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0.16 Dev Branch Released

Updated: May 27, 2022


Dev Branch is an experimental build that contains bugs and unfinished features. Please read the KNOWN ISSUES and WORK IN PROGRESS parts of the release to get a feel for things in the build that are known to be missing OR broken.

How to get the build

  • Go to the BETAS tab on the Foxhole Steam Properties window and select "devbranch -".

  • Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click "Verify Integrity of game files...".

  • On the "Join War" screen, select "DevBranch" from the drop down at the top left corner of the screen

Additional Notes

  • Blueprint Print speed has been sped up by 300x for testing purposes

  • Garrison Size growth has been sped up by 30x for testing purposes


Please post any bug reports or feedback to the #development-branch channel on Discord. Do not report bugs that are already known issues. Release notes will be updated as new builds are applied to the branch. Thank you!

Major Known Issues

  • None

Release Notes

Note that these release notes are work in progress and may be missing certain changes

New Content

  • Scrap Mine:

  • Produces Scrap using Fuel as a resource

  • Sulfur Mine:

  • Produces Sulfur using Fuel as a resource

New Communication Tools

  • Operations

  • A new tool that allows players to form groups around objectives

  • Operations have a dedicated voice and text chat channel

  • Operations have a dedicated player list on the HUD

  • Right click on a name in the player list to bring up a context menu to mute players

  • Operations are cross region

  • New Voice Engine

  • Vivox is now the main engine used for voice chat (see their website for details)

  • Push 'G' to talk to your Operation group

  • Text chat improvements

  • A new tab system has been introduced (Though it's currently only available for operations. We hope to expose it further in the future)

  • Scroll location stays in place even when a message comes in

  • Better use of colour to differentiate text chat channels

  • Text chat window visuals have been updated so it's clearer to tell when it has focus

Gameplay Features and Changes

  • Weapon Mechanics Revamp:

  • New Stability system: All weapons are more accurate when you wait for them to stabilize first (stability level indicated by how far apart the reticule lines are)

  • "Running and gunning" is much less effective now

  • Certain weapons take longer to stabilize after moving than others

  • Certain weapons take longer to stabilize after firing than others

  • Accuracy has been tweaked across all weapons

  • Weapon stability can be visualized when entering the shooting range in the home regions

  • Camera now dynamically moves ahead for the driver of a vehicle, making it easier to avoid obstacles in front

Game Balance

  • Tunnel Networks no longer decay

  • Tank Trap cost reduced from 20 to 15 Refined Materials

  • Storm Rifles no longer require Blueprints to produce

  • Barracks inventory capacity increased from 12 to 15 slots

  • The time it takes a completed Factory order to move to the public inventory has been increased from 30 to 45 mins

  • Skirmish Tech Tree now includes the HMG

Map Changes

  • Reaching Trail has been heavily redesigned

  • Mooring Country has been heavily redesigned

  • Umbral Wildwood layout has been redesigned

  • East coast regions have been redesigned to include amphibious landing zones

  • Water travel between Deadlands and Farranac Coast / Endless Shore is now available

  • Mines have been added to mainland World Conquest regions

  • Terra, Vulpine Watch, and the road between Iron's End and Spine have been moved so that they are further away from the region borders

  • Refinery has been moved from Thunderfoot to Stray in Umbral Wildwood

  • Ceo Highlands has been modified so that it doesn't provide an unfair vantage point

  • More natural barriers added to region borders to prevent free access to partisans

Other Changes

  • Network logic for player activities has been reworked for increased robustness

  • Reload bug has finally been fixed as a result of this change

  • "Mission Objectives" have been renamed to "Squad Markers"

  • Moderators will now have a unique name tag colour in-game

Bug Fixes

  • List of bug fixes coming soon!


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