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Combat Prototype Released!

Here are the release notes for This update is now live! Download the new version here.

New Content

  • New Equipment: Binoculars

  • An optical instrument used for viewing distant objects.

  • New Weapon: Submachine Gun

  • A lightweight automatic weapon designed to provide rapid fire at medium range.

  • New Item: 9mm SMG

  • Standard ammunition for submachine guns

Gameplay Changes

  • Grenades can now be cooked and don't explode on contact as easily

  • Grenades can now damage thrower

  • Storage box items now spawn at a rate that scales with the number of players

  • Foxholes no longer block player movement (they can be stepped over)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Right clicking an item no longer crashes the client

  • Blood splatter FX no longer show up when firing at Campsites and Outposts

  • Tab can now be used to close the inventory screen after previously clicking on an item

  • Can no longer fire mortar multiple times per ammo by spamming the weapon under high latency network conditions

  • Fixed death camera so you can't freely view the world

Other Changes

  • Improved messaging from the server when failing to join a game

  • Improved FX for Heavy MG


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