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Community Highlights 1

This will be our first ever community post. Here we will feature all the top content that users have recently generated. This includes art, screenshots, videos, or anything else that's interesting.

Bluedrake42 Streams

Bluedrake42 nearly broke our servers when he streamed Foxhole on Youtube for the first time last Tuesday. Shortly after his stream began, so many players joined in that our single server reached it's current (temporary) maximum capacity of 64. He also streamed Foxhole again yesterday and brought in additional players to the community.

The team would like to thank Bluedrake42 for helping to bring so many players into the Foxhole community with his streams.

Yakhont's Combat Manual

Yakhont wrote a very comprehensive combat manual for the Foxhole prototype. It discusses many tactics you can use to succeed in combat. I suggest you all check it out before heading into your next battle. We hope he will update and publish this on the Foxhole's Community Hub as soon as it's available.

Satire's Supply Depot

One of our dedicated community members Satire, created the first ever supply depot in Foxhole. He started by carefully building a walled off area with storage boxes. He then proceeded to carefully scavenge supplies from corpses on the battlefield and then returned to populate the depot with them. He also took the responsibility of managing the supplies through chat, informing players how supplies should be allocated to each soldier!

I was lucky enough to personally witness this in-game when it happened.

Squad UI Mockup

Reddit user MAKL3R created a very polished looking mockup of what he envisions a squad UI could look like in Foxhole. While we haven't finalized how we want to support squad communications in the game yet, we think this is a really cool image nonetheless.


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