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Community Highlights 2

We've had an explosion of community creations since we launched the Steam Combat Prototype, including more elaborate UI mockups, feature suggestions, guides, and videos/streams. It's been hard to keep track of it all! Here's some highlights of what you guys have been working on.

Feature Mockups from Katonawubs

Kataonawubs proposed two new features and included some pretty polished UI mockups to go along with them.

The first is a player management screen for squads and platoons. It shows how the player might use this to invite and kick players from hierarchical groups. This seems to expand upon MAKL3R's mockups from our last community highlights post.

The second proposed feature involves detailed character stats. This not only includes more in depth information about the character's service record, such as kills and deaths, but also introduces the idea of gameplay affecting skill points. In the proposed feature, skills are earned by leveling up, and grant advantages in the areas of strength, stamina, and engineering. These advantages are aimed at making characters feel more unique. You can read Katonawubs' detailed write up here.

Tales of Urgh

Foxhole player Urgh managed to find a way out of the combat prototype playable area and began exploring the outside world. He travelled around the entire world of Foxhole (as it exists now) and documented his journey in this very creative screenshot tour. You can follow Urgh's journey here.

The 55 infantry regiment

The first ever Steam community based guild for Foxhole has been created! You can join it here today!

spr1te's Outpost Fortress

"soon i will recreate castle wolfenstein" is what spr1te said after building this incredible Outpost fortification.

Guide Roundup

Following in the wake of Yahont's Combat Manual mentioned in our last post, several new amazing guides have been created by other players.

Youtube Roundup

Here are some of the best video streams that have been created for Foxhole over the last week.

Foxhole Steam Gameplay by MrSotko Gaming


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