Update 46 Release Notes

Updated: a day ago

Hotfix Update (46.20.13)

■ Optimizations to improve client performance in regions with a lot of Foliage like Umbral Wildwood

Hotfix Update (46.20.11)

General Fixes

■ Optimizations to improve server performance when there are a lot of AI defenses in the map

Bug Fixes

■ Some Town Bases could be upgraded to Tier 3 without a Large Garrison Base Upgrade

■ Very rare server crash could occur when Trenches were built in a very specific way

■ Other security fixes

Hotfix Update (46.20.9)

■ Region zone colours not updating after a server has restarted

■ Added experimental streamer mode

Hotfix Update (46.20.7)

Bug Fixes ■ Under certain conditions bridges can be raised while players are ontop of it.

■ Doors on T2 Engine Rooms would sometimes disappear when upgrading to a T3 Engine Room.

■ Spotlights on Bunker garrisons increase their maximum range at night to slightly further than their maximum range during the day.

Balancing Changes

■ MG Pillboxes have had their armour class reduced. Overall durability should be approx. 33% of previous.

■ AT Pillboxes have had their armour class reduced. Overall durability should be approx. 33% of previous.

■ AT Pillboxes have had their firing rate reduced by approx. 50%.

Hotfix Update

Bug Fixes

■ Town Base spawn point causes players to spawn inside each other.

■ Ladders can not be climbed in various locations.

■ Trench Emplacement build sites can not be vaulted out of.

■ Spectator camera is zoomed in.

■ Switching between Soldier and Snow uniforms unstacks ammo.

■ When toggle mode is enabled for sprinting: pressing shift a second time to stop sprinting does not work. ■ Tempest Island: Beaches around The Gale can not be landed by barges.

Release Notes New Content

86K-a “Bardiche”

○ Class: Assault Tank

○ Faction: Colonial

Unlike the 85-series, the Bardiche sports a heavier, more durable build and is fitted with a coaxial heavy machinegun along with a powerful, short-barrelled 68mm turret. Modern Kraunian engineering allows for a fast reload, making it an ideal tool to combat enemy armour.

Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

○ Class: Cruiser Tank

○ Faction: Warden

○ Originally designed in response to increasing swarms of Mesean armour, the Outlaw is an exceptionally capable medium tank armed with a long-range 40mm turret and includes a built-in storm rifle support position.

The Hangman 757

○ Class: Revolver Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The weapon of choice for pirates and smugglers, its legend is well-earned. With incredibly high stopping power and unique revolver mechanism, the Hangman often plays judge, jury, and executioner.

Volta r.I Repeater

○ Class: Heavy Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ An old war Mesean rifle. It boasts high stopping power, but not as accurate as its modern variant. A weapon of legend, the Howling Lions wielded the Volta during their raid on the beaches of Fisherman’s Row.

Clancy Cinder M3

○ Class: Long Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The Clancy Cinder is a classic, high-powered long rifle designed for use in mid-to-long range encounters. First deployed with the Hands during a high-risk operation in Acrithia.

KRR2-790 Omen

○ Class: Long Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ An older but reliable model of Kraunian long rifle. The Omen is a sturdy, simple weapon best used in long-distance skirmishes.

Sampo Auto-Rifle 77

○ Class: Auto Rifle