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Balancing for Conquest #16

Update 0.17 Balancing

World Conquest #16 is starting on Friday October 12th at 11AM EDT. As you all know, Update 0.17 introduced some pretty big changes to the economy. Whenever such changes are made, there is always the chance that the balance of the game is destabilized or even worse completely broken. We put a lot of effort into estimating the outcome and preparing for contingencies but as always, there are a series of trade-offs involved and we have to to balance between trying out new things and keeping the game stable.

The unique nature of Foxhole requires us to test changes "on the fly" and adapt to what happens in real-time on live. We always like to collect multiple data points before making balance changes, but we also make sure we take the feedback we're hearing seriously. We've received a lot of feedback regarding the requirements for upgrading end game victory towns and as a result we will be making some changes to account for this in Conquest #16 and further adjustments will be considered for Update 0.18.

We are also investigating Garrison Supply drain rates and will be considering changes in that area in Update 0.18.

Thanks once again for all the feedback. We hope to continue the conversation with you guys as we begin to look forward to the next Update. Be sure to catch the next Devstream live at 2PM EDT on Tuesday.

Changes for Conquest #16

All mainland Port Base region victory town bases will have their Large Garrison Facility prefilled with 250 Upgrade Parts. This means that the total effective number of Upgrade Parts required to get all victory towns to T3 on the mainland will be exactly halved (from 9000 to 4500).

In addition, the base Tech Rate will be boosted by ~25%. I've been asked by several players about how the Tech Rate changes. The Tech Rate is adjusted in small amounts based on current total player population. This is done to avoid accelerating tech tree progress in high population situations. Unless we make an announcement beforehand, we do not increase the Tech Rate to artificially reduce the length of the war. As an additional note, at the start of Conquest #15 there was a bug that caused the Tech Rate to be abnormally low during the opening hours. This may have caused further confusion.


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