheiße

This is amazing! I see something like this and all I want to do is colour it in. I can only imagine how long this must have taken.

By: Jebi Bones

Fuel and Ammunition, a tank crew's bread and butter.

By: Freerk

A painting, and cup for scale. I think it would have been better to use a banana but who amirite reddit?

By: CannonMaster

CannonMaster was working on this before the armored car was released. Its a pretty close comparison.

By: Twildion

We get it! Uniforms. They're coming, we promise... eventually.

By: Freerk

Even the goats are warden. That will pose a serious problem.

By: Freerk

And here's some writing to go with the goat. Because what goat doesn't need a write up.


Pretty much exactly how I imagine it goes down inside that big metal box.

By: Overdose

I really hope you didn't draw these in school. It might earn you a one-way trip to the counselor's office

By: Big Mac Gaming

It must have really sucked to live back then. A world without colour, could you imagine?

By: Пикачу

So little room in there, they had to leave the toilet paper outside.

By: Freerk

From tree to Mushroom. The circle of life continues.

By: Cpt. Parker

Damnit we need a skybox...

By: Freerk

My god man, you are a man of many, many talents. Here's a concept piece, translated into a 3D model by Twildion (below)

By: Twildion

This is a 3D rendering of Freerk's concept. Another great Collboration from these two.

By: Freerk

And he writes. What the heck, man.

By: Freerk

To hang above your mantle. If you have a mantle. You hipster.

By: Big Mac Gaming

And I would hang this on the backside of the mantle painting in case someone took it off the wall they'd think I was crazy.

By: Big Mac Gaming

It's so perfectly camouflaged in all that black and white stock photo!

Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: Chemical Infantry

It wouldn't be a Community Highlight without some WH40k crossover fan art!

By: Lercas

I played with these guys. They're a good group. Check them out.

By: Jabba the Trump

It's called a tank!

By: Vocken

I'm probably the most guilty of this. Ain't nobody got time for that!

By: Timberwolf

I had a bunch of people ask very pointed questions hoping we would break the AT rifle for this specific purpose. Nope. Better luck next time!

By: Big Mac Gaming

Whenever someone says good morning, I think of Robin Williams, may he RIP.

By: PhantomRU

The commisar again, but more black and white!

By: Big Mac Gaming


By: Psirojohn

It looks like there is already a set of rules to go with this... Need it


By: Kamikadze

So apparently the Russians are doing some FCL-style matches. This one is FG vs. PGL... and really well edited.