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0.20 Release Notes

Updated: Dec 24, 2018

For a video walkthrough of all the new changes, check out this excellent video walkthrough of Update 20 from community member I Saw A Bear: Client Hotfix

■ Under the hood improvements to queue management Server & Client Hotfix

■ New Content: Tempest Island V2 has been added to the World Conquest to help accommodate more players

■ AI faction flag visuals have been updated for improved readability ■ UI tweaks to help manage queues and direct new players

■ Bug fix: Mortar Emplacement House can no longer be accessed from the ground level

■ Bug fix: Multiple players will no longer get stuck in the Mortar Emplacement House seat

■ Fixed several stability issues with rebooting servers Client Hotfix

■ Bug fix: Players sometimes can't see enemies on the other side of Sandbag Walls

■ Bug fix: Travel screen region highlight shows up on queued servers sometimes

■ A warning notification is shown when the player tries to use a Factory o Refinery that has no facilities Client Hotfix

■ Bug fix: Night time radius visual FX offset after border travelling

■ Bug fix: Ballistic Rocket operation bugs

Initial Release

New Content

■ Battle Tanks

○ Heaviest armor class in the game

○ 5-man crew with the following roles

• Gunner

• MG Gunner

• Engineer (Repair & Ammo loading)

• Driver

• Commander

■ Ballistic Rocket Super Weapon

○ End game super weapons demand the highest level of team effort to achieve, requiring logistics, recon, and combat roles to all work together

○ Rockets are capable of leveling entire towns, permanently changing the map

■ Mortar Emplacement House

○ A fixed Mortar built on top of a house that can be used to directly target and fire at attackers during a siege

■ Safe House

○ Special Garrisoned Houses in towns that act as support bases in the case of a siege

○ Offers 3 Facilities

• Operating Post - Provides a spawn point and a base connection for AI structures.

• Radio Station - Provide map intelligence.

• Artillery Shelter - Structure can only be destroyed from the interior

■ Sandbag Walls

○ A taller and heavier version of the Sandbags structure that can be used to fortify large towns

■ Advanced Ammunition Factory

○ A manufacturing plant for producing advanced ammunition types

■ New Tank Ammunition Types

○ 40mm / 75mm

○ Balanced effectiveness against all targets

○ 40mm / 75mm Shrapnel

○ Anti-personnel shell that shatters into a large number of deadly bullets

○ 40mm / 75mm Armour Piercing

○ Anti-armour shell that is designed to penetrate heavy armour

○ 40mm / 75mm High Explosive

○ Anti-structure shell that detonates a high yield explosive charge on impact

World / Town Revamp

■ Complete design and visual overhaul of the entire world

■ Every town and village in the game has been redesigned

■ Farranac Coast general map layout has been redesigned

■ 3 major town areas - Jade Cove, Abandoned Ward, and Saltbrook Channel

Gameplay Changes and Features

■ New Dynamic Camera system

○ Zooms out when aiming far for a more strategic view of the battlefield

■ New Garrisoned Buildings

○ New building types:

• Lots of new house variations

• Coal Plant

• Train Station

• Windmill

• More!

○ Garrisoned buildings now start as built structures that are neutral

○ Garrisoned buildings now require Town Hall to be claimed before they can be built

○ Garrisoned building “AI” windows can now be mounted by standing in the area marked as ‘X’ in the structure’s interior

○ Destroyed version of Garrisoned buildings now leave behind a husk that can be used for high ground and cover

■ Radio backpack now automatically captures intelligence at the location of the player (similar to how the L.U.V. captures intelligence)

■ Facilities now lose between 1-10 upgrade parts when the owning structure is destroyed

Game Balance

■ Forts no longer contain Garrison Facilities

■ Field Artillery damage mitigation against small explosives increased by 13% so that it's consistent with other lightly armoured vehicles (e.g. Half-Track, Armoured Car, etc)

■ Radio Backpack cost increased from 100 to 150 (to reflect it's new functionality)

■ Light Tanks no longer have a critical spot (but location based forward/side/rear damaged still exists)

■ Additional Forts added to center mainland conquest regions on the vertical borders

■ Mortar Shell no longer requires technology unlock

■ Gun Turret Health increased by ~100%

■ Gun Turret armor now has high mitigation against all damage types including AP and HE

■ Sticky Bomb damage increased by 25%

■ Sticky Bomb now deals Anti-Tank damage type (no armor mitgation on HT, LT, AC, BT)

■ Tank Stop Tech Parts increased from 150 to 450

■ Garrisoned House Tech Parts decreased from 1000 to 600

■ Tank Stop, Garrison House, Metal Wall, and Binoculars locations have been moved on the Tech Tree

■ Anti-Tank Mines removed from game

■ Light Tanks no longer have a critical spot and glancing shots have been removed

Other Changes

■ Visuals for indicating the state of an AI controlled structure have changed

■ When all regions are queued, low pop contested regions are highlighted

■ WarAPI - Added new APIs for casualties and total enlistments

Bug Fixes

■ Players sometimes spawn at an invalid location on the map after travelling to the Home Islands

■ Flash of green light that appears for a moment at dawn and nightfall on snow maps

■ If a player walks away from a vehicle, walks back, and re-enters is, there's a chance their input would get stuck until they relog

■ Entering any vehicle and then entering a CV will cause previous vehicle's icon is persist

■ When mashing Q and E entering a truck, player may enter a state where they can't move

■ Traveling across a region border in a vehicle at night removes the darkness overlay

■ Structures sometimes aren't removed when a build site is invoked, resulting in duplicate structures

■ Townhalls can sometimes drop items inside structure, making them impossible to pickup

■ Player mounted in Foxhole sometimes turns invincible after Foxhole is gone

■ Player can't drive vehicle after triggering "Door blocked" message

■ Non visible characters leave behind footsteps

■ Grenade trajectory doesn't display a red if throwing grenade flush to a wall

■ Player prompt displays 'Upgrade' for FOBs, when it should show ' use" prompt

■ Cannot leave a squad if your name appears at the bottom of the F1 menu

■ Field Gun Artillery ammo does not appear on the explosives tab in the townhall

■ Endless Shore NE corner, there's a hole in the map boundary allows players to exit the play area

■ Grenade blast marks sometimes appear as pure black decals on Oarbrearker Isles

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Dec 13, 2018

This post is much more optimized than the last one, although the image is still cut. Also, removing facilities from Forts makes them obsolete, since it will be well worth it to just build an FOB right next to it. you may want to consider making them only have small garrisons.

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