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Community Highlights 17

Another fortnight has come and gone and with it I bring you tidings from the front-line! By tidings I obviously mean some sweet community highlights!

Due to the high volume of creations, I have to curate the content displayed here. So if for some reason your creation was not included, and you would like to have it in the next post, please PM me on Discord and it will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Warden Light Armored Car by Cannonmaster


de-colonization by DrunkRussianBear

Funny Videos

Truck rain by Nisqhog

Motor Massacre by Stalltt

Fan written creations

The longest running Foxhole fanfic continues!

The Quirky Company

by Janus

Chapter 07: The remains of the day

“P I’m the.. the truth. No more.” The prisoner pleaded in between breaths. He was barely conscious, courtesy of severe blood letting and one now-broken steel belt buckle. To say he was in poor condition would be an understatement.

“No words to describe that image.” Rice thought, his hand clutching the wound from earlier. Despite being given proper treatment after the battle was concluded, he still felt the faintest pain when he moved his fingers ever so slightly. Not the nicest feeling.

But it must have been nothing when compared to the mess of a man before him.

“I’m not buying it.” Noble told him seconds before landing a kick in his stomach, causing the prisoner to squirm some more.

“P..please.. mercy.”

“Mercy!” Noble bellowed, his frame turning around to see the soldiers under his employ. “You heard that boys?! He asks for mercy. What a fucking joker this one is, am I right?” He asked before turning around and kicking the man once again, causing his screams to fill the air. “Were your friends keen on showing us mercy while artillery ripped the convoy apart? Or were they showing us mercy when they gunned us down from behind the trees?” He grabbed the prisoner by the scalp and pulled backwards, startled green eyes meeting determined browns. “So tell me, filth. Why should we give you that which none of us received?”

“’r..e not.. animals.” The man mumbled out, his bloodied tongue throwing all sorts of bodily fluids around.

Noble chuckled in response. “You’re right. We’re not them. We fly the triangle, not the star.” He told him as he removed his revolver from the holster, much to everyone’s shock.

Just as he was about to pull the trigger, the nearby ground violently erupted, sending dirt in every possible direction and causing the floor to shift under the the men present. In but a moment’s time the previously organized remains of Warden forces began looking for something to hold on to. Rice included.

“What the fuck is going on?!” He heard one of the soldiers shout as he tried to evade being buried under the shifting ground.

“Secure the wounded! The wounded for fuck’s sake!

“The fucking world is ending! Every man for himself!”

“HB my lord please hear my prayers.”

The commotion hadn’t fazed the Commissar one bit. He stood like a pillar, one hand clutching the fatty, the other pointing the revolver at his stomach.

“Keep it together for fuck’s sake!” Noble rallied the men as best as he could, though it wasn’t doing much good. The people he had to command weren’t the bravest bunch around.

This small scale distraction kept going for some time, until finally halting with the collapse of one of the outpost’s walls.

“Everyone alright?” Rice shouted out.


“I’m alive!”

“Praise HB!”



Continuing to go at a strong pace, Project Landship comes back for a fourth chapter!

Project Landship

by Vader

Chapter 04

Jimbo was sitting in his office when Nick bashed through the door.

“Callensburg has been devastated” He breathed heavily.

“What!? What do you mean!?” Jimbo knew Nick would never use the word ‘devastated’ unless the situation warranted it.

Nick gasped and dragged himself to the chair,”Captain Denis has reported that almost all of his forces have been killed, he says that the Colonials used some type of massive vehicle.”

Jimbo thought for a moment,”That means that we are in potential to be attacked. Luckily the recruits have finished training and been shipped off, so there's just us and a few other officers here.”

However, the fact was that the area was also an important hub of transportation and supplies. It was also a crossroads where lots of areas connected to. If the Colonials took it over than the Wardens wouldn’t just lose training ground.

“Prepare defenses to be on high alert.” Jimbo's ordered,”We cannot let them take over this area.”

A day earlier…

Noble paced among the office, in a bad mood. Carmain, Whiskers, and the two 501st men had already arrived, now he just had to wait for two more.

He wasn't confident though. He didn't believe that 6 people could break out someone from a heavily guarded Colonial prison. He was trained to think in the normal combat mentality, not an infiltration one. He continued walking aggravated, then came to a decision. He sat down at his desk and made a few calls.

Ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring…

“Ughhhh, who the chuck is palling me?” A drunk, disgruntled voice on the other end muttered.

“Hello Bear, I see you've started drinking the last crate already.”

“Urgh, Navble, why the heell are you caying me?” Bear groaned and belched.

“Don't worry Bear, I just need you to do something.” Noble told Bear his proposal.

“Oh comeeee on I alreeddy sent Carmeen.” Bear belched again.

Noble played his trump card,“I'll get you another crate of beer if you do.”

Bear went silent,”Deal.”

Ring-ring-ring, ring-ring-ring…

“Hello?” A gruff voice answered.

“Alex? Where's Lightning?” Noble asked puzzled.

“Lord Lightning was killed in the last battle. Everyone's is bloody grieving right now,” He sighed,”What’dya want?”

“I need you to do me a favor…”



War Footage

Howitzers & Factories - Foxhole (Update 0.0.26) by I Saw A Bear

A Batalha de Callahan's Boot by Léo Freitas - UBGE

Brink of Oblivion WW#28 by KrazyFlyinChicken

Lag Plays Presents Foxhole end of the weekly war Deadlands by Lag Plays


PUG Operation Bike-Curious WW #27 by Urgh

Interesting things

Still being updated by Seadee, the interactive tactical map is still one of the most fantastic creations we've seen from the community. This time, Seadee made a little video tutorial to make it easier for anyone to start using this fantastic tool!

Interactive tactical map by Average Dad Gaming (Seadee)

Don't forget to check it out at


Mr. Dave is looking for submissions for his "Foxhole War Stories" series!

Send me Foxhole gameplay by Mr. Dave

Update & Tutorial Videos

Foxhole Review - ft mason and James by Colin Fagan

Devblog 18 discussion by ConnMovieMakers


This is a very high quality Field Artillery guide done by __S__I__R__. This detailed document is sure to help both green and seasoned soldiers. Check it out at the link bellow.

New Clans

A few more clans have formed these last 2 weeks.

Joining the fight we have...

  • 1st Wardens General Regiment

  • EDGE

  • 45th Regiment

  • 82nd Phoenix Rangers

  • Intelligence

Once again, there are way too many new clans to describe them all in this blog post, so go check them out on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.


Emplaced Mortar Idea by [42DR] Timberwolf

net camo by ATGolden

Upper Heartlands Feedback by KrazyFlyinChicken

Funny Things

Free photos! by DrunkRussianBear


Some fantastic fictional item updates for Foxhole by Aliliel


T-shirt designs by __S__i__r__


Wheelbarrow engineer by The Flying Dutchman

Wheelbarrow helmet by Aliliel


"when a random wants to steal your mats..." by [42DR] Wyvyrias

Warden motor Cavalcade by Stronk Communist ☭


The trench fighters of the dev-stream... by Aliliel

HB logging out!

So.... much.... content Must.... get... 0.0.26 out the door


The memes.... the memes never change....



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