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Community Highlights 20

Hey everyone! How was your first taste of the new World Conquest mode? Judging by some of the fun content created, I'd say it was not too bad! Let's take a look!

Due to the high volume of creations, I have to curate the content displayed here. So if for some reason your creation was not included, and you would like to have it in the next post, please PM me on Discord and it will be considered for the next post. Content considered for this Community Highlights was submitted until Friday, May 12, 2017. Any content submitted after this date will be considered for the next one.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Automatic Rifle (WIP) by AceF


flamethrower by KonSume


Get'em Boys! Propaganda poster [WIP] by Tycoh


Funny Videos

One man army by Sethfire


Foxhole charge | foxhole funny gameplay | Foxhole ep 3 2017 by Rippleleadz


A Day In The Life Of A Foxhole Pre-Alpha Player by Flake


Highlights of day 1 of World Conquest by Queen


Foxhole Pre alpha Festival by Jessica JSK


War Stories

The True Story of Vulpine Ridge

by KrazyFlyinChicken

Leander's Sledgehammer

Staring: Urgh, MladyLeander, MyHaven, DarkCookie, Denis, KFC

Someone had stolen Leander’s sledgehammer, and her pistol was loaded. She pointed it at Denis, finger trembling on the trigger.

“It was you. Wasn’t it.”

It didn’t matter what his answer was. It didn’t even matter that here--trapped on the frozen mountaintop above Vulpine ledge and surrounded on all sides by buzzing Warden activity—we couldn’t even use the sledge. The nearest scrap node was at the bottom of the blood-slick slope.

“I just died. You saw me. How could I have it?”

“It’s true,” I said. “I put all his stuff in that box. It wasn’t there.”

The only other person trapped with us on that hilltop was DarkCookie. He was posted on a rock nearby, watching the road up. He could hear us chatting, but he said nothing. Nothing at all. But then, he was very, very tired.

“DarkCookie?” Leander crossed over to him.

DarkCookie was the only one among us who wasn’t a part of PUG. Denis, Leander, and I had fought together in countless wars. We knew each other well enough not to get between Leander and her lust for scrapping. DarkCookie on the other hand…


“You do have it! How could you?”

Denis snapped off a few rounds at the wardens down the hill. They were cowering behind a rock at the bottom, unable, or unwilling, to push for the umpteenth time.

DarkCookie made a run for it. He ducked behind the refinery, but she was faster. All she was carrying was a pistol and hammer. DarkCookie was carrying… more.

“I don’t!”

“Better give it up, DarkCookie! She’ll kill you,” I said.

We couldn’t afford the tomfoolery though, and she knew it. We were down to our last ten soldier-supplies. Ten more deaths is all it would take, and we’d lose the refinery. Ten small mistakes from any one of the four of us and Vulpine Ridge would be lost, maybe permanently.

We just needed to hold out until help arrived.

Our Field Commander—Urgh--had promised us, several times, that a force was on the way to liberate us, but every time help got close, something more pressing had come up and he’d hop back into our channel to tell us how fucked we were. And the last time he’d said that was almost two hours ago, so we needed to make those ten soldier supplies last.

“I didn’t take it!” he cried.

It sounded sincere, and it was clear by the quickening rhythm of Denis’ rifle shots that the time for joking was over.

Once again we took up our firing positions, determined to hold out despite this sinking feeling that our already-dire situation was becoming hopeless. Until a solitary voice lit up our discord.

“I’m coming,” he said over comms.

I quickly checked to see who had said it. A commander, maybe. A hero.

It was MyHaven.

“How many guys you got with you?”

“Just me. I’ve got grenades. I’ve got soldier supplies. I’m coming.”

It wasn’t a glimmer of hope I felt. It wasn’t gratitude. It was the warm touch of my palm on my face.

The town below the ridge was swarming with Wardens. We lost count of the trucks rolling in to resupply the town hall. Gas grenades, mortar shells, RPGs. Everything was being piled in for one final attack on our position. It was over, and our only chance was a single soldier with a handful of grenades and a fool’s hope to break through to our position.

But we made it a glorious battle. We held those rocks and made the wardens pay for every step up that icy slope. Our limited supplies were dwindling. DarkCookie and Denis—being in the European timezone—succumbed to the sweet caress of sleep. It was down to me and Leander now, and only two remaining soldier supplies. One each.

Both of us stood behind the gate, the last obstacle before the Wardens could finally reclaim their refinery. The grenades and RPGs blasted the front. I had a half-loaded rifle and no magazines because I didn’t want to risk a run to the FOB. The door would fall any second, and we only had two soldier supplies anyways. It wasn’t like we were going to hold.

But then the explosions stopped.

The door opened.

And—after nearly four hours of fighting waves of wardens--stumbling up the hill all shiny and chrome, came MyHaven, surrounded by our Colonial brothers-in-arms. The help we were long promised had finally arrived. There was much rejoicing and the taking of screenshots to share with our fallen European friends who would undoubtedly disbelieve our harrowing tale. It was the perfect, storybook ending.

Except that Leander’s sledgehammer was never found.

source: here


World Conquest UN Report

by Lightning

Colonials Storm Warden Lands

Colonials Overrun Warden Territories

PUG Reporter, Lightning Reporting. 09/05/17

Note: This is all based off of UN reports made by UN members and Officials and can not be taken as one hundred percent accurate.

Today, Colonials have overrun the majority of Warden contested territory in an almighty clash of factions.

Many casualties were sustained during the course of this war, totaling at 36,461 known casualties of the war, 19042 Colonial and 17419 being Warden.

11:40am, EDT

Deadlands is highly active, 10CCE and random forces of Colonials have taken Brine Glen, Liberation Point and The Salt Farms.

Wardens, including 82DK and other, more organised random forces have taken, Irons End, Callahan’s Boot, Callahan’s Belt The Spine and Abandoned Ward. During this main fighting, roughly 24 Colonials, believed to be PUG moved along the borders of the region, traveling to Endless Shore and swiftly taking out the Northern side of Salt Brook Channel and fortifying an FOB at The North Star.

Meanwhile Upper Heartlands is being lightly fortified by BLD and attacked by EDGE, little happens until later into the war.

Umbral Wildwood has heavy Colonial presence, including the 42DR and factions under the CCA.

13:12pm, EDT Time

Brackish Point is taken by Colonials on Endless Shore, opening it up to other forces to coordinate. Around twenty minutes after fortification are up and a seven man squad makes a move towards Vulpine Ledge.

14:06pm ,EDT

EDGE Makes a large push into Upper Heartlands, BruteFarce is quoted saying “Very low co-ordination on our team. High co-ordination on enemy team.” in this region.

Three minutes after this report EDGE bombarded Foundation and had taken it.

Great Barrony Ranch is then taken by EDGE around half an hour later.

Around 4:00pm, EDT

Vulpine Ledge is taken and fortified by PUG, attacks come rapidly from random forces that are highly coordinated.

4:03pm, EDT

EDGE Begins taken towns on Upper Heartlands at a reasonable rate, now taking a third town.

7:04pm, EDT

Enemy is now gaining ground in Vulpine Ledge, North Star, Brackish Point and Northern Salt Brook Channel are still holding without major contestation.


Source and full report here.


A day of the Logi Player by mrblargedy

It was a day like any other I was mining away, in my scrapyard, mining my life away, until I finally filled my truck. Then it began, the delivery began, I started going all the way Spine from Boot, A true long drive. Franticly worrying that I might run out of the gas on the way, but luckily I did have enough to get there + get to the nearest fuel depo. So in the spine, I finally put in an order for those mortars, then i drove to irons end and abandoned ward, to que up those 80 After that, I had to go back to boot, since the men might have gotten enough scrap, to refill the truck, on the arrival, my dream was true, they had filled a box, a truly magnificent pile of scrap, now filled my truck. After that i went back to spine, seeing the mortars, finished, I managed to put in another order, this time 100% filled with shells, for the bombing glory. Then the finishing part, I drove all the way to salt farms, to finally deliver those shells, and the glory was there, but that was not enough, after putting in another order of shells and bringing them, i got yelled " umm... we need carbines" So I realizing the soldiers predicament, I hurried over to boot, as fast as i could, almost running over 3 people in my hurried state, for that scrap. Since I had the Goal, I need to make some Carbines. After grabbing the scrap, I once again, went all of the way to the Spine, picking up those shells, and putting the order in, for everyone’s favourite carbines, but seeing as i had excess time of 04:20 before the delivery was done, taking this chance I hurried over to irons end and abandoned ward, to get those, then heading back to Spine, remembering to check my fuel, since I had gone a long journey, But no worries, I still had half left. Now I could pick up the carbines, and ammo, with enough mats, to put in another order While I delivered.

After which i safely delivered the great delivery of, 4 crates of shells, 2 crates of carbines and 2 crates of carbine ammo, with that, I had done it, I delivered the large quantity of carbines, and made sure they had the shells as well. After that i headed back, now finishing the main goal, and preparing the overstacking of carbines so they wouldn’t have to worry, able to look and think to myself, that for all this effort, I had been rewarded, by a singular commend. The end

source here.


Confessions of a Warden soldier

by Mr. Classified


War Footage

Armored Assault on Sun's Hollow by I Saw a Bear


Lag Plays: Last war sends off highlights by LAG


Interesting things

Seadee updated the map drawing tool to include a version of the World Conquest.

Very neat! check it out here


More in-game gifs!

by Queen


Modern Foxhole Wallpaper by Tavalok


interesting Foxhole pictures by Akiira


Update & Tutorial Videos

World Conquest & Garrison Buffs - Foxhole (Update by I Saw a Bear


How to Foxhole: Episode 3 - Engineering by LAG


MEDICAL Class guide

by John "Doc" Smith

  1. What are medics and what they do

  2. It might be obvious but our job as medics is to save lives by healing our comrades when they need, getting them back in their feet and into the fight once again thus saving supplies and the boring time of having to spawn and walk all the way back.

  3. Whatever your role will be in the war medical training will always be an important thing for everyone to have when performing medical duties

  4. Whether or not you enjoy combat or logistics more you must remember that if you want to be a good medic staying alive and helping the hurt comes first and the rest is left for the others

  5. Importance of staying alive

  6. Medics save lives, if you die many lives will be lost. Stay behind the frontline and avoid dangerous situations if possible. Stay alive!

  7. You are a medic first and a soldier second, leave fighting for your allies and focus on helping those in need. This does not mean that you can’t defend yourself when you are attacked and retreating is not an option.

  8. It doesn’t only apply to soldiers but to you as well, spread out! Grouped people are bigger targets, especially explosives and indirect fire like mortars and howitzers

  9. One medic per patient, others need your help and you will be a bigger target

  10. Know when it’s too risky to save someone, it’s not worth you dieing for one life when the others depend on you. If someone in needs your help but it will almost certainly get you killed it’s just not worth it

  11. If someone needs healing but is under fire let them come to you and heal them in a safer position

  12. In the battlefield and when treating your brothers in arms remember basic training and take advantage of crouch and prone positions to protect yourself from incoming fire but don’t forget that it takes time for you to stand up after going prone


Check out the full Medic guide here.



New Clans

A few more clans are join the battle!

A warm welcome to...

  • Greensteel PMC

  • 22nd Raptor Company

  • 4th Infantry Division

  • Wake Sails Community

  • 242nd Regiment

Once again, there are way too many new clans to describe them all in this blog post, so check them out on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.


A handful of suggestions like radio backpacks and urban maps are really well presented in this document.

[created by Lercas] source here.

HB signing out

I'll see you soldiers again in the merciless highlights battlefield in two weeks!

Until then, keep on creating!


A very accurate depiction of myself during World Conquest by Aliliel


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