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0.18 Release Notes

Our goal is to continue to deliver regular content and features updates on a monthly basis. If you are enjoying these updates, please take the time to write us a review on Steam. Thanks for continuing to support the development of Foxhole.

The Dead Harvest event goes live on Thursday at 11AM EDT and will last for approximately a week. The devs will be joining the Dead Harvest when it starts so this will also be your chance to play with the team! Client Hotfix Released

  • Added reconnect button for voice chat (found in Options -> Voice -> Reconnect) that can be used to restore voice comms

0.18 Initial Release

New Content

  • Sniper Rifle

  • A scoped, bolt action rifle with very high accuracy and damage. It takes a much longer time achieve a steady aim than most other small arms.

  • The Sniper Rifle is currently only available in Skirmish and Dead Harvest modes

  • 7.92mm Ammo

  • Standard ammunition for Sniper Rifles.

Dead Harvest Event

  • A special seasonal event where players can take control of the Undead!

  • Watch this video for an overview of this limited time game mode: Dead Harvest Event

  • Additional info:

  • Undead can gain up to 20 levels

  • Undead always spawn at one of the two Graveyards on the map

  • Once a player turns Undead, they remain that way until the Safe House is destroyed and the game restarts

  • Daytime lasts for ~10 minutes / Nighttime lasts for ~5 minutes

  • Weapons and Ammo can be found in buildings and camp sites around the map

  • Vehicles are damaged when they run over Undead

  • The Port Base stockpile is the only place to get materials

  • Colonials and Wardens can help build each other's structures and can access each other's Gates

  • Carved Totems must be equipped in order to be effective (having them in the inventory alone won't work)

Gameplay Features and Changes

  • Collaborative Logistics (Factories & Resource Mines)

  • Under the production queue panel, any order can be marked as:

  • Private - only you can pick up your orders

  • Squad - anyone in your squad can pick up your orders

  • Team - anyone on your team can pick up your orders

  • Home Base rule changes

  • Home Base status is transferred to a Town Base if the current Home Base is a Fort

  • Town Bases are always prioritized over Forts when a new Home Base is assigned (after the old one is destroyed)

  • Howitzers have been added to Port Bases

Game Balance

  • Switching seats has a longer delay

  • Shotgun encumbrance value increased by 100%

  • Shotgun effective range decreased by 10%

  • Pistol stability penalty from movement increased by 20%

  • Revolver stability penalty from movement increased by 15%

  • Garrison Supplies are now produced in crates

  • Garrison Supplies quantity per order has increased by 100%

  • Forward Base Small Garrison Facility cost decreased from 50 to 25 Upgrade Parts

  • Forward Base Large Garrison Facility cost decreased from 100 to 50 Upgrade Parts

  • Static Base Small Garrison Facility cost decreased from 100 to 50 Upgrade Parts

  • Static Base Large Garrison Facility cost decreased from 300 to 150 Upgrade Parts

  • Factory inventory size increased from 9 to 25

  • Sulfur/Scrap Mine inventory size increased from 9 to 15

Other Changes

  • Submit Starter Kit Button

  • All Base screens have a button that allows the player to submit their starter kit (so they no longer need to drop their starter kit items on the ground)

  • Any UI screen that shows the Backpack contents now also shows the encumbrance

  • Fuel is now categorized under the Supplies tab on the Stockpile panel

  • Players are now removed from "Recent Voice" section of HUD player list if they leave the operation

  • SFX is now played when a player leaves or joins your operation

  • Storage Facility renamed to Storage Depot

  • Monument data is no longer downloaded every session, significantly reducing bandwidth consumption

  • Rock visuals updated in Callahan's Passage and Mooring County

Bug Fixes

  • Item count overflows when too many items of a specific type are stockpiled

  • Vehicles can shift to a position above the ground after exiting them

  • Barracks and Watchtowers are vaultable, allowing players to access unintended high ground

  • Structures can be built at the rear part of Port Bases (even by enemy players)

  • Players can easily get stuck in trees

  • Stability does not reset when switching weapons

  • Quickly splitting an item stack twice may cause items to be lost

  • Backpack encumbrance icon in the inventory screen is fuzzy/blurry

  • Last letter in HUD alerts is sometimes cut off

  • 1280x1024 resolution (4:3) can cause Voice Chat to overlap significant parts of other UI, making them unusable

  • No tech parts are given at Scrap mines if orders go public

  • When opening Refinery UI from Truck, "Backpack" is displayed in header instead of Transport

  • T2 Forward Base damaged visual state is missing

  • Fuel only exists under ALL category in Stockpile, and not under the Resources and Supplies category

  • Vehicles are missing the Z-Axis if you aim the weapon at highgrounds or structures

  • Map bugs:

  • Caustic lights appearing in weathered expanse

  • Scrap field west of Lochan Berth only spawning 2 scrap piles

  • Port of Rime in Weathered Expanse needs to have scrap nodes moved

  • Terra on Farranac Coast is missing a Refinery

  • Floating Fuel node in Fishermans' Row

  • Tree in the middle of the road in Mooring county V4k3

  • While in the ocean in Umbral Wildwood, player can't aim, or fire eastward


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