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Community Highlights 31

Hello Soldiers!

Things are really ramping up around the Clapfoot studio. The team is hard at work to bring a whole new set of toys for the 0.7 update, and that means HB has got his hands full. In his place, I'll be combing through all of your great submissions and posting them here. For those that don't know me, I'm known as KrazyFlyinChicken. Feel free to drop by on discord and shoot me a message anytime! Especially if you've got some great art you'd like to share with the dev team, and the world! Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Anything submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



Goldgrass Steppe Little civilization is to be found in this region, with only the odd mining town standing out in the vast stretch of dry scrubland, connected by decrepit and poorly-maintained roads. The only thing to break up this arid landscape are traitorous rocky outcroppings, serving as natural defensive positions in this otherwise open expanse. This relative lack of natural cover has made the terrain well suited to mechanized engagements, but clever infantry might make use of tall grass for concealment.

by: filth smell

Amazing artwork. Could easily be used as a wallpaper!


Foxhole Ball Art, by: Foolz

Would love to see this developed into a full comic!


Painted Miniatures, by: Cmdr.Friendly_Engi

Painting miniatures is no easy task. Can't wait to see the finished model!


Flamethrower Concept, by: Padfoot

Burn, baby burn!


Tank Shells, by: PhantomRU

This is a perfect depiction of me whenever my tank shells finish their production run in the workshop.


Clan Flags, by: Foolz

Foolz has been offering his creative services for free to anyone on the discord for a few weeks now. Check out some of his excellent new work!


Logi Ride with Kat, by: Kattano

Beautiful art, portraying those peaceful, precious moments right before a squad of enemies jumps out from under a bush and makes you spill your coffee all over your freshly pressed pants. Savages.


I'm back with designing guns again =P This time with a Carbine: the SAHR-4 (Semi-Automatic Hinge Rifle type 4) !

Because of my fight with the bolt on my Rifle design (see my 3dwarehouse link), I've desided to throw away the usual rifle design and made a new bolt inspired by the Luger P08. *You may think "but thats a pistol, that'll never work on a rifle", but this is an alternative universe, here they found a way to make it work.

SAHR-4 7.62mm Carbine, by: Turtleandrabbit

Click here or on the images to see the 3d model he made. Incredible work! The dev team loved to see this one.


Warden Navy Logo, by: Walerion

You can't have a navy without a wicked flag to fly over it!


Community-Hosted Events

Click here for lapshazavr's stream!

Full video by: The Foxhole Russian Community.

The Russian Community's Clan Wars

A community of Russian players got together to put together one of the first-ever Russian-speaker clan wars! It was a 4-hour clan-only match on Fisherman's Row that lasted 4 hours. Here's a complete video showing the whole event!


Full video by: Sunchips

The Great HE Crusade

This was a great little mini-game concept devised by Sunchips in which two teams, with FOBs only a stone's throw apart, rushed each other with only their fists, and a handful of HE grenades. The first team to kill the enemy team's FOB wins!


Click here for their discord server!

Foxhole Community Bootcamp

This regular event provides players with a platform to learn from veteran players, and even host their own training classes! This week they ran a course on advanced artillery but they host them every week, so check them out!



Special Forces Escapades 5 | Shot by: Edward L

Riding around in APCs, killing logistics. Doesn't get much better than this.

Special Forces - "The Team's Swagger" | by: Edward L

Just in case there wasn't enough shenanigans in the first video!


A Desperate Dash | by: I_Saw_A_Bear

Surrounded, outmanned, and on the brink of defeat... I Saw A Bear makes a break for home!


When Morale Runs Dry | by: Envy

A wolf in sheep's clothing!


Warden Radio Art, by Forgotten_Memo

And here are the map images these structures created!


My P.O.W. Story, by: Sunchips

A hilarious video by Sunchips, depicting his many (unsuccessful) escape attempts.


53 Colonial Halftracks, by: PhantomRU

Needs no other explanation. Its a crazy amount of halftracks!


Howitzer barrage, by: PhantomRU

I can't tell you how much I appreciated the subtitles in this one!


The Guy Who Drowns in Saving Private Ryan, by: I_Saw_A_Bear

Apparently this Bear can't swim


Counter-strike + Angry Birds = Foxhole, by: by 500XaTkA

Someone make this a mini-game...




We're not safe until he's dead

He'll come stalking us at night

Set to sacrifice our B-mats to his monstrous appetite

He'll wreak havoc on our town hall if we let him wander free.

So it's time to take some action, boys

It's time to follow me

Through the mist, through the woods

Through the darkness and the shadows

It's a nightmare, but it's one exciting ride

Make a commend, then we're there

At the gates of a manufacture

And there's something truly terrible inside

It's a QM!

He's got fangs, razor sharp ones

Massive paws, killer claws for the feast

Hear him roar

See him foam

But we're not coming home 'til he's dead

Good and dead

Kill the QM!

Fix your bayonet

Mount your bikes

Screw your courage to the sticking place

There's a QM running wild, there's no question

But I fear there are colonials in the mist

Sally forth

Tally ho

Grab your gun

Grab your mag

Praise the Devs

And here we go!

We don't like what ain't workin'

And this QM is mysterious at least

Bring your guns

Bring your knives

Save your ammo and your wives

We'll save our B-mats and our lives

We'll kill the QM!

Hearts ablaze banners high

We go marching into battle

Unafraid although the danger's just increased

Raise the flag sing the song

Here we come, we're fifty strong

And fifty Frenchmen can't be wrong

Let's kill the QM!

Kill the Beast!

Kill the QM!

[read QM as ku-em, not the full quartermaster]

Sang to the tune of Kill the Beast from Disney's Beauty and the Beast

'Kill The QM!' by: Konrod

I'm not usually a fan of this QM argument that always seems to happen, but these lyrics are so well executed I went and listened to the whole Beauty and the Beast archive immediately after.


Cool Stuff!

Artillery Triangulation Calculator, by: Guizmo

Click here, or on the image. Ever had troubles directing fire from a forward observation position? Give this a try. Super simple, and it works!


Screenshots from the front, by: America

I love screenshots like this. Really captures the detail done by our artists--details that might have otherwise been overlooked.


Screenshots from the front, by Icanari

I don't know, I think these guys might be in some trouble! - Cpt. Obvious.


Colonial Bomber from BomberCrew, by: Lercas

Well it wasn't fair that the Wardens got one and the Colonials didn't! Thanks Lercas!


Warden Cosplay, by: Kutaisi_Pilot

Amazing cosplay! That's some incredible attention to detail. Im not sure I could express how ecstatic the team was to see that their digital art had found its way into the real world... Thank you!


Playing Cards, by: Sunchips

Playing Cards, by: Thot Destroyer

Playing Cards, by: FjRin

A mixed bag of nuts when it comes to playing cards. Looks like these guys had fun.


Wanted poster, by Padfoot

Somebody kill this yella-bellied son of a gun.


Propoganda Posters

Gender-Specific Soldier Supplies, by: 500XaTka

Well we couldn't expect our fine ladies to fight a war in practical clothing, now could we?


Logistics Poster, by: Patchouli

Seize the means of production!


82DK Artillery Poster, by: DerFloh111 (Klaus)

Another great one from 82DK. I'm not sure these community highlights would be the same without them!

11th propoganda poster, by: Spooky_Boogies & Akiira

Beautiful. Lots of content from 11th this week. Awesome work.


Well this was a blast!

Thank you everyone for your contributions. I hope I got everyone... there were so many submissions it was difficult to find them all. If I missed one, please direct-message me in discord, or post it on reddit, or post it on the stream forums and let me know. I'll do my best to include it in the next one.

Until next time!


My only regret is that I have but one meme to give.


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