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Community Highlights 4

Long time no see, fellow soldiers! HB here, taking over the helm for Community Highlights from this point forward. Week after week, we are more and more humbled and blown away by the Foxhole community. Considering the game is still just a prototype, we are extremely happy to see so much creativity poured into fan weapons, lore, and even comics! Once again, thank you for constantly inspiring us to work even harder on Foxhole!

There were so many great community creations since our last highlights post that I had to pick only a fraction of them to show here. Otherwise, this already lengthy post would become kilometric! If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in awhile we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


For the first time ever, we got Foxhole comics! Kamikazam managed to hilariously capture life in the trenches of war.

Images of the harshness of war. By Kamikazam

The most deadly perils sometimes are not what you think. By Kamikazam

Oh the beautiful friendship between Colonials and Wardens! By Kamikazam

Weapon Concepts

This last week we started seeing several weapon concepts. It started with Carmain's proposition,

which was quickly followed by several other players, starting a great sequence of different ideas and designs...

By DrunkRussianBear

By TrenchGun

By Ztarfox

By DrunkRussianBear

By DrunkRussianBear

By DrunkRussianBear

...and even some pretty funny designs that are... questionably useful.

By StonedMurloc

By Führen

By MaxPayne

All these amazing ideas culminated in DrunkRussianBear and TrenchGun organizing a weapon design contest! You can see the passion driving these designs, especially in the lore that gets created for each weapon. Go give the contest a shot! It ends on Sep 29th and is open to anyone! More info here.

By DrunkRussianBear

Fan Fiction

Pfc. Dondergod is back again with more interesting ideas for lore. This comes in the form of "Bloody Pages" letters from the world of Foxhole.

'Dear Charles, It has been four years now since you left us, fighting in the war that never seems to end. The children have grown so much since you left, Sam is starting to look just like you. He asks about you every day, wondering when you will finally return to us. It has been hard without you, food is getting more and more expensive. The government doesn´t tell us much about the war. The papers keep saying we are winning the war, but they have been saying that for as long as I can remember. Yet you are still out there, on the frontline, far away from me. Please come home, Elizabeth'

'Dear Francine, Winter has come to haunt us on the frontline. It is cold and I would love to be besides you, I remember the fireplace at the house of your parents. I would do anything to be there right now, together. We have been here for so long, that some men, some friends have lost their mind. I have seen our men jump out of their foxholes, running straight into the enemy firing line... Just so they did not have to be here anymore. The only thing that keeps me sane is the memory of you, oh how I miss you. I hope everything is well back home, please write back to me when you can. Love, Friedrich'

'Dear mom, I am on my way to the front now! We are singing marching songs in the train. I am so exited that I´m finally able to prove myself for the honour of our great country! We have read the newspapers, we are winning the war. I hope the war hasn't ended yet when we arrive though. I can't wait to use this rifle in combat! I do miss home, I miss your cooking. We have some crazy Danish guy who does most the cooking, it's even worse than dads! How is dad now? Is he still fighting in the north? I hope he is doing well, and I hope you are doing well. I will write again soon Love you, Jan'

'Dear Fabio, Please write us back my son, we have not heard from you for many months! Is everything alright? Your sisters and I are worried sick. As long as no one has told us you are no longer among us, you are alive and no one can tell me othewise! Please write us back, after your father... your two brothers... I cannot live on without you. Please be safe.'

'Dear sister, I don't think I have much time left on this planet. My unit and I are stuck in a bunker, the enemy just outside... I hear voices just outside the doors, we believe they are placing explosives. If you receive this letter, I am probably dead. I miss you, I hope you are doing well at school. I hope auntie and uncle are good for you, but I am sure they are they have always been kind for us since our mother... well you know. Please do your best at school, you have always been much smarter than me. They are shouting outside now, I think something is about to happen. Live a happy life, marry a good men and become a mother like you alw'

Proposed Timeline

DrunkRussianBear joined in on the idea and created a very intricate, possible timeline of the events that led the world as it is now.

Early 1895 many countries entered an world wide Cold War

1896 some countries begin actually invading others beginning a new world war

1898 many countries join up to form a giant mega alliance called the Wardens after the collapse of the German government

1900 Remaining countries noticed the huge armies of the wardens and realised the potential of large inter continental alliances so the Colonials are formed

1906 After several years of back and forth fighting a cease fire is issued Both sides are left with major loses, with 35% of the worlds population injured or killed from the start of the war till the end of the war

1906-1910 world is at peace

1911 Major oil shortages within colonial territory start driving them into using shady methods of obtaining oil

1913 wardens are brought back up to their full capacity now sporting the largest military in the existence of man kind, although colonials are slowly catching up

1914 colonial scouts are spotted venturing into warden territory with some spies spotted in warden oil mines

Late 1914 wardens demand all colonial troops within warden territory to leave immediately, threatening to mobilise their military

Early 1915 colonials claim to have moved all troops out of warden territory but some scouts are still hidden within warden territory, wardens fulfils their claims and mobilises military

Mid 1915 colonials scouts spotted in warden territory captured and held in military prison

Late 1915 colonials demand release of captured scouts, wardens simply ignore

New years(1915-1916), warden scout plane spots large scale military movement within colonial territory

2nd Jan 1916 colonial soldiers begin crossing border under cover of night, warden snipers spot the advance and warn the others

3rd Jan 1916 wardens declare full scale war on colonials, entire warden military is moved into strategic locations

10th Jan 1916 wardens have prepared for full scale assault, warden artillery begins shelling colonial infantry on the frontlines with the abandoned ward being the most heavily hit, Operation homeguard begins

Late 1916 operation homeguard is a success, all colonial troops have begun falling back into colonial owned territory

Early 1917 war is thrown into a 8 year stalemate due to old firearms still being used. Both sides develop basic tanks

1925 wardens developed advanced weapons and created a new doctrine called "blitzkrieg", new doctrine introduces conventional mobile warfare, something colonials hadn't heard of yet(nor had the technology to successfully use it). Wardens being using chemical warfare on a much larger scale, tanks are also now being mass produced by wardens(some mounted with chemical sprayers).(edited) Stalemate is broken, colonials now placed into a disadvantage

1930 colonials valiantly defend their homeland, new colonial weapons are introduced allowing colonials to push wardens back

1931 both sides begin developing nuclear weapon prototypes

1935 both sides fail to successfully create nuclear bombs

1940 another stalemate begins, both sides thrown back into trench warfare

1945 wardens replace all bolt actions with semi autos, and all infantry that used semi autos now receive assault rifles

1946 colonials attempt to reverse engineer warden weapons to no avail

1947 Wardens have a slight number disadvantage but their advanced technologies manages to keep them in the fight

1950 wardens create advanced and heavily armoured tanks allowing the stalemate to be broken. Colonials develop advanced planes with increased ranges, aerial assaults become a thing

1951 wardens notice new colonial planes, wardens begin developing new planes

1953 warden plane designs completed with one advanced long range stealth bomber being created

1954 Warden begin mass producing a stealth bombers and other advanced plane designs

1956 Colonials develop advanced tanks, although not as advanced as warden tanks

1958 wardens begins deploying stealth bombers over colonial territory decimating their frontlines

1960 Wardens begin bombing colonial capital cities

1961 colonials launch full scale assault against Wardens pushing them back onto the border

1962 despite all these technological advancements both sides are again thrown into a stalemate

1965 total death count for the war totals 550 million total casualties with over 95 million injured(edited)

1966 another cease fire is declared after both sides begin fearing human extinction

1966-1987 world is in peace

1988 world population climbs back up to the previous total from 1945(4.5 billion)

1989 the earth is permanently scarred from the war, the area that used to be the frontline remains a giant muddy wasteland till this day. Access to the old frontlines is restricted due to high amounts of toxic chemicals in the area

And Even More Fan Fiction

This time, Januszym creates a hilarious tale for us; one with some very well known characters in it! Check it out!

The Quirky Company

This wasn’t the best day for Recruit Rice. Not only has he been chosen in the lottery to be drafted into the military, but he also got assigned to the infamous 82nd Death Korps regiment, also known as the Quirky Company by the civilians.

“Surely it couldn’t be that bad” He thought to himself. ”The media is making a big fuss out of nothing. They’re propably a normal regiment with a some bad apples in their ranks.”

“We’re nearing the Headquarters mate!” Shouted the driver. “You best check your gear. Anything that’s left in the back of the truck is officially my property. Finders keepers!”

This was the first time Recruit heard anything besides the truck’s engine, occasional artillery shell exploding in the distance or radio propaganda. There was no one else in the back of the truck, which was suprising.

“Am I the only man that got recruited?” He asked.

“You’re the only person I was notified about, I’m afraid.” Driver replied. “ 82nd doesn’t really need many reinforcements you know? Most of the original regiment is still well and kicking.” A small smile formed on his face.

“Kriegers alive for more than 5 minutes?! I’ll believe it when I see it.” Rice arrogantly answered. “Either they’re not true Kriegers or I don’t know about something important.”

“You’ll have plenty of time to see, I assure you.” Driver replied. “One thing you can be sure about 82nd is that they never leave their own behind, no matter what.” The smirk he held for most of the time disappeared, leaving only a sad expression in it’s place. “Oly…” he mused to himself. “. Too young that one was. That poor lad took a round in the spine during his second mission. Hasn’t stopped Ryder from using him as a coat rack. Best hope this one won’t share his fate.”

The rest of the ride was silent, even the radio usually playing in the background has been turned off. Both soldiers weren’t willing to start another conversation, instead spending time either watching the remains of the countryside or keeping eyes on the road. After a short while the truck came to a halt, stopping in front of a reinforced wooden gate. A pale skinned man walked into view, rifle aimed at the driver.

“Who goes there!” he shouted. “Identify yourself or prepare to get shot.”

The driver exited the truck and raised his hands into the air. “It’s me, Berik!” He shouted at the guard. “I’ve got a fresh recruit and supplies coming in. The longer you stop me, the more pissed off you’re keeping Vagabond.” He reached into his pocket to take out a small flask. “I also brought a little special for Commander! We wouldn’t want to upset him, now would we?”

The guard’s skin changed color upon hearing about the flask. He quickly lowered his rifle and yelled something incomprehensible to another guard standing close. It wasn’t long before the entrance to the compound has been opened.

Berik hid the flask back into the pocket of his coat, a wide grin covering his face. “ Thank you for your cooperation mate!” He shouted with glee before turning towards the truck. “Home sweet home.” He thought to himself before turning back and entering the truck again.

Rice has checked his equipment one last time. “Everything packed and ready.” He said to himself quietly. “ Time to make a good first impression.” With that the lone recruit has exited the vehicle, ready for anything. Or so he thought.

“What the fuck…” Were the only first he could say after seeing the fortress’s interior. The star shaped fortress standing so close to the frontline was in pristine condition. “It’s like this place has never seen combat” Rice thought. He looked around. The road in front of him led to a street lined with buildings on both sides, all of them colored gray either by paint or dirt. The road to his left and right both led to two fortified hills housing artillery bunkers, their crews sitting near the road either playing cards, drinking or fighting each other.

“Those men are throughout the front?! This looks more like a bunch of prison inmates, not actual soldiers.” Rice thought. “What have I done to deserve this?”

Suddenly one of the artillery members stood up, an expression of happiness decorating his face. “GUYS!” He shouted. “THE RESUPPLY TRUCK IS HERE!”

In a span of few seconds every artilleryman forgot about their previous occupation and rushed off like an avalanche in the direction of the truck. It wasn’t long until the vehicle was completely swarmed by a mob of overly happy men “SHELLS, SHELLS, SHELLS” They shouted while unloading large red crates off the truck.

“Why of all places, did they have to send me here.” Rice asked, baffled by the display of weirdness going on in front of him.

“Ignore them. They’re just happy to be prepared for tomorrow.” Answered a voice. It had a cold British accent.

Rice turned around. In front of him stood a tall, pale soldier in full grey uniform wearing a matching patrol cap. The chevron on his arm informed Recruit that he was standing eye to eye with a corporal.

“Who are you and what’s gonna happen tomorrow?” Satire asked sheepishly.

“I am Corporal Carmain, the person who was supposed to greet you and tomorrow our regiment is going out in the field.” The soldier answered. “And now that I’ve introduced myself.” He stopped to take out a small metal flask, took a sip and continued.” May I know the name of our newest recruit?”

“I’m Ric…” He stopped for a while before continuing. “I mean, Recruit Rice reporting for duty Sir.” Rice said, saluting as he did so.

“Cute. You can drop the official bullshit now.” Carmain said. “The only time you have to salute is when speaking with the officers, I’m just a grunt like you.”

Rice was surprised. “This isn’t what I expected.” He thought. The entirety of his training was spent of learning respect to those who outrank him and the first person he meets tells him to forget about it? “Two months of training spent on fucking nothing”

The sudden silence was broken by a shout of agony coming from the building at the end of the street, followed closely by a sound of pistol being fired.

(...) Unfortunately, we would need lots of more space to post the whole text. But you should read the original full text here, by Januszym

New Clans

While the 82nd Death Corps continue to reinforce the Wardens, the Colonials now have a clan of their own.

Come join the newly formed Princess Irene Brigade. They fight for the Colonials with [PIB] Dondergod as their leader. You can join their Discord channel here.

If you want to join a clan, but not be affiliated to one faction in particular, you should check out the Lime Squadron, which is under the leadership of [Lime] Rice. Their Discord channel can be found here.

DrunkRussianBear, from the competing 82nd Death Corps was kind enough to create a very funny (if a little bit cheeky) rendition of the Lime Corps in formation.

By DrunkRussianBear

Memories of War

If these fictional stories were not enough to satiate your thirst of heroic feats, you can always turn to Carmain's recounting of an actual battle that inspired the tale that follows.

The Battle of River Fork: (by Carmain of the 82nd Death Korps)


By day 15 of the River Ward Conflict, the Colonials had gained a stronghold in Northern Ward, also known as 'The Plaza', and were making extended excursions north into Warden territory. Warden forces had built hidden factories and small outposts in the hills around Northern Ward, and these were falling quickly under Colonial control. In order to stem the flow of Colonials, and to provide a staging ground for a future siege on Ward, a small group of Warden engineers built an outpost next to the 'River Fork', the name for a junction of roads connecting Northern Ward to the town of Callahan directly. The Wardens set up the outpost at 11am that day, and supplies and defences began to be built immediately in order to withstand a siege.

Soon after the outpost was built, a couple of Colonial troopers moved out to secure a known fording point in the River Ward, just outside the outpost at River Fork. Warden forces opened fire on the men, and one made it back to the Plaza alive. This alerted the Colonials to the outposts existence, and a plan was put in place to take out the outpost immediately. At 5pm, men in the outpost moved out to gather supplies to allow the outpost to be better defenced, leaving only a few Warden men to hold the fort while they were gone.

The Battle:

The Initial Siege:

At 5:20, a large group of Colonial Forces began to move in on the outpost. Armed with SMGs, these shock troops had planned to sneak up to the compound, but they were spotted before the plan could be put into action. Warden forces managed to take out the first men to reach the junction, but before they could loot any ammunition from the corpses the main group attacked directly from the Plaza, forcing the Wardens to retreat back to their defences. By sunset at 7:00, the battle was on, and Colonials were struggling to pass the rudimentary defences without explosives, so the rest of the platoon were ordered to move north and use a now Colonial armoury to produce grenades in order to take out the defences. They reached the armoury at 8:00, and began to make the order. After surviving the initial onslaught, the Warden troops tried to radio for help, but heavy cloud cover meant that no radio messages could be received. There would be no reinforcement for the next few hours.

By 8:30, Colonial troops had the whole west side of the Outpost locked down, and the first grenades were making their way from the north-west to help with the roadblocks. Warden troops were using their defences to full effect, and had an excess of supplies for the 8 men that were stationed there, but the grenades were having an effect. At around 9:40, the Colonials had the compound surrounded on both the west and north sides, and now had no escape. The Colonials now began to use their excess of grenades to blow a hole in the wall of the compound, but were met in a hail of bullets from the Wardens, and many of the grenades were recovered, the number totalling around 30.

Turning the Tide:

At 9:50, the Wardens now had many of the Colonials grenades, and began to blow holes in their lines. In addition, it was now when the Wardens radios began transmitting again, and reinforcements were called. They were a couple of hours away though, and Colonials had flanked along the river and were pushing into the south side of the base, which was unguarded at this time. Wardens managed to hold off the assault, but it had bought the Colonials enough time to retreat and regroup, allowing them to reassess the worsening situation. Warden forces began to push up and managed to retake the fork in the road at 10:20, giving them an area to fortify and ground to attack from. The Colonials began to prepare their second offensive at 10:40, and heavy support in the name of HMGs was on its way from the Encampment a few miles south. It was a race for the reinforcements to reach the outpost in time.

The Wardens used scavenged SMGs to push up the road more, and met the Colonials again in open combat in an open field between the outpost and Northern Ward. It was here that the Wardens took their most casualties, and now they totalled only 5 men. They used the last of their supplies to cover their escape, and retreated back to the River Fork. Here they held their ground for as long as they could, and finally their reinforcements arrived, totalling at 25 men, at 11:15.

The End of the Battle:

At 11:30, the Colonial platoon was taking heavy casualties, and being overextended and under-supplied, their commander ordered their retreat. It was now when HMG support arrived, and began to lay into the Warden forces. The situation became a stalemate for the next few hours, as Wardens couldn't move up closer to Ward, and the Colonials were rearming and bolstering their ranks. Eventually the machine-guns ran out of ammo, and had to move back to re-arm. The River Fork had been successfully defended, and only small colonial patrols moved towards the outpost, as much of the main forces supplies had been either taken or expended during the siege.


The Battle for River Fork became an example of how to defend a critical position under critical conditions. All the surviving members of the original 12 to hold the outpost received the Emperor's Cross, the most prestigious medal in the Warden ranks, and the rest post-posthumously the Purple Heart. The battle would become synonymous with wastage of supplies and overconfidence, as the Colonials believed it would be an easy fight, having dominated Warden troops previously, and brought few extra supplies for an extended assault, nullifying the numbers advantage they had. Colonial commanders also wouldn't perform any major operations for the next week, instead focusing on reinforcing their existing outposts, as the importance of solid defences were highlighted in the mission. It was also a turning point in the war, as the Wardens were able to stop a major Colonial assault, giving them morale and beginning the guerrilla war they fought over the next 9 days.

New Method of Communication

Last but not least, while I was roaming the world during a war, running as quickly as I could to reach the frontlines, I found a very interesting motivational message. This was most likely created as a piece of war propaganda by an unknown Warden, to be seen by his or her fellow team-mates exiting their Outpost. Even if the content itself is of dubious nature (and possibly a bit offensive to some), I admit it's a clever use of the game's tools to convey a message. It deserves a mention.

By unknown Warden propaganda-prone soldier



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