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Community Highlights 14

Oh boy! These past two weeks! So many new players, so much action from the community. This post is too small to showcase even half of the amazing stuff you guys have been working on. For the first time, we actually need to heavily curate the content here. Without further ado, let's get to it!

If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


by Turboslav

by Turboslav

by Turboslav

by Karpik (over Dami Lee)

by ProfessorCommunism

by The Flying Dutchman

Funny Videos

by Stalltt

by Stalltt

War Videos

by PhlyDaily

by TheDevildogGamer

by Léo Freitas - UBGE

by BaronVonGamez


by PhlyDaily

by xThorGoldx

by KrazyFlyinChicken

Update & Tutorial Video

by I Saw A Bear

by Harry Rousington

Spanish Tutorial by [PUG] Katyusha

New Clans

Several new clans have formed with the influx of new players.


Leader: MB

Affiliation: Neutral

"Welcome to the S.C.C. where you will be going in very hard intense training and work and will be directed under the Command Corp or me. We Focus on all aspects of the army from Medic to Recon and many other that are left out by other Clans. But we here in the S.C.C., we are a Corp and not a Clan and we fight together like friends, family, even brothers-in-arms. So join today and be enlisted as a Officer today! (New players will be given help too no matter what)"


Leader: Eltroz

Affiliation: Warden

"Utrinque paratus!!! (Latin for "READY FOR ANYTHING!!") Join the ranks of the elite Easy Company! We are a multi-role infantry company that is involved with all aspects of combat. We hold Raids, Assaults,Rear Echlon duties and more! We are looking for the best of the best! But we do still welcome new-comers to our glorious ranks!! Clan is open and you dont need an interview."

União Brasileira de Gamers pela Ética (Brazilian Union of Gamers for Ethics)

Leader: [UBGE] Léo Freitas

Affiliation: Neutral

"Junte-se ao primeiro núcleo brasileiro oficial de Foxhole! Nós jogamos realizando o trabalho em equipe e coordenação, executando desde tarefas de logística e construção quanto ataques coordenados. A UBGE é uma comunidade aberta, e não um clã. Jogamos vários outros jogos além de Foxhole, e sempre temos como foco a ajuda a novatos e a promoção do bom jogo e respeito. Sinta-se livre para entrar em nosso servidor de Discord e tirar dúvidas/jogar conosco!"


Leader: Skinwalker

Affiliation: Colonial

"Welcome to The Sixth Army Special Recon unit of the Colonials. We're a completely non-serious clan that occasionally plays for fun and larps as an LRRP unit while we waste resorces dying behind enemy lines. Requirements are a mic, or being able to function without one, and not sounding like you're 12 years old. Age requirement is "recommended 16". Brand new, so we are indeed recruiting. Message Skinwalker."


And an old clan that is back to the fight again:

82nd Death Korps Siege Regiment

Leader: -[82DK]-LCmdrM. DrunkRussianBear, -[82DK]-LCmdr. NobleCode

Affiliation: Warden

"We are semi-serious clan with weekly operations. The Death Korps are diverse with people from all over the world meaning no matter where you are you'll be welcome within our ranks. Our community is friendly and is willing to help. We will willingly take on anyone from new players who want to learn organised combat to an experienced player looking for a challenge."

Go check all of these and any of the older clans info on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.


by Timberwolf

by hyeLite

by Kyleli

by Lightning4231

by Timberwolf

Twitch Streamers

Also streamed Foxhole:


The Art of War Photos

Creating Dynamic Scenarios in Foxhole Organically by KrazyFlyinChicken

Pretty interesting read:


Lercas is back again, this time using his crafty camera tricks to generate some very intersting gifs.

by Lercas

by Lercas

You can find more of those amazing captures at:


Proposal for the Expansion of Intelligence Mechanics by [PUG] dukesalt



Here are four parts in the intelligence process, and how they directly relate to Foxhole:

  • Collection

  • Using a scout equipped with binoculars to assess enemy positions and defenses, and getting that information back to a leader

  • Analysis

  • Leaders use data collected by scouts to determine weaknesses and opportunities

  • Processing

  • Data is organized and conglomerated into dossiers for easy reference and access

  • Dissemination

Data is communicated to frontline troops and squad leaders for tactical planning, and/or to coalition leaders for strategic decision making

This seems complicated, but not only do I have some awesome ideas y’all are going to love that utilize every step, but this process is already being used by forces in the field

You can read the original text here.


Check out this really great mock up of how storage box carrying might work.

by Aliliel

Fan written creations

Project Landship

by Patrick

Chapter 1

“Sir, you need to hurry, at this rate our superiors our going to fry our asses if we don’t finish in time.”

“Sergeant, I have been desperately searching for people who could qualify for this mission. It has not been easy, partly because most of them have already been ordered to the FRONTLINE.”

“I know sir, Warden High Command has set a deadline of three days to finish assembling the team. If you haven't finished by then our careers will be in considerable danger.”

“I assure you Sergeant I’ll be ready. Just... give me some time.”

Callahan Training Camp

Private Rick laid in his bunk, tired from the final day of practice. He turned his head and saw the time. 5:30 AM. He sighed and got up from the bunk to go to the mess. The food there wasn’t that great. Beef, bread, and biscuits. He got his meal and sat down with his only friend, Penguin.

“Man, training was hell today.” Penguin grumbled.

“Well, it’s our last day, what did you expect?” Rick replied, munching a biscuit.

Easy for you to say.” Penguin grumbled. Rick was considerably stronger and in better physical shape than Penguin.

Rick sighed, Penguin could be irritating like sometimes been his childhood friend since first grade, which now seemed like 100 years ago.

“Well,” Rick started,”You ARE better in math than me.”

“And what does math have to do with war?” Penguin narrowed his eyes.

“You could...bore the enemy to death?” Rick smiled.

Penguin fumed.


Read the full chapter one HERE


The Quirky Company

by Janus

Chapter 5: Wrestling with dogs.

“AMBUSH!!” A loud scream echoed throughout the destroyed convoy, the man responsible for it quickly silenced by a bullet to the head.

It hadn’t been long until the other Colonials followed their trigger happy colleague. In less than a second a barrage of lead started taking lives of all Wardens who were unlucky enough to not hide behind cover in time.

Thankfully our hero was standing close enough to two veterans and a coward who knew what they were doing and saved his hide from being ravenously penetrated by not-so-sharp, but very fast pieces of metal propelled with a gas created using a mixture of sulfur, coal and potassium nitrate.

"Everybody down!" Denis shouted from the ruined jeep. He hadn't bothered to check for men, as he was too busy switching the pistol with his submachine gun and trying not to expose his meaty bits. It hurts when it hits the meaty bits.

"Holy shit!" Was the only thing Janus could shout before the bullet impacted his helmet, barely scratching the steel and knocking the piece of armor from his head. It left him shocked for a second, only to leave him extremely angry a while later. Why? Rice couldn't tell. Probably due to almost getting shot, but since it was Janus you couldn't really be sure.

"Rice, pass me a smoke!" Noble shouted to him, indicating at a grenade attached to the deceased mercenary's bandolier.

Without much of a thought put into the plan Rice's hand slowly closed in towards the canister, and when it seemed he almost got it his hand was forcefully thrown backwards!

"FUCK!" Rice shouted as he clutched his hand, the world slowing around and becoming dark, only his left limb standing out in the blur. His palm was pierced through and bleeding profusely. Dear HB it hurt more than getting kicked by an angered bull on his uncle's farm.

"Medic! Medic!!! We have a wounded here!" Denis shouted towards the hiding Wardens, hoping one of them may react. Thankfully there was no need to risk any more men since Janus started applying pressure to Rice's forearm, hoping to staunch the flow of the liquid of life.


Read the full chapter five HERE


One of the most surprising things (for myself, particularly) to come from the Foxhole community:

HBism (or the religious following of HB)

The Word of HB

by -[82DK]-LCmdr. NobleCode and [PUG] whiskers

Chapter 1 : In the name of HB

1. Praise,Commend, Meme.

2. This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guide for the righteous.

3. Those who believe in the unseen, and perform the praises, and give from what HB has provided for them.

4. And those who believe in what was revealed in the Devstream, and in what was revealed before the Devstream, and are certain of the Developers.

5. These are upon guidance from their Lord HB. These are the successful.

6. As for those who disbelieve—it is the same for them, whether you have warned them, or have not warned them—they do not believe.

7. HB has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and over their vision is a veil. They will have a severe torment.

8. Among the people are those who say, “We believe in HB and in the The Update Release,” but they are not believers.

9. They seek to deceive HB and the Wardens, but they deceive none but themselves, though they are not aware.

10. In their hearts is sickness, and HB has increased their sickness. They will have a painful punishment because of their denial.

[continues until #115]

Read the full Chapter One HERE

The Revelations of HB

by -[82DK]-LCmdr. NobleCode and [PUG] whiskers

Chapter 2 : A continuation of the Book of HBism

116. And they say, “HB has begotten a son.” Be He glorified. Rather, His is everything in the Creative Channel and Foxhole Main; all are obedient to Him.

117. Originator of the Development and the Discord Server. Whenever He decrees a thing, He says to it, “Be,” and it becomes.

118. Those who do not know say, “If only HB would speak to us, or a sign would come to us.” Thus said those who were before them. Their hearts are alike. We have made the signs clear for people who are certain.

119. We have sent you with the truth—bringing good news, and giving warnings. You will not be questioned about the inmates of the banlist.

120. The Mattists and the Kekists will not approve of you, unless you follow their creed. Say, “HB’s guidance is the guidance.” Should you follow their desires, after the knowledge that has come to you, you will have in HB neither guardian nor helper.

121. Those to whom We have given the Creative Channel follow it, as it ought to be followed—these believe in it. But as for those who reject it—these are the losers.

122. O Children of Matt! Remember My blessing which I bestowed upon you, and that I have favored you over all developers.

123. And beware of a Day when no account will avail another soul in any way, and no ransom will be accepted from it, and no intercession will benefit it, and they will not be helped.

124. And when his Lord tested Tassen with certain words, and he fulfilled them. He said, “I am making you a leader of Foxhole.” He said, “And my descendants?” He said, “My pledge does not include the Colonials.”

[continues until #220]

Read the full Chapter Two HERE


Some more neat statistical graphs from Nibby.

Graphs by Nibby

Funny Things

by Goose

by Aliliel

by LCmdrM. DrunkRussianBear

HB signing out!

This community highlights was crazy! There were so many creations it saddens me that I had to leave a lot of great content out.

Keep creating amazing stuff guys and thank you all so much for making this community such a great one!


1:12. "In fact, they are the troublemakers, but they are not aware."


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