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Community Highlights 42

Hello Soldiers!

I really want to commend the collaborative pieces on this Community Highlights. In addition, this week we saw the return of the 2nd Annual Foxhole Festival, which earned itself a special place in these highlights. During the festival, dozens of players gathered to put together a chain of events that players could enjoy over the whole weekend including: hunger games, team death match, tank battles, fist fights, and more. Take a look.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Lisek

Lisek created this great piece by combining two of our already-exceptional community contributors... PressCorps and Freerk. It's done in the style of Freerk's notebook drawings, depicting PressCorps (CaptainInArms) in the field. Seeing this sort of thing gives us such a sense of pride, illustrating that our community is not only connected to us, but to each other as well. Thank you for this.


By: Smitty

Stunning colour. And that guy's beard. Majestic.


By: Freerk

This takes the style of the warden truck then makes it look tough as nails. I read the suggestions on this one too... I really like where this one is going


By: Twildion

Look familiar? That's because its a 3D rendering of the concept drawn up by Freerk. Another really great collaboration on a concept that is taking on a life all its own...


By: Freerk

Okay now you're just rubbing salt in the wound... (This was posted after War #4)


Submitted by: However

This was actually drawn by a friend of However's, but I think it belongs here, even if I can't properly credit it.


By: Mika

This almost made it into the propaganda section but the drawing was so good I think it deserved to be here.


By: Cmdr_Engineer

One time, I convinced Engineer to stay up late painting another one of these. Sorry! But i'm looking forward to seeing the complete army.


By: Freerk

More isometric Foxhole! I feel like there's a mobile game in here somewhere....



Why store the ammo outside the tank?? That seems like a terrible idea!


By: Freerk

There's something written on the side of the tank. I can't quite see....


By: Freerk

And now for something totally different!


By: BigMacGaming

I really love these news stories and pictures. That's so perfect... this combined with PressCorps - you guys need to put together a webpage.


By: Overdose

The stylistic differences between these shows great artistic exploration. Keep it up!


By: Freerk

RIP Warden scum.


By: Amarikano

Ok... Be honest. You did this when you should have been doing your schoolwork. Pay attention, damnit!


By: MegaMikey

I love the detailing on that train. Really impressive, especially given the angle.


By: BigMacGaming

Would not want to be those guys...


By: Freerk

Alternative logos. Better save these. Could come in handy.


By: Freerk

More of those notebook sketches I was just talking about! We're going to have a whole art portfolio for Freerk on this website pretty soon...


By: Wibo

The expressions on their faces though, lol....


By: Viet Cong Footman

Great coat of arms! Wish I knew what it was for...


By: Roaming Darkness

So spinny... Round and round it goes, when will it stop, nobody knows.


By: BigMacGaming

His feet! What happened to his feet!


The 2nd Annual Foxhole Festival

This festival was held on the same day, last year, hosted by a group of community members who wanted to showcase the best that the community had to offer. This year, they outdid themselves yet again, and came up with a host of excellent scenarios shown in the screenshots below. Dozens of players spent days setting this up, and represents one of the largest events Foxhole has ever seen. Check it out!

By: Sir


By: Bubbadeej


These are the featured events that were hosted during the festival!


Here are some screenshots of the events themselves!


By: Lightning

Festival Showcase with PFC Bannon


By: Sethfire


By: Nev



By: Vividly

Here's Vividly displaying yet another one of his many talents. Work in progress, but I thought it needed sharing.


By: I Saw A Bear

Not exactly the most exciting video in the world, but it shows the kind of teamwork that Foxhole requires to be successful!


By: Icanari

Every so often you find one of those bugs that makes you think: what if space program...


By: maybar66


By: Kamikadze

One of three videos by kamikadze showcasing his foxhole skills


By: Kamikadze

This one is a quick lesson about how accurate you are while in a foxhole


By: Kamikadze

Tank combat!


By: Potato

Now here's a video that's better than watching paint dry!


By: Potato

And the director's extended cut!


By: Nev

This was so classic. I couldn't stop laughing... Please do this for every dev stream.


By: I Saw A Bear

Get out of your foxhole and fight with your Bear Hans, you coward!


By: maybar66

its videos like this that make me feel like im getting old and I just don't 'get it' anymore... crazy kids and your psychedelics....


By: Alexander Xein

Shotgun nerf incoming... Everyone can thank Alexander.


By: Morocco

Of course, none other than Morocco to convince a bunch of Colonials to let him live.. Careful guys. His fists are like bullets. He doesn't need a gun to kill all of you


Propaganda & Funny Stuff

By: Tall Matt

I love this one. A great take on an old quote.


By: Wibo

Give up, no. But stand on a beach looking THE WRONG WAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET UP THE BEACH.


By: Wibo

That disembodied head is far too pleased with himself.


By: Sunchips

If there weren't any memes about the warden armoured car, I would wonder what we did wrong...


By: Timberwolf



By: Padfoot

So no. No the vehicle wasn't God Lord HB. Close guess though.


By: Padfoot

There's rubbing salt in the wound...


By: Padfoot

More salt. Come on! (The colonials won the war right after this one, by the way.)


By: Padfoot

I almost didn't see the Foxhole reference in this one.


By: Padfoot

Another reference to PressCorp!


By: SyntheticCoyote

But the Colonials never stopped their recruitment drive, and now there are more casualties than any other war, on both sides.


By: Darkling

You forgot + EU socket plug.


Alright. That's it. Remember that this Highlights only includes things up until last Tuesday. There is more amazing art coming down the pipe and we're looking at all of it. It motivates us to keep going and helps to break up the day. If you haven't been looking, check out the #Creative-Streamplug channel on the discord for more of this amazing content.



By: Der Kommissar


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