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Community Highlights 16

Apologies for the late community highlights post. We've got another two weeks of amazing creations from you guys. Let's get right into it!

Due to the high volume of creations, I have to curate the content displayed here. So if for some reason your creation was not included, and you would like to have it in the next post, please PM me on Discord and it will be considered for the next post.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Warden Engineer cap by Tycoh

Bocage (Work in Progress) by Turboslav

by Yugos Qings

Funny Videos

Stallt goes AFK by Stalltt

Some form of Editing by [14th] Templar Warrior

Part 2 of Stalltt's War Journal! by Stalltt

Hidden locations on Umbral Wildwoods video by I Saw a Bear

Best way to suicide! by Lightning

WW #25 - Get back, Remlly! by Remlly

Fan written creations

With 3 chapters already released, [501st] Vader continues his work in this new piece

Project Landship

by Patrick

Chapter 01

“Sir, you need to hurry, at this rate our superiors our going to fry our asses if we don’t finish in time.”

“Sergeant, I have been desperately searching for people who could qualify for this mission. It has not been easy, partly because most of them have already been ordered to the FRONTLINE.”

“I know sir, Warden High Command has set a deadline of three days to finish assembling the team. If you haven't finished by then our careers will be in considerable danger.”

“I assure you Sergeant I’ll be ready. Just... give me some time.”

Callahan Training Camp

Private Rick laid in his bunk, tired from the final day of practice. He turned his head and saw the time. 5:30 AM. He sighed and got up from the bunk to go to the mess. The food there wasn’t that great. Beef, bread, and biscuits. He got his meal and sat down with his only friend, Penguin.

“Man, training was hell today.” Penguin grumbled.

“Well, it’s our last day, what did you expect?” Rick replied, munching a biscuit.

Easy for you to say.” Penguin grumbled. Rick was considerably stronger and in better physical shape than Penguin.

Rick sighed, Penguin could be irritating like sometimes been his childhood friend since first grade, which now seemed like 100 years ago.

“Well,” Rick started,”You ARE better in math than me.”

“And what does math have to do with war?” Penguin narrowed his eyes.

“You could...bore the enemy to death?” Rick smiled.

Penguin fumed.



The word of HBism continues to spread. We have now even the beginning of Act 2 of The Gospel of HB!

The Gospel of HB

by whiskers, NobleCode, Krishang

Chapter 3 : For the Grace of our Lord HB

221. Fight in the cause of HB, and know that HB is Spectating and Knowing.

222. Who is he who will offer HB a generous loan of commends, so He will multiply it for him manifold? HB receives and amplifies, and to Him you will be returned.

223. Have you not considered the notables of the Children of Matt after Remlly? When they said to a prophet of theirs, “Appoint a memer for us, and we will fight in the cause of HB.” He said, “Is it possible that, if meming was ordained for you, you would not meme?” They said, “Why would we not make memes in the cause of HB, when we were driven out of our discord server, along with our memes?” But when meming was ordained for them, they turned away, except for a few of them. But HB is aware of the griefers.

224. Their prophet said to them, “HB has appointed Ztarfox to be your memer.” They said, “How can he have authority over us, when we are more worthy of authority than he, and he was not given plenty of memes?” He said, “HB has chosen him over you, and has increased him in commends and Discord roles.” HB bestows His sovereignty upon whomever He wills. HB is Embracing and Knowing.

225. And their prophet said to them, “The proof of his memeship is that the tanks will be restored to you, bringing WIKING from your Lord, and relics left by the family of Remlly and the family of HauptmannFox. It will be carried by the Devs. In that is a sign for you, if you are wardens.”

226. When Ztarfox set out with the troops, he said, “HB will be testing you with a salvage field. Whoever salvages from it does not belong with me. But whoever does not salvage from it, does belong with me, except for whoever scoops up a little with his hammer.” But they salvaged from it, except for a few of them. Then, when he crossed it, he and those who believed with him, they said, “We have no strength to face KingBurns and his troops today.” But those who knew that they would meet HB said, “How many a small group has defeated a large group by HB’s will. HB is with the veterans.”

227. And when they confronted KingBurns and his troops, they said, “Our Lord, pour down patience on us, and strengthen our foothold, and support us against the Colonials.”

228. And they defeated them by HB’s leave, and Ztarfox killed KingBurns, and HB gave him sovereignty and wisdom, and taught him as He willed. Were it not for HB restraining the people, some by means of others, FoxholeMain would have gone to ruin. But HB is gracious towards foxholekind.

229. These are HB’s revelations, which We recite to you in truth. You are one of the veterans.

230. These veterans: We gave some advantage over others. To some of them HB spoke directly, and some He raised in moderator. We gave Lightning the clear banhammers, and We strengthened him with Caspar. Had HB willed, those who succeeded them would not have fought one another, after the clear signs had come to them; but they disputed; some of them believed, and some of them disbelieved. Had HB willed, they would not have fought one another; but HB does whatever He desires.


read the word of HB - Act 1 chapter 3 - The Gospel by whiskers, NobleCode, Krishang

War Action

WW#25 - "Street-by-Street" Battle for Foundry - PUG/Warden Perspective by KrazyFlyinChicken

Brazilian Foxhole video from UBGE by [UBGE] Léo Freitas

Raiding Supply Lines by Stalltt

WW #26 Clearing Dredgewood by I Saw a Bear

Lone Wolf by Moxiel


WW #26 on Able2 - War Report by Sethfire

Update & Tutorial Videos

Motorcycles & Stockpiles - Update 0.0.25 review by I Saw a Bear

Dondergod's handbook for clans video by Dondergod

Dev blog #17 discussion by ConnMovieMakers

New Clans

Many new clans have formed these last 2 weeks.

Joining the war effort we have...

  • The 12th Mechanized Infantry Regiment

  • The 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion

  • Callahan's Ravens

  • 8th Pathfinder Division

  • 14th Infantry Battalion

  • Man Down!

  • The NNF

  • Druga Brygada Zmechanizowana

  • 70th Assault Platoon

  • 99th Warden Multi-Role Battalion

  • Bad Company

  • Salt Industries

Once again, there are way too many new clans to describe them all in this blog post, so go check them out on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.


12th Mechanized Infantry Regiment Emblem by Aliliel

Propaganda for the 12th Mechanized Infantry Regiment by Aliliel

foxhole_recruitment_pic by [TRD]Redheathan

Twitch Streamers


Map markers suggestions by Kyleli


Also, take a look at this new event mode idea proposed by Lercas

Interesting things

In my last post, I talked about a really neat web-app Seadee was making. At the time, it was still heavily work in progress, but now it's completely functional and it's really cool!

This tool acts like a tactical white board, allowing you to draw over any map in Foxhole and share it with other players. Anyone with the link to the map will be able to see updates in real time!

This could prove to be a vital tool for visualizing and sharing strategies on the fly during a war!


Turboslav is in the process of creating audio tutorials for new players. We only have intros for now, but they are already looking like very promising alternatives to videos.

Listen to the Warden tutorial intro by Turboslav

Listen to the Colonial tutorial intro by Turboslav

Funny Things

Biker DLC Update by Aliliel

Organized Chaos by Goose

The Pink Truck by Aliliel

HB signing off!

Back to those animations for me now. Keep up the amazing work soldiers!


Memeception by.... everyone, really!


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