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0.10 Release Notes

We will be rolling out the update to servers in stages in the next 24 hours. Servers that have not been updated yet will appear greyed out in the server browser. During the rollout period, you can still access the 0.9 client by switching to the "Update-0.9" branch on Steam via the "Betas" properties tab.​

IMPORTANT: This is a massive update that overhauls the main game modes for Foxhole and provides a new foundation that the future of the game will be built on. Before proceeding, please read this important post: Introduction to the new Foxhole

When you enter the game for the first time, press "Join the War" option after pressing "Play" from the main menu to enter the persistent war. Use the Travel Tent to the right of the Home Island base to enter the Conquest.

New Content

  • New Map: Mooring County

  • Top left region on the Conquest mainland that completes the 3x3 world grid

  • New Vehicle Models: Colonial and Warden specific Trucks

World Conquest Changes (since last Test Event)

  • Full Border Travel

  • Players can now travel to neighbouring regions at any location along the border, not just at roads

  • Players that die in a region with no Home Town must respawn at the Home Region

  • Campsites can now be built near a region border

  • Act as short term spawn points during incursions into a region

  • World Structure distribution has changed across the entire Conquest mainland

  • Field MGs now require Blueprints to produce

  • World Travel reliability has been improved

  • Lots of World Conquest bugs fixed!

  • Game Balance

  • Garrison Camp health increased by 10%

  • HE Grenade and Frag Grenade Explosive Material requirement reduced by 50%

  • Scrap nodes now yield 30 resources

  • Component nodes now yield 30 resources

One World Experience (V1)

  • Main mode of play no longer uses the server browser as all players participate in the same persistent war

  • Players select their faction and then proceed to enter the world, starting at the Home Region

  • View the state of the persistent war War Tent on the Home Region

  • Travel to skirmish locations and the Conquest mainland from the World Travel Tent in the Home Region

  • Monument is built on Home Island after a War is over. 4 possible Monuments are awarded:

  • Bronze: Lost more Skirmishes AND Lost Conquest

  • Silver Standing: Won more Skirmishes AND Lost Conquest

  • Gold Standing: Lost more Skirmishes AND Won Conquest

  • Platinum Standing: Won more Skirmishes AND Won Conquest

  • View the results of the previous war, including your standing at the Monument

  • Your standing depends on how many commends you've received in Skirmishes and the Conquest during the previous War

Gameplay Changes

  • Game balance, content, and mechanics has drastically changed (unified with new World Conquest gameplay)

  • For a summary of these changes, please read this overview.

  • New Skirmish Mode

  • Home Towns have been replaced by Port Bases (Invulnerable)

  • Item/Vehicle/Structure availability is now fixed instead of relying on Tech Levels

  • NOTE: In the future we hope to add back some form of progression or make this more dynamic

  • 3 hour time limit

  • New Win Condition: Hold Win Condition towns at the center of the map when the time limit is reached

  • Callahan's Passage has been temporarily repurposed as a Skirmish Map

  • Players spawning at Port Base are invulnerable for a few moments (prevents spawn camping)

Game Balance

  • Explosive Material Stockpile assembly time reduced by 66%

  • Explosive Material Stockpile assembly quantity increased from 5 to 10 (15 to 30 from Truck)

  • Refined Material Stockpile assembly time reduced by 33%

  • Basic Material Stockpile assembly time reduced by 25%

  • Decay times for some structures have increased by 10 to 30%

  • NOTE: We hope to revisit decay times again in the future if they continue to be an issue in Conquest

  • Tempest Island has an updated design, allowing for easier access to the center island

  • Howitzer requires CV to build

  • Howitzer basic material cost increased from 100 to 150

  • Note that other game balance changes exist as a result of unification with World Conquest gameplay

Other Changes

  • Most vehicles now have "roll" physics now (previously only Light Utility Vehicle and Light Tank had them)

  • Wars no longer end abruptly, but instead an animated Victory banner is shown and there is a post victory countdown sequence where players will still have control over their character (great for post war celebrations, photos, etc)

  • Notifications moved to new top-left corner notification list:

  • Commends

  • Setting a spawn point

  • "Joined squad"

  • Commend limits

  • Commends are limited to 3 per day towards each player

  • A maximum of 20 players can be commended in one day

  • Commends and XP can only be received in One World (i.e. not Event servers)

Bug Fixes

  • Aiming model has been fixed so that aiming at crouched characters in the open is easier, but aiming at them behind cover is harder

  • Aiming at a location that is very close in some cases no longer results in shots in the upward direction

  • Hint display for using structures behave more consistently now

  • Vehicles no longer get stuck in an upwards pitched position

  • Destroyed vehicles and structures no longer drop items underneath the landscape (where they are unreachable)

  • CVs can now reach the high ground in Tempest Island to build the Garrisoned Houses

  • Player models no longer become visually tilted after exiting vehicles

  • Artillery craters no longer appear above the ground

  • Assembling Fuel from full Truck no longer results in many individual items being dropped on the ground

  • Fixed border issue in Deadlands

  • Fixed halftracks getting stuck tilted and drifting

  • Fixed Weapon Factory blocking grenades

  • Fixed halftrack having inconsistent ammo after server travel

  • Fixed not being able to shoot over the walls of the warden lapc

  • CV's can now build when previously driven by the other faction

  • Fixed getting stuck in wrecked townhall after blueprint disappears


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