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Community Highlights 13

A new week brings with it new goodies to show from all corners of our community! We got sketches, funny videos, math... we got it all!

If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!


Warden soldier by Rice

Warden futuristic soldier by DrunkRussianBear

Funny Videos

The truth behind [PUG] by [PUG] Lagger

Truck drifting in Foxhole by Bruno Vasconcelos

The art of Fist Fu by MaroccanGeneral

War Videos

Hunting Half-tracks at Solas Gateway by Remlly

Weekly War #19 - PUG/Warden Perspective by KrazyFlyinChicken

[Foxhole] 3# 고추보이즈 분대, 대규모전쟁 무료갓겜 | GOCHUCHAMCH by 고추참치

(I can't understand a single word of Korean, but the organization of the squad was impressive!)

Update & Tutorial Video

Classified Armour Doctrine [still unproven in combat] by KrazyFlyinChicken

Gun Turrets & Rocket Launchers - Foxhole Update 0.0.21 by I Saw a Bear

Learn 2 Play - Foxhole Tutorial v0 0 21 by KrazyFlyinChicken

New Clans

Two new clans have showed up to help our community flourish! Both are Colonial.

- RussianFox - is a Russian based clan under the leadership of {RF}LIGOTRINCO. They help newcomers settle in and do not use Discord to organize, preferring VK instead. You can join them by following this link here.

Another brand new Colonial clan, the Sapper Legion is focused on building. If you are a mature player that enjoys construction, you might find your place under the leadership of Vinegar. You can check them out here.

As usual, all the info on every active Foxhole clan, old or new, can be found on our #clan-recruitment channel on discord.

Twitch Streamers

With the influx players we got from PAX South, we also got ourselves a few more players streaming Foxhole. I decided it would be nice to mention them here, so all of our community can watch the next time they stream.

The Art of War

New strategies and ideas tend to organically surface during wars. Here are some ways that players have optimized their game.

Goose and Dukesalt created a new concept for item storage for the PUG logistic team.

truck campsite alternative by [PUG] Goose & [PUG] dukesalt

You can read more about their logistics doctrine in their very thorough presentation here.


The PUGs also declassified a lot of their past war strategies. You can find the full post by KrazyFlyinChicken on imgur, but some of the higlights are:

The "corner strategy" of the Weekly War #16

...and this beautiful strategic map PUG collaboration.


Sometimes, new ideas comes from evil geniuses, like these rooftop mines on enemy buildings (by ForeverSter)

rooftop mines by ForeverSter

New writer

xGugulu just joined the ranks of Foxhole fan-fic writers! Originally written in German, "The story without End" was translated to English by Rice. It's always nice to be able to read stories from such a diverse group of players.

The story without end

by xGugulu

"They just do not like themselves". With these words, Seagent Miller finished his report on two soldiers, who thought it a good idea to catch a fight during the appeal. He could well imagine that the two would certainly not be moved back to the front, it was the third conspicuousness of both of them. At the same time he regretted that the two had to go, they were good men, able soldiers but it did not help anything, at the latest in a week he would probably have to go without them. He sighed, got up, and handed the letter to a waiting postman. Headquarters of the Warden military: "Sir these are the reports of the last bouts, we have won the victory everywhere." The young officer handed the older man a stack of folders and notes. "And how many coffins did we carry home?" General Howard looked up from some others to the officer. He looked sad and overworked, he had not left the headquarters for almost a week. "Sir, I do not know. I'm sorry, sir, "the officer replied, his gaiety dwindling as fast as the color from his face. "All right, they are still young and can still look forward to every victory, as far as I'm concerned," Howard sat down, "I've seen a lot of battles and have read a lot more reports about them. Now they can go, they set up Miss Stacy I do not receive any more guests today, they can go home ". Shortly after the officer had left the office, Stan Howard struck up the reports he had brought with him, and began to compare his numbers with his list and to demand the necessary envelopes.

"GRANATA", the soldier was back in the ditch from which he had just climbed a few seconds before, behind him the grenade tore an unfortunate man who had not gone to cover in time. From the ditch, only moments later, another soldier, with a furious face, stopped briefly at the point where the grenade exploded and then ran screaming and wild around him shooting in the direction from which the grenade had come. He wounded a few soldiers and even managed to get close to the fortifications of the Warden, but when the heavy machine guns opened the fire, he was literally screened and fell into the dust a few yards from the enemy soldiers. The roaring and the screaming could still hear the remaining soldiers from their moat for minutes, many burst into tears, others stared into space, they had just lost both their commanders. After a while, one rose and went through the ditch, trying to comfort his comrades, finally standing in the middle of the ditch, and began to speak: "Listen to Colonials soldiers, my comrades. Every day, thousands are dying on battlefields like this one, every day units are destroyed, families are destroyed. On both sides! "A few soldiers had risen, looked at him curiously, some remained seated, farther back with a look full of scorn. "You all know how painful it is to lose a friend, a comrade. We will remember Seargent Miller and Captain Johnson, but I ask you: What makes us different from them? Did not we fight the same way as they did? Have they been in any way different from us? No! We have thrown ourselves to the enemy as they have done, and no, they are no different from us, we have divided ourselves into one and the same quarter, have eaten one and the same food, and have experienced one and the same torment as the last He shouted, a few soldiers applauded. "And I ask you further: What distinguishes us from the Warden? Are they no soldiers like us? Not at all! They fight the same way as we do and they certainly mourn for their fallen comrades as we do! "One heard soft applause from the fortifications on the other side of the ditch, the speaker had thrown out his words. But he himself did not seem to have heard this, for he continued: "As we suffer, all other people suffer from this war, but this suffering can only be turned away by a victory! I ask you one last time at all the soldiers' wars: Let us forget about the loss of ours Commanders, have they brought us so little as we are not able to lead ourselves? We will continue until either of them is dead, "he pointed out," or any of us, for we are here for that! We are here to defend our country and when we have to die for it. Yes, if we have to die for it then it should not be a senseless death! "He sank to the ground to rest, around him the soldiers slipped and they saw that they had again new courage. When, some time later, Funk had been given the order to attack, the men were ready to avenge their commanders and stormed towards the soldiers behind the opposite fortifications. No one should return from this struggle, neither on either side.

"Sir, why does this war last so long?". The recruit was drawn to his officer so that no one else could hear him. The man turned to the recruit, the camp fire flickering the shadows of the sitting on the ground behind them. "Do you know this question I've asked myself, and the answer has made me very disappointed, are you sure you want to hear the answer?". The recruit looked intently, "Yes sir, I want to know the answer, I've been thinking a long time and would have liked to answer that one question." The officer sat down "Well, well, listen well, first of all, no one knows why anybody has begun. According to legend, this is all because of a conflict between a Warden and a colonial has begun. Supposedly the two over a hundred years ago have been disputing the division of a simple plot, at that time you must know we lived and the Colonials still in peace with each other. Legend has it that the cause of the war is buried in the ruins of the old capital cities, but so far nobody has found such a document. Why the war continues is quite easy to answer. There would be no more after the war for which such a war would have paid off. The cities are all destroyed, the only existing infrastructures are military and governments have not been around for decades. The only constant in this world is the war that leads both sides because there is simply no other way around which it is worth fighting except the war itself. To put it simply: war is everyday, because nobody wants to change anything or can. The Wardens and the Colonials are waging war only for this reason. They just dont like themselves.“


Gathering salvage and turning them into materials is one of the primordial tasks of logistic teams in Foxhole.

To help players everywhere better understand this process, Nibby created a graph explaining the conversion rate of Salvage to Building Materials.

salvage processing by Nibby

Carefulrogue also created a handy tool to calculate how much salvage is necessary in order to produce a collection of items. His .jar file can be downloaded here.

As he puts it:

"SalvageFox is designed with the purpose of determining how many materials went to the production and supply of a frontline of an individual side of the war. Determines a number of gross statistics including counts of materials needed and volume of salvage estimated to have been produced."

On the same topic, Dukesalt wrote a very thorough suggestions document on "auto-salvagers" in Foxhole. You can check it out here. It definitely generated some interesting discussion among the dev team.

As always, suggestions that are well written and formatted are always very helpful. They communicate to us exactly what your concern is and what you think should be changed. It makes it easier for us to discuss the idea internally when we fully understand what is it that you are proposing.

Another example is Fabo's proposal of a logistics overhaul. You can read about it here. It clearly states the issue he has, his reasoning as to why it's a problem, and what are the proposed solutions.

We try our very best to read ALL suggestions posted on Discord, reddit or the Steam forum. Having them well presented out like this helps a lot. Take note!

That's all folks!

Whoa! That's a lot of great content you guys created these past few weeks! Until next time, keep coming up with new and interesting stuff, but "never forget the old days"!



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