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Community Highlights 29

Hello fellow Soldiers!

I am back with another batch of amazing content created by our community. The level of creativity and skill on display this time is through the roof! Let's take a look!

Just remember that there was so much content this time around, there's a good chance I missed some amazing things out there. If you would like to submit something for the next Community Highlights post, please just PM me (HB) on Discord and it will be considered for the next post. Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Sunday, October 15, 2017. Any content submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



APC painting by Turboslav


Warden #river_boat proposal for the #Foxhole game.

Equiped with an #100mm #artillery in its frontal turret, its able to bombard enemy defences on riverbeds and coast, as well as destroy enemy barges and harbors. The gun fires up to 100 meters far with decent accurency and a fire rate of 12 shells per minute over an 200 degree frontal arc. For defences, a HMG is installed in the rear on a stationary pod and gun shield. Its also able to withstand enemy small arm fire with its 15-30 mm armor and its low siloutte makes it hard for beach guns to hit the ship. The small size of the ship combined with the armor makes it slow, making it hard to stalk barges, but allows quite accurate fire while moving. Also the low siloutte has its cost; the ship lays deep in the water and wont stand the rough sea waves. The ship will be manned by a crew of 4: the captain and steerman; the main gun commander, who can spot enemies up to 125 meters far away; The main gunner, who rotates the turret, sets the firing distance and fires the gun (he has poor vision); and a mechanic who repairs the boat as well as mans the rear machine gun for cover fire or defence against aircraft.

Warden River Boat by TurtleAndRabbit

source: here


Triumphant Colonial Grasping Assorted Grenades by PhantomRU


Colonial Armored Car fan art by kirshak


Stolen Halftrack || Why I don't use radios

Trapped (Australian problems) || War does not determine who is right, but who is smart comics by Andrew



FGZ_concept Armored car concepts by Konrod


Colonial Shrug by Près de l'oiseau


RCL photos by Lord of Insanity


Funny Videos

Stalemate at Farranac! | Fox Front Newsreels by CaptainInArms


Defence of Castle Clapfoot (Ft. shotguns) by Sethfire


Close Your Gates by Qloos1


How to not stockpile Tanks by Smokeage (via Nik)


The Worst Team Kill - Farranac Coast by ConnMovieMakers


The Foxhole Competition League in a Nutshell by Sethfire


War Stories

RCL March

Army strong, filled with Ire

For our blasted Warden foe

Born from ashes, we fight with fire

Forward to victory we go


Legion brave, and legion many

We raise our mighty sword

One goal, to kill the enemy

Mark my dying word


Rifle, hammer, or bare hand

We march forward to the land

That belongs to the Empire, right and true

If so needed we’ll go right through you.


Marching (x2)

Marching on


We are (x2)

We are the legion. song by Kixx


A war story from NNF by Forgotten memo


Assault on Tuatha

Field Story

by Marv Singer

At Saltbrook Channel, that is has been taken over by the Colonials. A supply truck dropped off materials, fuel, engineers,tank shells, and the commander of the 242nd Armor Division. Commander Singer and engineers pull out the light tank blueprints they finally received and started construction on a squad of light tanks.Given that they can only make light tanks until the boys back in safer territory come up with designs for better tanks. After the tide turned at North Star and the Legion stormed through Brackish and Vulpine, surrounding the island. The tanks were given the green light as Colonial High Command did not know if it was worth it to send resources to make them during this battle. Seeing as the Legion made the battle in their favour, the tanks were to give the grunts a rest.

It took around thirty minutes for them to make three H5 Hatchet tanks.In the Commander’s eyes and mind, she thought the Hatchet was one of the best tanks the Colonials have fielded. Since the H5 is the newest tank and everything else is out dated. Besides that, the tanks were filled with fuel, shells were dispersed between the three tanks. When the third one was finished, two tanks were moved to the front. Greta in the lead tank and driving it towards Tuatha. The two cross the bridge at Dearg’s Fang and stop at the Colonial FOB that is just outside of Tuatha. Northwest of it. Colonials and Wardens are in a fierce firefight. With the Warden’s backs to the wall and running low on supplies, Many of them bayonet charged their way out of the front gate to capture weapons and ammo from the Legion. Heavy fortifications lined the walls protecting the town. Even with the lack of supplies, the Wardens did not show any sign of breaking. The Legion’s 30th and 41st Infantry Battalions did lack the initiative to break the Warden line. Until the armor came.

Volunteers came to the two tanks and became their gunners and spotters. The first objective was to break the defenses and get inside the wall as usual. Gate defenses were the first to fall when the tanks arrived at the line. Greta constantly had the tank move forward and reverse to minimize the damage from Wardens charging with High Explosive Grenades. Five minutes into the battle, the second tank moved forward and an anti tank cannon took out the tank in two hits. Taken by surprise, Greta made her tank go in reverse and decided to clear out the west side of the wall for the infantry.

Gun nests, and a bunker kept a good portion of the infantry pinned. One gun nest at a time, it gave the infantry time to recover and consolidate behind the tank and make field repairs while it focused on the bunker wall. With one side clear, Infantry started using the gap as a point of access. Driving to the open gate, the spotter had the gunner open fire on nests and AT guns in the middle of the road. The Wardens tried to recover and build more further up. The spotter called out that another AT gun was being built and the gunner could not see it. So Greta did a ballsy move and charged her tank down the road to the build site. Stopping close to the infantry, the gunner finally saw it and fired the main gun. Destroying the build site. Retreating for repair from HE and getting more ammo. Finding out that the tank shells have not reached the FOB yet. Waiting for the shells, the crew discusses about using the tank as a shield dedicated shield. The gunner and spotter shrug and agree to it. When they are about to move, a soldier comes up to the tank with four shells that was recovered from the other tank. With the limited ammo, the infantry start advancing again when Greta has the tank move up.

To keep both flanks clear, the infantry blindly charge ahead of the tank as the spotter is trying to shout at them to stop moving and use the tank as cover. The gunner debates between shooting the garrison building or the gun nests. He is ordered to focus on the garrison building as the infantry use the tank to deal with the gun nests. Since the gun nests are distracted with them, the infantry lob HE grenades over the tank and passed it to hit the gun nest. The fourth shot and an HE grenade thrown into the garrison destroyed it and most of the defenses were destroyed by the foot soldiers. With the quick work of the outer defenses, the Infantry grow brave and their morale improved. The Legion flooded through the gates and openings in the wall. The tank started to move into the city to provide cover from garrisons and gun nests. Less than thirty seconds into the city, a will hidden AT gun disables the tank. The crew members eject from the tank and the AT guns shoots another round and destroys it. The Gunner was torn up from machine gun fire, the spotter was grazed and Greta was stunned and treated for injuries from shrapnel entering the tank.

Even though the tank was destroyed an hour after it exited the factory, Greta returned to Saltbrook by foot to get the third tank that never went to the frontline. Long behold, when she got there, it was missing.

“Where the hell did it go?!” she called out.

No one knew where it went.


War Footage

The first Weekly War Games! by ATGolden


Foxhole, a night out with the RCL by Lord of insanity


Special Force Escapades 4 by Edward L




Foxhole: Quick Blitz by Marina [JudeWeeb]


Foxhole | Scottish March! by cobyceltic


Interesting things

New map [Work in Progress] by Konrod

Blue - Military Buildings [Old City Walls]

Dark Red - Old Civilian Buildings

-White - TH

-Orange - SS

Gray - Industrial Buildings

-Dark Gray - WF

-Light Graw - Workshop

Yellow Diamond - Sulfur Node

District Names:

1 - Sea

2 - Fiher's Village

3 - the Blue Forest

4 - Cornestone

5 - Zypel

6 - Northern Market

7 - Old City

8 - Eastern Suburbs

9 - Fabrikia

10 - Southern Dock

11 - the Ivy Fields

12 - No Man's Dump

13 - the Gallows

14 - Koleyar

15 - Oval Sands

16 - Barler's Village

17 - Mlynarcek

18 - Crop Fields

garrisoned apartment for Derve urban map


Basic Training Session 10/14 Promo | FCBC by CaptainInArms

Third class of FCBC group photo by fiqrie28

Foxhole Community Bootcamp logo by Bandage Boy


Poster_FOXHOLE _[WIP] by Pawlick


fabrication by Konrod


Stop The Warden Brutes by Padfoot


Warden Propaganda by Warden officer


RCL propoganda poster by Kixx


RCL poster by TurtleAndRabbit


goldgrass [WIP] by filth smell


wardatar - Warden fennec by Konrod


Update & Tutorial Videos

Autumn Update & Damage States - Foxhole (Update 0.5) by I Saw a Bear


Funny Stuff

Why cant we be friends by SunChips


meme by Bluey


AttanoArmy by Timberwolf


How to establish a good beach head by Twildion


The revelations of HB to the Prophet whiskers upon exile by Greek flamer also **** [or Whiskers]

This following transcript was revealed upon Prophet whiskers in exile. Prophet whiskers is the first man who HB has revealed himself to, and has tasked him with the difficult deed of spreading HBism to the corners of the internet.

Think of him whenever you think of making HB memes about the religion, ungrateful *****.

1 And seeing the multitudes, whiskers went into exile: and when he was set, Adam came unto him:

2 And he opened his mouth, and taught him, saying,

3 Blessed are the poor in materials: for theirs is the Foxhole-Main

4 Blessed are they that get griefed: for they shall be comforted.

5 Blessed are the resistant: for they shall inherit the Foxhole-Main.

6 Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be satisfied by you, Prophet.

7 Blessed are the teamplayers: for they shall obtain mercy.

8 Blessed are the pure in memes: for they shall see HB.

9 Blessed are the righteous: for they shall be called the children of HB.


Original source: here


godly by SunChips


HB signing out!

Such a wonderful compilation. I'm also so glad to see this new influx of players and fantastic art! See you all in two weeks!


"Attano, but a dev God" by Attano


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