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Community Highlights 37

Hello Soldiers!

This is a friendly reminder that the deadline for the fan art competition is coming up fast! You may see some great art below, but don't let that discourage you from submitting your own. Remember there are three prizes per category, and even if you don't win, we want to see what you've all been working on.

For this Community Highlight, I cut down a little bit on the number of memes. As hilarious as many of them were, I wanted to keep it topical, so that anyone who isn't keeping up with the trends on discord will be able to follow along. Take a look!

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, Feb 6, 2018. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



By: Vividly

Absolutely stunning piece of work, made even more impressive by the weather effects.


By: TurtleAndRabbit

I'm not sure how fair it would be to give the Warden Gunboat so many guns!


By: Passionate

Another great one. These art pieces are really getting serious...


By: Kixx

I'm really looking forward to seeing a backdrop added to this one.


By: Kixx

Those poor Paratroopers don't know what they're about to drop into...



Looks like a good day building castles at the beach.



... That better be rust!


By: 500XaTka

"Sofa troopers....forces of slow response"


By: Kilowner

Really good shading. Keep going!


By: Foolz

Such cute. Much ball


By: General Phanter

Look out Collies, here comes the Tiger



By: The Hooded Thief

The RCL Propaganda machine is in full swing!


By: Alien

That's one scary dude


By: Kixx

Death from Above


By: TurtleAndRabbit

Just in case The Hooded Thief didn't create enough of these!


By: ThotDestroyer

This looks like an add for General Moto--nope. It's a Tide Ad.


By: Classified

The important part here is that they didn't use Comic Sans on the poster.


By: Colt Bolt



By: Aperture

Looks like every clan insignia combined into one


By: 500XaTka

FCL Logo. Though the Yin and Yang would indicate harmony... there can be no peace!


By: 新兵伊万

And the 9527 clan has entered the scene!


By: TrueTheSummon

Warden Task Force Insignia


By: Padfoot

This would be far more effective if it was called by its proper name, the 'pew pew' company.


By: Sammoh

I don't know what's happening in this picture. Those dudes look drunk.


By: Cmdr_Engineer

For Wardenia.


By: ElvenGhost

BLD is recruiting!



By: I Saw A Bear

Some sweet Tank on Tank action from our resident celebrity, I_Saw_A_Bear!


By: ryu sabusa

Behold, the Feared 82DK.


By: Passionate

Hey, sometimes you gotta let it all hang loose.


By: Envii

Wow, this must have been mega-frustrating for the colonials...


By: Lightning

The FULL Erotic vs. SCE match for the FCL!


By: Envii

It's easy to look at this like a failure. In fact I'm just impressed at how many bullets he dodged.


By: Dizzy Suds

Brilliant editing! I love how the artillery guns line up to the drums.


By: I Saw A Bear

I loved how they tried to make the truck pay ransom... hahaha


By: Passionate

A fast-forward presentation of one of Passionate's masterpieces!


By: ATGolden

Hahahahahahahahahaha... That footage of you building the truck... But no really, this was really great.


By: Ryu Sabusa

You know... It's pretty rare for there to be an 82DK recruitment video instead of a poster


Funny Stuff

By: TurtleAndRabbit

Hearts of Iron Tech tree... adapted for Foxhole, brilliantly. "Wheelbarrows"


By: The Hooded Thief

You think Foxhole is a game?!


By: 500XaTka

Logistics players reaction to the new tech costs... Look how excited they look!


By: Bausmann

I've been there...


By: The Hooded Thief

Superior Warden stitching makes this question an easy one to answer.


By: Clockwise

Excellent use of a ruler here.


Written and Tutorials

After Action Report January 22-23, 2018 Callahan's Passage, Dog Day 6

Simple orders really - infiltrate the enemy position, and report back on their unit strength, level of supply, and general strategic situation. Avoid detection. Only one way to do that...sorrowfully, I set aside my beloved Colonial Greens, and grimacingly put on the hated Warden Blues. We had our names for them, and they for us. Blue bellies. Wards. Fucking shitty bastards (usually after being shot). Colonial propaganda mill going full court press - we're relieving an inferior people of lands they woefully mismanage and don't deserve to have. A staunch Colonial, I believed these things - we've been raised in it, born and bred from youth, to hate the Warden foe and fight them at every turn. But something about turning coats....disgusted me. No true soldier easily parts with his uniform. Beneath the hated Blue jacket, I kept my Colonial green shirt - if came right down to it, I'd tear off those wretched blue rags and fight alone, surrounded by countless enemies. I bid a silent, grim farewell to my Colonial brethren, and crossed the lines at night, headed for White Chapel.

I expected to find the Warden scum living in their own filth and eating trash like dogs. The sense of order, good conduct, and camraderie left me unsettled - it felt too much like being back at camp. Soldiers trading jokes, logistic drivers weaving their ever-ceaseless dance of supply runs, engineers happily hammering away at defenses. It was all too damn familiar. Where were the atrocities? Where were my enslaved Colonial bretheren, laboring beneath the Warden lash? Where were the horrors of Warden existence my brothers and I had so often been warned of?

Doing my best to blend in, I grabbed a rifle and kit from the White Chapel town hall and hopped a ride with a friendly logistics driver. "Fresh recruit are yah?" he asked. I nodded mutely, afraid my accent might give me away. He grinned, slapped me on the back, and we took off like a shot, carrying a load of shirts and munitions for the White Chapel Crossroads. Even the logi truck smelled familiar - how many times had my fellow Colonials and I tail-gate jumped from logi trucks into combat? The foreign and familiar blended together in my senses, a strange mishmash of comfort and unease burrowing into my stomach.

The FOB at the Crossroads was well defended, Warden engineers hard at work. I'd been given no means of communicating with Colonial HQ, but told to simply memorize the trenchworks and find my way back. Idiot orders from an idiot General who'd never seen the inside of a foxhole, let alone a Warden rifleman. Goddamn armchair strategists, living on the laurels of their forefathers and sending myself and my young comrades time and again into the teeth of Warden guns. A Warden Officer Candidate was in charge of the defense construction, and called out for some infantry to push forward and scout map sectors L-7 & M-7, and if possible, secure the sulfur yard. Eager to get a sense of their forward defenses, as well as begin scouting my escape route, I volunteered immediately. Two eager young Wardens, Flyboy179 and BLoo3r followed with me, rifles at the ready.

Upon reaching the sulfur yard, we immediately hit resistance - a single Colonial guarding the area from his foxhole. I resisted the urge to call out in our native tongue, instead waving for my companions to take cover. The lone defender spotted us and began pouring rifle fire from his position, as additional Warden infantry began moving up to reinforce myself and the others. That's when we took our first casualty. A cheeky smiling Warden lad, charging forward with HE grenades, dropped dead with three bullets in him, crimson staining the snow. I ground my teeth, torn between sympathy for the boy, loyalty to my outnumbered Colonial brother, and a strangely familiar concern rising in my chest for the men around me. The men in Blue. I shook my head, struggling to focus on the moment and not get myself or more of my men killed. My men? They're Wardens - MY men are in the damn foxhole...

Casualties mounted. More bodies littered the snow, some calling out for a medic, others for their mothers. Very strange...they sound so very much like Colonials when they die.... Bullets snap past my head and I duck for cover. Flyboy179 eagerly prepares to charge the foxhole, but I grab him by the collar and drag him back. "Stay the fuck down!" I snarl at him. He nods, suddenly sober. More Wardens arrive, their belts stuffed with HE. One is killed immediately, half his face shot away as he pops up to take a look at the foxhole. "EVERYONE STAY THE FUCK DOWN!" For some reason, they listen. In the roar of gunfire and confusion, my accent seems to fade a bit. I stare at the men around me, their faces filled with fear, anger, and a thousand other emotions. They want that Colonial. Badly. He's killed nearly half a dozen men, and wounded another dozen now. My heart bursts with pride for his skills - and sadness. He won't leave that foxhole alive. And if these Warden bastards have their'll be slow and painful. I'm not gonna let that happen.

"Give me the explosives. You boys give me covering fire. No one else dies today." How many times have I said that to other boys, clad in green, with the same emotions on their faces? How many times have we made similar assaults, and died in the dozens? More than I can count. But it was never a brother in that foxhole - that's new. Half a dozen Warden lads crawl forward in the snow, readying their rifles. I grab three HE and tuck them in my belt, a familiar whisper of fear rising in my gut. I squash it ruthlessly, along with the whisper in my mind - this is all wrong. It should be blue in that foxhole, not green. I squint until my vision blurs...and the green changes to blue. It helps - but only for a second.

"COVERING FIRE!!!" I throw myself forward as the rifles spit death at my comrade. He ducks for cover, bullets ripping through the foxhole canopy above him, as I race toward his position, HE grenade in hand, primed for action. At the last second, he looks up, and we lock eyes. Time slows to a crawl, as his rifle comes up, hunting for me, his Warden foe, and my grenade sails forward, seeking my Colonial enemy. The foxhole, and the Colonial, disappear in a flash of smoke and thunder, as I frantically lob the other two grenades, destroying his position. The only thing left is a bloody smear in the snow, and scraps of a tattered canvas poncho that catch the wind and drift away. With it goes some part of me...indescribable, intangible, yet all too real. The excited chatter of my brothers breaks me from the reverie, and we crowd around, like so many times before, pilfering the dead enemy's kitbag and divvying up the spoils.

"Flyboy179 and BLoo3r, with me - we're going scouting. The rest of you dig in here...."

By: Bausmann

Really good visuals in this one. I like the contrast and focus on colours against the snow.


Steam Guide

By: DeltaNutmeg

Click here or on the icon to take a look at Delta's great guide!


By: Patchouli

A really good assessment of the existing Tech Tree. Don't worry, it won't stay this way for long!


This has been a really great batch. I'm especially impressed with the videos, and the quality of the art! I can tell that some of you have been working for a long time on your submissions for the art contest, and only now are they starting to surface. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see what you bring us next.

Until next time!


By: Colt Bolt

How Markfoot keeps the office in line.


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