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Castle Clapfoot Dev-Community War

This is your chance to play Foxhole with the developers! Join us next Friday (Sept 29th) at 3pm EDT in the first ever joint dev-community organized event.

Event Gameplay

The event will last for 2 hours. At the start of the war, the Foxhole dev team (& a few community helpers) will be fortified at Castle Clapfoot (refer to image below). Players will have the following objectives:

Colonial - Break the dev team out of Castle Clapfoot and escort them to safety

Warden - Take out the dev team and stop them from being escorted to safety

Endgame conditions: Developers are escorted to safety or Machals Keening is destroyed.

How to Participate

Join the #castle-clapfoot-event channel on the official Foxhole Discord on Friday at 2:30pm EDT for instructions on how to access the event server.

How to Spectate

The event will be streamed live by the devs on our Twitch channel:

Further details may be added before Friday so check up on this post again before the event! Hope to see you guys there.

BIG thanks to community member KrazyFlyinChicken for organizing this event!

Colonial Objective

Warden Objective


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