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Community Highlights 11

It's the start of a new year Soldiers! During the Holidays we had several special wars and the community did not disappoint! We have a bunch of cool new videos, some works of art, and even a new special chapter in our longest running fan-fiction story!

If for some reason you were not included here this time, and you'd like to see your creation in the next post, please PM me on Discord.

Note: We try our best to properly credit all community work, but once in a while we may make a mistake. Please let us know if anything is off and we'll make corrections as soon as possible. Thanks!

Snowed In!

On Christmas day, we had a special treat in store for you guys! You can bet that some great snowball fights happened!

lots of people having fun in СНЕЖНЫЕ ВОЙНЫ!!!! SNOW WAR!!! by [RCF]Тюрк!

a 1v1 to the death snowball fight by Dondergod

A Christmas Story

How Greens stole Christmas.

The Quirky Company Christmas Special

by Janus

Today’s been a good day for Private Rice. No snow falling from the heavens, temperature being much higher than usual around the Callahan’s Pass and no sightings of Colonials in a whole week were the things that influenced today’s mood the most. Well, that and the fact it was Christmas today.

“JINGLE BELLS BRITBOY SMELLS, DENIS F**KED A WELL…” Janus sang in the distance, his usual singing voice replaced by obnoxious screeching that can only be compared to grinding a cat on a chalkboard ridden with nails.

Rice paid no attention to him for he knew very well that to tell him to stop is like welcoming misery to your life. You simply don’t do that if you’re a sane individual. He looked in the general direction from which the screeching could be heard, shook his head a little and returned to enjoying the day.

“Ey Rice.” He heard Carmain call from the trench’s entrance. “We’re about to go do some scavenging before today’s Christmas party and need one man more. You comin’?”

“Where are we heading?”

“Noble said something about a small store with decorations that’s mostly intact. He also said something about a locked cellar behind one of the ruined houses that’s worth checking out.”

Rice thought about this for a second before asking. “Isn’t Plaza controlled by the Colonials?” He asked.

“Not anymore it is.” Carmain replied. “They left after our guerrillas managed to snatch their supply truck carrying winter uniforms. The scouts told me that seeing a column of soldiers marching in heavy snow wearing autumn gear, freezing their asses off right before getting shelled is not a pretty sight.”

“Poor sods.” Rice thought. As much as he disliked those green loving imbeciles he couldn’t say that they deserved what befell them. Still, it’s war. It’s not supposed to be fair.

“What do I need to do and what’s in it for me?” He asked yet again with a hint of curiosity.

“If you help us load the decorations we need you’ll be able to take two bags of stuff with you instead of one.”

“Hmmmmmm. Two bags is a lot of stuff. Eh…... why not.”

“I’m in.” Rice responded.

“Alright then. You have 15 minutes to gather your gear. We’ll meet by Vaga’s truck.” And with this taken care of Carmain left our protagonist to gather his equipment in relative peace and quiet.


Or maybe not…


War Art

The PUG march by Katyusha

Urgh Magic card by KrazyFlyinChicken, Katyusha and CaptainFahQ

Warden Artillery Propaganda by (189th-ISD)UnbiddenOwl

merry PUG-mas by Katyusha

New Clan

We welcome the Russian Colonial Forces [RCF], the newest clan to the Foxhole community!

By [RCF]Тюрк!

Led by [RCF]Тюрк!, they come as a Russian force to be recognized! Добро пожаловать!

Don't forget to reach out to them on our Discord channel if you are interested in joining them!

War Videos

Dev War and Weekly war #16 by KrazyFlyinChicken

Хороший водитель и последний пост!!!! A good driver and last outpost!!!! by [RCF]Тюрк!

Updates and Helpful Videos

The Holidays are a time of giving and these videos here are great examples of our community members extending a helping hand to others.

Tech Basics by Urgh of Tar

Update 0.0.18 and 0.0.19 by I Saw a Bear

And lastly, a hauntingly artistic short film about teamwork. From it's own description:

"A dark tale about the hoarding degeneracy present in Foxhole, and the importance of teamwork."

The Teamplayer by Urgh of Tar

Hope you all had a great holidays!


(thanks for the dev Santas, Kerim!)


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