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Community Highlights 33

Hello Soldiers!

Lots of new stuff coming at you this week, including some tremendous propaganda, a full battle report, HB memes and more! Our team has had a great time looking through many of these.It really fuels us up to see you guys so inspired by the game, and the kind of art that comes of it. We always dreamed that Foxhole would be one of those games that players would build stories in... and you're doing just that, which is why this week I really wanted to shine a spotlight on the battle report by Andrew. It's been a long time since we've seen work of this caliber. Not only does it give us feedback on our game, but its an exciting read too!

Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Interesting Stuff

The Battle for the Ivory Sea, by: Andrew

It's been a long time since we've seen battle reports like this. Download the whole document here.


Foxhole Tech Guide, by: Patchouli

I know it looks complicated, but give it a read. It's a fantastic analysis for the current meta!


Developer Party Hat, by 500XaTka

If you come wearing this to anyone's birthday party... you're dead.



Warden Smoke Break, by Patchouli

Smoking isn't cool, but this pixel art certainly is!


Warden Soldiers, by: TuMaN

That's one conspicuous bullseye


Female Warden Scout, by: Rudolf

Love the style... and perfectly themed for our communication update!


Artillery Crew, by: Kixx

Rain fiery hell-death on those warden scum!


Insignias, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

Good start! Now bigger, and with more colour. Then stitch it to some cloth and wave that flag through the streets with pride!


Designs for Warden Winter Caps, by: filth smell

Those look snuggly warm... but those dudes look cold as ice


Warden Space Marine, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

In the immortal words of humanity's Emperor, "Purge the Colonial!" or something like that.


Tales from the Trenches, by: Padfoot

Nooooooooooo!!!!! You were so young!



The Great Bayonet Stampede, by: Sunchips

I played in this one. It was hilariously good fun. Note: Snake Strat is Best Strat


What is L.U.V, by: I_Saw_A_Bear

Baby don't Logi, Logi, No More.


Desperate Foes, by: I_Saw_A_Bear

I really like the use of tactics here. "Follow the tracks!"


Edge Mobile Recruitment, by: Sethfire

In soviet Wardenia, recruitment center go to you!


Colonials rule, by: catman1776K

This was found while wandering the dark side of youtube... pure gold.


Ambient Sound Testing, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

You've been producing things across all mediums these past two weeks. Good on you!


101st War Reel, by: Sammoh

Well that was something... totally different. Really like the song.


Fun with PoW's, by: MartinMysteryMen

Everybody's gotta have a hobby


Random War Party Clip, by: TheLastRedDragon

I love the battle line formation... if only I could get my own team to coordinate like that.


Russia vs. World Day 1, by: Fiqrie

Check out this footage. This was a great war. A great.... patriotic war.


No Retreat Bush Charge, by: DaRoach

I've never seen such discipline in the face of certain annihilation...


Operation Rush, by: Kopono

Ludicrous Speed, GO!


Infiltration at Cragsroad, by: Kopono


Special Forces Bully, by: Kopono


Propaganda Posters

Water, by: filth smell

Sun Tzu wrote about this. Sound advice.


Right and Wrong, by: Padfoot

... Well? Who???


Warden Victory, by: Maybar

Jokes on them, the barge was out of fuel


82DK propaganda, by: Der Kommissar

Another great set from the Kommisar


RCL Recruitment Poster, by: TurtleAndRabbit

Really like the style on this one. Very unique.


Burn them down, by: TurtleAndRabbit

Sounds fair...


Iron Guard Clan Poster, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

That looks fantastic. Has a real 41st century feel to it, too.


RCL High Sea Fleet, by: TurtleAndRabbit

In the navy, we can sail the seven seas!


Divisions, by: Kixx

I'd like to sign up for the His Majesty's 1st Tea Drinking Batalion please.


Join the RCL, by: Kixx

Nothing subtle here. Better do as he asks!


Drive them out, by: Tycoh

Sir, Yes Sir!


Join up for Cookies, by: Kixx

What he's not telling you is they're raisin cookies...


Great Leader, by: BaptistBarry

True story, Callahan is blue from head to toe.

Scrap, By: Whalesworth

A poster to make the Colonials feel like scrap.

82DK Noel Poster, by: DrunkRussianBear

Looks like 82DK is getting in the spirit of the holidays!


Funny Stuff

2018 Holiday Poster, by: 500XaTka

Oh my Callahan, I haven't even done my shopping yet...


Edge vs. 82DK, by: Padfoot

A rivalry to endall rivalries


Mail sorter, by: Battlwrath

The pinnacle of warden engineering.


Glowing XaTka, by: 500XaTka

It's XaTka, but lit up like my Christmas tree


Sinterklaas en zijn Knecht, by: TurtleAndRabbit

Some days feel enriched by the internet. This was not one of those days.


Sleigh Ride, by: Lt. Loser

Fashing through the snow, one a halftrack open-sleigh...

Seizing Production, by: Vocken

I wonder if this was made in the time it took to get through the queue...


Cowboy LUV, by: PhantomRU


Foxhole Commandments, by: Kastow

Shoot I need to write these down. Anyone got a chisel and stone tablet?


Tanks, by: AhegaoFace

Tanks are the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.


Sulfur on Callahan's Passage, by: C Bell

On the front line they call it powder gold.


Comparison, by: AhegaoFace

He's not wrong folks.


Foxhole Ball Comics, by: Lord_of_Insanity

A few single cell comics to warm your soul


Foxhole Ball Comics, by: Foolz

And a few more, because I can't get enough of these guys.


Jealousy, by: Patchouli

Some great meme ammunition here, locked and loaded.


Cool Stuff

Edge Recruitment Center, by: Edge Clan

An inventive new way to recruit!


Flags, by: Foolz

Another great set. They're definitely getting more detailed.


Russian Community Coin, by: 500XaTka

Heads I win, tails you lose.


T-Shirt Designs, by: 500XaTka

Nice! Better be sending me one in the mail.


Russian Challenge Poster, by: 500XaTka

This event was super cool. Really glad to see posters like this to advertise it.


Maintenance Manual, by: Padfoot

Step One: Hammer the armoured skirts until fixed.


RCL Defends, by: Lord_of_Insanity

But for how long...


There is no move love;

There is no more hope;

only an unquenchable vendetta.

A want for revenge,

Animosity fueld by fury and unloved sadness.

We are already demons born in heartless tragedy.

We will not win but they will not live.

This was written by a Warden officer ME

I got inspired after losing a billion times as a warden with no actual hope of winning anymore

Untitled, by: Ahega

Don't give up! Just don't be the chump who loses a billion and one times.


Holy cow there was a lot of content these last two weeks, I almost didn't get through it all. I've been especially loving the surge of colonial propaganda... For once the Wardens seem to have been matched on the media front. I can only hope that you'll keep it up!

Until next time!



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