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Community Highlights 34

Hello Soldiers!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! There was a lot of incredible content from Christmas this week so I just had to push this highlights out while you were all still on Holiday. Check out some of the amazing artwork, videos, and events here, or join us on Discord in our #creative-streamplug channel where all these amazing artists are gathering together to share their work.

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, December 26, 2017. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Card, by: filthsmell

Thanks for the card, filthsmell!


82DK Christmas Card, by: Sathoryn

Merry Christmas, 82DK! Love it


Christmas HE Delivery, by: Passionate

Logistics saves christmas...


Christmas Card, by: Lercas

Cheap colonials and their tiny gifts...


Christmas Bombing, by: Charlie

Christmas Truce-Breaker...


Christmas Cigarettes, by: Charlie

And here they are making up!


Christmas Colonial by: Sir

Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Foxhole Christmas Icon, by: Thomas

You'll kill a lot more people if you sharpen that candy cane!


Warden Christmas Pixel Art, by: Regalo Bubba

He's so cute!


EDGE delivers, by: M.C. & Foolz

It wouldn't be Christmas without Edge.

12 Days of Foxhole, by: Blizmore and 4darkling4

Catchy tune!


Cool Stuff

The QM, by: Passionate

Over there. Put the B-mats over there!


Warden IG Cross, by: Cmdr.Engi

For The Emperor--Callahan!


I Saw A Bear, by: Padfoot

Character portrait for one of our prominent community members, I Saw A Bear!


Colonial Soldier, by: Passionate

This guy looks proud to fight for the Colonials.


Warden Tank, by: Padfoot

Love this as a concept for a medium tank.


Medium Tank, by: Graveson

I like the little HMG on the front. That'd be cool.


Warden Cosplay, by: Marin

Wow that's pretty darn good for a budget cosplay!


Foxhole Banner, by: Foolz



World Conquest is Coming, by: Clockwise

Well the Stark words are always true... eventually.


Icons, by: MoonMan

Im not sure if these are warden or colonial... or maybe neutral!


Pencil Warden Drawing, by: Arkan

Satchel charge, luger, bayonet, HE grenade.... this guy is loaded down.


Friendly Warden, by: Aperture

Hello little guy!


Warden Passports, by: BaptistBarry

Papers and registration, please.


Warden Poster, by: Jason

You better give that to someone special for Christmas!


Trench, by: Jericho

This would be super cool to have in game.


Western Foxhole Reskin, by: Andret

Cooooooool... One day I hope we get mod support so this can be a thing.


Logo, by: Passionate

Looks a little like an egyptian Hieroglyphic.


Navy Logo, by: Pierce



Warden Miniature, by: Cmdr.Engineer

Better and better, every week!


Out of fuel, by: Charlie

The submarine ran out of fuel, and the guy underwater is pushing it along.



Join The Attack, by: Timberwolf

I like this because it reminds me of the old war reports!


Colonial Signal Corps, by: Timberwolf

I'd love it if this became a real thing. Contact Sunchips about becoming Scout QM!


Recon Poster, by: Timberwolf

I really like the concept for this. Make it real.


Sincerely the Colonial Legion, by: Amarikano

Man... I'd surrender too if this guy was coming at me across a battlefield.


Join the Colonials, by: Amarikano

Raise the roof!


Scout QM, by: Sunchips



101st, by: Sunchips

I'm not sure if this is a new clan, or what... but I like the poster.


Multiple Propoganda Posters, by: MoonMan

Put them up on every street corner.


Colonial Logistics Poster, by: Pawlick

I love the style of this one.


Together, by: PFCBannon

Nothing beats the power of friendship


Reformed Colonial Legions, by: Kixx

These guys are really getting good.


Join the RCL, by: Foolz

That dude looks like Tom Hanks


Fight to Liberate, by: Foolz

That looks super dangerous. Crazy guy.


82DK recruitment, by: BaptistBarry

Wouldn't be a Community Highlights post without afew 82DK posters!

Victory will be among us, by: BaptistBarry

82DK flag being held by a green colonial man! Yup. That's how I see this one.


No Never, by: PFCBannon

Say NO to drugs, mmkay?


82DK recruitment, by: Der Kommissar

82DK flag being held by a green colonial man! Yup. That's how I see this one.


Medical Propoganda, by: Capt. Parker

Too bad hearts are in short supply....


Videos and Literature and Links

Defending Jade Beach, by: FlikFlakFluk

Nice to see the FMG getting some use out there.


Deliver the Christmas Present, by: Sunchips

This was an amazing event in which both teams try to deliver a satchel to the enemy townhall using only bayonets.


Community Staff and Dev Team Event, by: Sethfire

We're typically far more professional than this. Honest.


Special Forces Dev Event, by: Kopono

More shenanigans from our friend, Kopono!


The Russian Challenge in a Nutshell, by: Sethfire

This must have taken ages to put together...


Communications Update, by: I Saw A Bear

Another fantastic addition to the Update series.


A Bridge Not Far Enough, by: I Saw A Bear

Not quite the hit high-budget movie we all remember, but close enough!


Wardens Charge, by: Zsource Gaming

I really love seeing these short little films... so full of energy.


Right Wing Satchel Squads, by: Ceeps

Those motorcycle rushes past enemy defences is ridiculous...


Christmas Truce, by: Fiqrie

Those quotes around the "Truce" are well deserved.


Russian Challenge Overview, by: KrazyFlyinChicken

An overview of the Russian Challenge game.


15 Meters

Reload and keep firing. I´m standing here, leaning against the cold mud, my rifle in my hands, my breath is heavy, my heart pumps. As soon as i take a peak from my cover i can hear the bullets buzz and fizzle all around me. To my right a young boy lies dead. He got shot in the head, scattering his gasmask. Luckily he didn't die from the bullet. He died from the gas. All the sounds around me are dull. The far sounds of artillery firing are just a deep bass rolling through my body. Every bullet that pierces a body is a snare played silent but still important for the music. Every body dropping is a sweet melody. Each grenade detonating is a small pause in the drums of death. I look up from my rifle i was holding. I can see my Sergeant pointing at me. Was he speaking to me? He better need to scream for me to hear him. Suddenly the sounds got clear again and i could hear im shouting. He commands me to fulfill my commands and start chasing the enemy's position. I didn’t wanted too. Was that a mortar i hear? I took a leap out of the trench in an attempt to evade from the incoming mortar as the adrenaline kicked in. I was right. It detonated just where the Sergeant used to yell at me. All what remained was an illusion telling me to save my life. This time i gladly followed my given orders but as soon i as turned around i faced the harsh reality. Bullets. Fire. Explosions. The adrenaline kicked back in and i crawled forwards, just as another shell hit the trench behind me. Surely i’m not that much into getting blasted to pieces. The drums continued playing. 5 meters passed. A small height appeared in front of me, i crawled towards it. Another Explosion. In front of me. Now my soon-to-be cover was even better thanks to the hole blasted in front of it. Oh lucky me! A guy on my right got perforated by bullets. He was not lucky. I fell into the hole. Took a deep breath. I prayed for not making close contact with a grenade now. Buckled the rifle. Reload and keep firing. I don’t know if or how many i killed. I just fulfilled my duty as a soldier. At the periphery of my view a saw a can flying. Get your mask on. NOW! I hastily put on my gasmask. The sounds dulled once again. Now for real. As the gas crawled upon me, i panicked and rushed another 5 meters forward. Lucky me didn’t got killed. Yet A close grenade forcefully pushed me back to the ground and i snapped back into reality. Was it the gas i smelled? Shaky fingers checked the mask. It was ok. Just my panic. Or the adrenaline. Or both. Nice. Now get yourself in safety! I looked around. Dead bodies everywhere. Death was still playing his drums. Up ahead an old cart was laying aside in the mud. Hope! Another 5 meters. The stench of dead bodies, fire and explosions was becoming more and more beautiful. I sat down behind the Cart. Took a look on the left. One on the right too. I can see the enemy MG. I cannot get to it. I cannot shoot at it. I would most probably get sawed down. Somewhere near a person calls for help. i cannot help him. Do not get desperate! As i got desperate i searched the cart for something useful. Lucky me! I found a grenade! i know exactly where the MG is. Count to five, pull the pin! One. A dude running towards the cart got hit by the MG. He looked up to me desperately. I saw his fear growing. A Tear rolled down his face. Then a second bullet snapped his head back. Two. The gas was coming closer. a green smoke devouring each and every living being in it. Three. I saw a bullet travelling through the air on its journey to kill. I could even read the caliber on it. 7.62mm. Four. A few meters on my left a soldier was hanging on dear life pushing him against a pile of dead comrades, as a grenade detonated on top of him. He joined his friends on the pile. Five. I pulled the pin. Took a step aside my cover. The grenade left my hand. It was rotating slowly. The sun broke through the clouds laying a bright shine on the scenery. The metal of the grenade was reflecting the sun. It shined. Fly my little death angel. Do your job. Save my life. The death machine up ahead slowly started its work. The muzzle flash was just like a little firework, welcoming the death angel as it descended towards the machine. The metal it shot was deadly nonetheless. I was able to see them rotating, making their way towards me. The tiny metal beasts. Their metal armament flickered through the air. 15 meters. Never thought to come this far. Heat snuck up my back. There must have been a grenade exploding behind me. I should have looked for it but the astonishing death angel and the metal beasts in the sunlight were absolutely breathtaking. Time returned to normal, air was pressed out of my lungs and the Heat propelled me into the cart. Lucky me! I survived MG fire by being blasted by a grenade! The card scattered and buried me beneath it. As far as i can see, the death angel is gone, the Machine has gone silent. Congratulations, you survived hell. 15 meters of it. Death´ drums continued.

15 Meters, by: xGugulu

While there are many ways to avoid HMG fire, being blasted by a grenade is probably not the best one.


Part 1- The Grand Colonial Army

After weeks at sea in the lower docks of the ship for the first time I see the outside world with my own eyes and not through a small porthole. It’s magnificent. The port town of The Gallows and the grand Colonial army and navy assembling. I see tanks and trucks being loaded off from their ships and the countless crates that were stored below deck that I wasn’t allowed to touch being unpackaged containing everything from bandages, to sticky bombs, to tobacco. I barely get off the ship before I’m pushed along with the rest of my company to a stage across town. I see a field where the rest of the army is gathering at and two tanks positioned opposite each other. Most of the soldiers around me focus on talking about which region of the Warden Empire we are heading to. Are we going to the Callahan’s Passage where countless squads have mysteriously disappeared in the snow? Are we to assist in the Siege of Saltbrook which has withstood no less than 5 attacks in the past weeks?

The chatter starts to die down and I can barely make out a lone man standing on top of the two tanks. Even though he is using an audio system I do not hear him introduce himself and miss most of his speech due to the crowd now talking about the man’s identity.(edited) “an offensive that will break the Warden army in one quick blow. It shall be a mass coordination between the infantry, armored, and naval forces. This is just one of many mass assemblies across the west coast and we will-”

“See look at his uniform and listen to his accent it must be Commander Octavio.

“No, no Octavio and his tank platoon were deployed to Callahan’s Passage to start pushing through there.”

“Nope, Octavio didn’t go to the north that was Lieutenant Alexandria with her Artillery Cannons.”

“-begins tomorrow. We will end this war. We will destroy what’s left of the Warden forces in Endless Shore. We’ll break through north and take their stronghold at Weathered Expanse. We have the numbers, we have the resources, and we have the-”

“Yeah, I see the uniform now. He’s definitely a Captain.”

I don’t know when the speech ended. I get lost trying to find my squad when everyone starts to leave.

Part 2- The First Grand Colonial army

“How are you out of blankets? Those cargo ships were packed to the brim with supplies of every single damn kind! You’re telling me that there are only 2 blankets for every 5 men!” I yell at the corporal who got the lousy job of being the quartermaster for our platoon.

Before the corporal can respond, I see that his commanding officer has noticed the scene I’ve caused. He stands up from his desk and comes to the front of supply tent. “Is there a problem?”

“No, Sir.” I say immediately after he finishes talking.

“Good. Because soldiers who become a problem either answer to me or manage to get their platoon to the back of the line when we hand out the rations.” Says the officer without blinking or breaking eye contact.

“Of course Sir.” I say hoping that none of those things will happen.

As the officer resumes his writing back at his desk, I quickly leave and head back to my squad’s tents. I mutter to myself on how “prepared” and “organized” the army is and hope that blankets are going to be the only thing we run out of. As I approach the fire pit which isn’t going to be enough to keep us warm for the night, curse the officers taking up all the rooms in town, hell they put 4 men where 20 could fit, I notice an officer who isn’t heading to their cozy room. I recognize the face and uniform and see that they’re one of the officers in my squad. Unlike the others, this officer at least pretended to listen to us say our names and didn’t immediately head off with the other officers into town. As I follow him up the hill south of town we talk.

“Officer Cadet Wallace”

“Yes, soldier?”

“Why aren’t you with the other officers?”

“I’m heading to look at the Grand Colonial army”

“But the army is back in town and offloading at the docks.”

“I am heading to look at the first Grand Colonial army.”

“Sorry, Sir but I thought the other parts of the army were massing at Cora and West Watch. Is there another army group here?”

“There was.”(edited) We arrive at the top of the hill and there is a strange smell of metal and something else. I look at the OCDT still not knowing why we are here. Then, I see what he is staring at south in the distance. A massive and ancient Keep in the distance that towers over the jagged rock formations around it. I see that some type of mechanism was built on top but was destroyed. Though I notice that is not what the officer is staring at. Littered among the shore next to the keep and all along the spires of rock that jut out of the water is what Wallace was talking about.

Shipwrecks, tank husks, and skeletons. Its hard to make out but the metal easily reflects the moonlight. A gust of wind brings the smell of rust and corpses towards us. It smells putrid and fresh even though I can tell that these wrecks have been here for months at least. I look at Wallace and can tell he can’t pull himself away from it.

“Do you know how long ago this battle was?” He says still looking at the wrecks.

“Months ago, a year? It was long enough that they didn’t bother telling us about it during the debrief on the boats.”

He doesn’t immediately respond.

“It was five years ago. At least that’s where the tanks and gunboats came from. The keep has been there longer. That was the first battle of the Grand Colonial army.”

“I thought we were the Grand Colonial army?”

“This army is the next one. Next one in a very long line.”

Part 3 Nuceria C.N.

I need new socks.

The standard issue green socks I was given are just a mess of cloth now. There are holes where my toes are supposed to go, and mold is starting to form. I’ve only had them for about a week and they were fine but last night was too much movement, too much mud and running for them.

While me and Wallace were looking at the old wrecks in Reavers’ Cove, we didn’t know that there was about to be a new wreck behind us. With one thunderous boom, I thought a storm was coming in but then we heard the screams. Wallace swiftly took back his binoculars and focused on the fireball that was emerging right from the dockyards. I unholstered my pistol and checked to see if I remembered to put in a magazine and prepare to start heading down.

“Where are you going?” Wallace calls out to me.

“There is an attack coming we have to go down there and fight them.” I retort dumbfounded at how I have to explain this to a seasoned soldier.

“You’re too late. The attack already happened. Tell me do you hear gun shots? Do you see Warden tanks and half-tracks encircling the town? Do you see blue gunboats in the water shelling the town?”

“So what do we do? Nothing?!”

“Not much we can do now. Unless you want to play hide-and-seek with a Warden deep strike team.”

I head down anyways. Curious to see exactly what blew up at the docks and how it happened. No sooner do I reach the town’s perimeter that a Sergeant yells at me to join his patrol and we proceed to march miles up and down the coast looking for the enemy. We are not supposed to talk while on patrol but the fact that I am in the back of column and the loud waves of the ocean make sure the sarge doesn’t hear me when I talk to the private next to me. “Hey, what is happening? Are we under attack?”

“I don’t know what happened. I was sleeping in my tent when I heard the explosion and suddenly, this sarge wakes me and my buddies up and tells us we have to march south all the way to Kingstone. I’m Marco by the way.”

“Hey, isn’t great how command keeps us informed. I didn’t even get a chance to grab my rifle from my tent.”

“Don’t worry. It looks like we’re not going to see any action tonight.”

Marco points out to the ocean and I can barely make out several gunboats moving quickly along the shore. I realize that we aren’t going to directly engage any enemy forces since the sarge can just call in an off-shore bombardment on his radio.

We get back after dawn having found nothing but exhaustion. Our patrol marches up with the Sergeant to his Commanding officer and he gives a very brief report and then dismisses us. I catch up to the Sergeant before he enters his tent and ask what exactly happened last night.

“At approximately 0230, the cargo ship Nuceria C.N was sabotaged by the Wardens.” The sarge says in a very rehearsed manner.

“That’s all? They could have caught us entirely by surprise, but they only blew up one of dozens of ships?”

“Report to your platoon’s commanding officer soldier. This army group is leaving this region by the end of the day.”

1St Colonial Army Part 1-3, by: Clockwise

One of the better written pieces we seen. Sorry the formatting isn't great on this site.


Community Site Mockup, by: GrandMasterHeinekin

Pretty cool start! Can't wait to see it up and running.


Funny Stuff

VIBE clan portrait, by: Thot Destroyer

They're growing...


Wanted Posters, by: Thot Destroyer

Pretty cool start! Can't wait to see it up and running.


Flags and Images, by: Foolz

You're putting out so many I need to keep them contained!


HE Kermit, by: Doogleboi

Green is mean.


Ruse Comic, by: Marin

In real-life though, I don't think this would work.


Doki Doki Colonial Clan Club, by: Marco_O_Panzer

Well... we knew it would happen eventually.


Yells for medic, by: Colt Bolt

I know that feels...

Rocket Squirrel, by: AT Golden

Careful, he's armed to the teeth.


Ant-Eater by: Autopilot


Doki Doki Colonial Club, by: ApertureAwesome

That's it boys. We've done it. Pack it up and lets go home.


Halftrack Shooting, by: Will161

Let 'er rip!


Colonial Gunboat, by: Zacharoy

Landships ahoy! And they said it was an exploit...


Thank you everyone for your amazing content over this winter holiday. As always I'm blown away with your incredible creativity and humour. Remember to stay safe during the holiday season. We're really looking forward to seeing you all again in the New Year!

Until next time!


HB Googly Eyes, by: Sir


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