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0.15 Release Notes

If you are having problems with any input, please reset your keyboard bindings to default in the options menu.

Release Notes

Quality of Life

  • Map Icons can now be toggled on/off based on type (Resources, Bases, World Structures, Map Intel)

  • Trucks and Light Utility Vehicles can now directly use Factories, Refineries, and Gates

  • HUD Map to help assist drivers

  • A small map is now displayed on the bottom left corner of the HUD for drivers

  • Can be toggled on/off in the option menu

  • Note: You may have to manually enable this in the options menu the first time after updating your client

New Content

  • Emotes:

  • 7 new emotes that can be triggered using keys 4 to 0

  • Great for role playing and communication!

Game Balance

  • Number of item types given for Supply Drop increased from 4 to 8 by default

  • Quantity of each item type given for Supply Drops has doubled by default

  • Resource distribution around and inside Port Bases have been rebalanced

  • Environment obstacles have been added to some maps like Deadlands to make it harder for players to circumvent defenses by hugging the border

  • Note: This hasn't been implemented everywhere yet. It's just a test right now to see how well it works.

  • Barges no longer require a Tech Tree unlock

Other Changes

  • Players now leave behind footstep trails (Helpful for pursuing other players)

  • Visual updates to grass and other environmental materials

  • Construction Vehicle build action SFX has been updated

Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer lose their position in the world and won't consume a Soldier Supply when rejoining a war after a server maintenance reboot

  • Players that are swimming can't be targeted and shot at

  • Scrap nodes can spawn under World Structures

  • Player can walk on water briefly if they drop onto water while sprinting or running

  • Crouching (or being prone) while attempting to fall off a high structure causes player to become stuck in place

  • Reaching Trail is missing a victory town at Mousetrap

  • If encumbered with no stamina, players gets stuck while swimming

  • Heavy Gates can't close at some Port Bases

  • Vehicle Factory in Barronstown in Heartlands has a landscape issue that prevents vehicle build sites from being built

  • Player triggers countdown timer when wounded in the water, when in fact they should just die

  • If a player goes prone while encumbered, they can no longer move after standing back up

  • Cargo Ships can be deployed near the border, which results in CVs not being able to be built

  • Explosion decals get stuck on Light Tank treads

  • Difficult to scout sea vehicles using the Radio Backpack

  • Getting Hit by a howitzer while in a CV will kill passengers

  • Unlocking Gunboats doesn't unlock 14.5mm ammo

  • Radial 'V' menu requires two taps of esc to exit sometimes

  • Hatch for the Colonial Light Tank commander seat blocks line of sight for Pistol

  • Game can crash if you exit a CV while the building animation is still playing

  • Changing resolution / window size causes text in the "Garrison Info" window to be cut off

  • Cannot aim out of the corners of bunkers using an AT rifle

  • If player vaults on object with player standing on it, vaulting player goes higher than intended

  • If game client of vehicle driver crashes while border travelling, the vehicle remains and cannot be accessed

  • Field Artillery shots disappeared when fired from an extremely elevated position

  • Tank shells sometimes don't kill infantry with direct hit

  • AI defenses sometimes have issues targeting enemy vehicles when they first enter range

  • AI defenses don't target Light Utility Vehicles or Construction Vehicles

  • Map Bugs

  • Mooring County map screen image doesn't match the map in a few areas

  • Road in Mooring County Port Base causes vehicles to move slowly

  • Player can walk through a large mountain in Mooring County (entry at G10k5)

  • Missing Component map icon on Oarbreaker Isles (E11k3)

  • Player can enter and fire weapons unseen in a mountain, Callahan's Passage, K9k2

  • Missing Fuel icon on map image in Umbral Wildwood at P15k1

  • Missing icon on map for component node in Umbral Wildwood at Q15k2

  • Watercraft can easily get stuck at D12k9 on Oarbreaker Isles

  • Great March Warden Port Base contains incorrectly setup / placed structures

  • Water surface material is too high in Weathered Expanse

  • Warden Port Base on Great March (Fort Leto) has a Colonial bunker

  • Weathered expanse O9 spot you can fall through the ground into water

  • Metal bridges over the trenches in Mooring County cause slow driving speed

  • Terrain makes it difficult for vehicles to pass through Colonial Portbase gate on Oarbreaker


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