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Community Highlights 34

Hello Soldiers!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! There was a lot of incredible content from Christmas this week so I just had to push this highlights out while you were all still on Holiday. Check out some of the amazing artwork, videos, and events here, or join us on Discord in our #creative-streamplug channel where all these amazing artists are gathering together to share their work.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, December 26, 2017. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Card, by: filthsmell

Thanks for the card, filthsmell!


82DK Christmas Card, by: Sathoryn

Merry Christmas, 82DK! Love it


Christmas HE Delivery, by: Passionate

Logistics saves christmas...


Christmas Card, by: Lercas

Cheap colonials and their tiny gifts...


Christmas Bombing, by: Charlie

Christmas Truce-Breaker...


Christmas Cigarettes, by: Charlie

And here they are making up!


Christmas Colonial by: Sir

Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Foxhole Christmas Icon, by: Thomas

You'll kill a lot more people if you sharpen that candy cane!


Warden Christmas Pixel Art, by: Regalo Bubba

He's so cute!


EDGE delivers, by: M.C. & Foolz

It wouldn't be Christmas without Edge.

12 Days of Foxhole, by: Blizmore and 4darkling4

Catchy tune!


Cool Stuff

The QM, by: Passionate

Over there. Put the B-mats over there!


Warden IG Cross, by: Cmdr.Engi

For The Emperor--Callahan!


I Saw A Bear, by: Padfoot

Character portrait for one of our prominent community members, I Saw A Bear!


Colonial Soldier, by: Passionate

This guy looks proud to fight for the Colonials.


Warden Tank, by: Padfoot

Love this as a concept for a medium tank.


Medium Tank, by: Graveson

I like the little HMG on the front. That'd be cool.


Warden Cosplay, by: Marin

Wow that's pretty darn good for a budget cosplay!


Foxhole Banner, by: Foolz



World Conquest is Coming, by: Clockwise

Well the Stark words are always true... eventually.


Icons, by: MoonMan

Im not sure if these are warden or colonial... or maybe neutral!


Pencil Warden Drawing, by: Arkan

Satchel charge, luger, bayonet, HE grenade.... this guy is loaded down.


Friendly Warden, by: Aperture

Hello little guy!


Warden Passports, by: BaptistBarry

Papers and registration, please.


Warden Poster, by: Jason

You better give that to someone special for Christmas!


Trench, by: Jericho

This would be super cool to have in game.


Western Foxhole Reskin, by: Andret

Cooooooool... One day I hope we get mod support so this can be a thing.


Logo, by: Passionate

Looks a little like an egyptian Hieroglyphic.


Navy Logo, by: Pierce



Warden Miniature, by: Cmdr.Engineer

Better and better, every week!


Out of fuel, by: Charlie

The submarine ran out of fuel, and the guy underwater is pushing it along.



Join The Attack, by: Timberwolf

I like this because it reminds me of the old war reports!


Colonial Signal Corps, by: Timberwolf

I'd love it if this became a real thing. Contact Sunchips about becoming Scout QM!


Recon Poster, by: Timberwolf

I really like the concept for this. Make it real.


Sincerely the Colonial Legion, by: Amarikano

Man... I'd surrender too if this guy was coming at me across a battlefield.


Join the Colonials, by: Amarikano

Raise the roof!


Scout QM, by: Sunchips



101st, by: Sunchips

I'm not sure if this is a new clan, or what... but I like the poster.


Multiple Propoganda Posters, by: MoonMan

Put them up on every street corner.


Colonial Logistics Poster, by: Pawlick

I love the style of this one.


Together, by: PFCBannon

Nothing beats the power of friendship


Reformed Colonial Legions, by: Kixx

These guys are really getting good.


Join the RCL, by: Foolz

That dude looks like Tom Hanks


Fight to Liberate, by: Foolz

That looks super dangerous. Crazy guy.


82DK recruitment, by: BaptistBarry

Wouldn't be a Community Highlights post without afew 82DK posters!

Victory will be among us, by: BaptistBarry

82DK flag being held by a green colonial man! Yup. That's how I see this one.


No Never, by: PFCBannon

Say NO to drugs, mmkay?


82DK recruitment, by: Der Kommissar

82DK flag being held by a green colonial man! Yup. That's how I see this one.


Medical Propoganda, by: Capt. Parker

Too bad hearts are in short supply....


Videos and Literature and Links

Defending Jade Beach, by: FlikFlakFluk

Nice to see the FMG getting some use out there.


Deliver the Christmas Present, by: Sunchips

This was an amazing event in which both teams try to deliver a satchel to the enemy townhall using only bayonets.


Community Staff and Dev Team Event, by: Sethfire

We're typically far more professional than this. Honest.


Special Forces Dev Event, by: Kopono

More shenanigans from our friend, Kopono!


The Russian Challenge in a Nutshell, by: Sethfire

This must have taken ages to put together...