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Community Highlights 26

Hi there, Soldiers!

PAX was fantastic! Thank you so much for those that took the time to hang out with us or stop by to say hello. I had a blast and cannot wait for a next opportunity to see you guys again. Because of PAX, this Community highlights is slightly delayed. Yeah.... sorry about that.

PAX West 2017

So without further ado, let's check out the best content that what was made by you guys these past two weeks!

Just remember that there was so much content this time around, there's a good chance I missed some amazing things out there. If you would like to submit something for the next Community Highlights post, please just PM me (HB) on Discord and it will be considered for the next post. Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted up until Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Any content submitted after this date will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!



Colonial Woman by Kim


Colonial medium Tank - WIP5 longer version bigger turret by SirGraveson


Synthwave Foxhole Logo by ApertureAwesome


flamethrower by Ariexe


comic by Bubbadeej


drawing by Morocco


for you by Vodka Corpsman


Foxhole Wardens Test Poster by Kyos


lowpoly Colonial by Freddy


Treaded wheelbarrow by troots


Colonial Helmet Designs by Lercas


Funny Videos

10CCE Logistics recalls their encounter with [PUG] Nedsvart by Sethfire




Foxhole Competition League - What Happens when 80 Foxhole Players wait for FCL servers to go up by Sethfire


UBGE's Deja Vu' DORIFTO on Foxhole by Marco_O_Panzer


FOX jump by Bud


FCL 10CCE vs 501st/NNF - Suicide Squad by Sethfire


NNF Underwater Mission by ATGolden


Foxhole Shenanigans by Rice


Foxhole - Fight Club by DruttTV


We took a prisoner, 10 people got ran over, Best Game ever Foxhole! by Rabid Honeybear


War Stories

Destruction of Black Well by Carefulrogue an FCL Story

The battle at Eidolo had mostly stalled. PUG was bunkering down to prepare for what was expected to be a mortar strike against the townhall. Soldier supplies were running low. Bodies littered the streets. Explosives--anti-infantry and HE--went off at a rate that would be considered steady by anyone else, but known as sporadic to the sides fighting.

EDGE was preparing for the last fight. Minutes remained on the clock. Logistics had been abandoned by both sides, although PUG still had Mladyleander working to bring supplies in the case we had a last ditch fight over in the rebuilding of the town hall.

The one order that stuck out, was "don't die." Summed up the SS situation nicely. It was at that point though, that two members of PUG got an idea. The town hall at Black Well wasn't well defended enough. And with everyone making a beeline towards Eidolo, it was possible to sneak in without running the risk of dying.

Not that I knew any of that. Ballistic_dummy used the ingame voice comms to ask for me to follow. I did. with a few HEs, and a rifle, we walked to Black Well. Walking up and over the mountain to the NE of Eidolo, evading the defenses placed near the base. Nothing was seen, until we started up Liberty Hill. A single Warden, running back to the front line. A telltale sign of dwindling SS. Or just accidentally pressing the wrong button.

Ballistic apparently had already scouted out the path into the townhall. We marched into town, our biggest concern other players. If any member of EDGE had the chance to shoot us, and kill either of us, then it would be the end of our adventure.

All clear.

Rushing up to the town hall, I distanced myself, and waited while Ballistic placed the first satchel. StrangerDays spawned next to him, but the sight of two PUGs left him surprised for long enough for me to kill him. The first satchel went off. 1/3 the way there.

Ballistic moved in to place the second satchel, and was almost done, when the second player spawned in. Ballistic finished placing the satchel, and then booked it out. The Warden was killed with the explosion. 2/3s of the way there.

At this point, Ballistic and I reached a problem. We didn't have enough explosives left over. I had three HEs, but that was it. I threw them on anyway. 2/3 +3HE, so... still up.

It was then though, that Nedsvart came out from behind a corner. Smiles cracked open on our faces. Ned placed the final satchel, and so destroyed the town hall at Black Well. Combat comms stopped discussing/shouting about the possibly impending doom of EDGE, to asking how the hell we took out Black Well.

We just thanked the Field Marshal.


War Footage

Foxhole attack by Revy106


Fight until The Bitter End !!!! by Lag


Memories from the front [& Funny moments] DE/EN by Jobas Gaming


Foxhole Fun with [H]oi_Recoil and friends by [H]oi_ReCoiL




Epic Last Stand by Revy106


FCL - The Massacre of the 501st/NNF by KrazyFlyiChicken


The Last Samurai by Crushfield


DBH Plays... Foxhole! Welcome to War! by DiveBuddyHess


Interesting things

Top 5 Weapons Needed in Foxhole by ConnMovieMakers


The Community stream continues on!


A very interesting discussion on the role of logistics and QuarterMasters by Vipers13 Ever since the alpha release of foxhole, it seems like logistics has become an absolutely mess, especially with the player made concept quartermaster. To me, a QM is a pointless middleman between logi truck drivers and their orders. It also gives that player a grandiose sense of importance that somehow everything logi related needs to go through them. For using "their" armories or simply disagreeing with a QM, you will be repeatedly reprimanded and vote kicked. Players often respond that "We NEED a QM or we'll lose!" I'm here to say otherwise. Logistics is not "supplying the front line." Logistics is being able to efficiently supply the front line using the minimal amount of manpower and time. In the current state, there are typically 20+ people at any given time doing logistics for a 70 man team, with all orders and needs flowing from a QM, including medical and soldier supplies. There is 1 person per scrap/component node and many truck drivers. Scrap takes 2 minutes 15 seconds to start spawning after you clear a field. Components take 3 minutes 15 seconds. This is plenty of time for 1 person with a vehicle to mine between 2 resource nodes. There will be a few scrap nodes that have already spawned depending on the distance but it is still extremely efficient. [continues...] source: reddit post here


Pictures after UCL had won by alien (MP)

FCL UBGE v 82DK match end by Marco_O_Panzer


PUG Strategy - FCL Tournament Match 2 by KrazyFlyinChicken


Update & Tutorial Videos

Foxhole tutorial series by Pythos

playlist can be found here


Devblog 28 - Read Thru and Discussions by ConnMovieMakers


Early Access: Foxhole (Gameplay) by BigfryTV


AT Mines & Bleed Slowing - Foxhole (Update 0.3) by I Saw a Bear


Funny Stuff

Boaty McBoatface by Sir


Standard Issue Colonial Rifle by Clockwise


plans by Sethfire


We're better by Vodka Corpsman


terminator vision by 万文奂 (wanwenhuan)


HB Over!

Once again, thanks for all you that kept producing awesome stuff during this PAX Week and sorry for the delay! Keep on fighting!

Cheers! "Do not anger the fat-B"

HB meme collab by a bunch of people


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