Update 46 Release Notes

Updated: Oct 15

Hotfix Update (46.20.13)

■ Optimizations to improve client performance in regions with a lot of Foliage like Umbral Wildwood

Hotfix Update (46.20.11)

General Fixes

■ Optimizations to improve server performance when there are a lot of AI defenses in the map

Bug Fixes

■ Some Town Bases could be upgraded to Tier 3 without a Large Garrison Base Upgrade

■ Very rare server crash could occur when Trenches were built in a very specific way

■ Other security fixes

Hotfix Update (46.20.9)

■ Region zone colours not updating after a server has restarted

■ Added experimental streamer mode

Hotfix Update (46.20.7)

Bug Fixes ■ Under certain conditions bridges can be raised while players are ontop of it.

■ Doors on T2 Engine Rooms would sometimes disappear when upgrading to a T3 Engine Room.

■ Spotlights on Bunker garrisons increase their maximum range at night to slightly further than their maximum range during the day.

Balancing Changes

■ MG Pillboxes have had their armour class reduced. Overall durability should be approx. 33% of previous.

■ AT Pillboxes have had their armour class reduced. Overall durability should be approx. 33% of previous.

■ AT Pillboxes have had their firing rate reduced by approx. 50%.

Hotfix Update

Bug Fixes

■ Town Base spawn point causes players to spawn inside each other.

■ Ladders can not be climbed in various locations.

■ Trench Emplacement build sites can not be vaulted out of.

■ Spectator camera is zoomed in.

■ Switching between Soldier and Snow uniforms unstacks ammo.

■ When toggle mode is enabled for sprinting: pressing shift a second time to stop sprinting does not work. ■ Tempest Island: Beaches around The Gale can not be landed by barges.

Release Notes New Content

86K-a “Bardiche”

○ Class: Assault Tank

○ Faction: Colonial

Unlike the 85-series, the Bardiche sports a heavier, more durable build and is fitted with a coaxial heavy machinegun along with a powerful, short-barrelled 68mm turret. Modern Kraunian engineering allows for a fast reload, making it an ideal tool to combat enemy armour.

Gallagher Outlaw Mk. II

○ Class: Cruiser Tank

○ Faction: Warden

○ Originally designed in response to increasing swarms of Mesean armour, the Outlaw is an exceptionally capable medium tank armed with a long-range 40mm turret and includes a built-in storm rifle support position.

The Hangman 757

○ Class: Revolver Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The weapon of choice for pirates and smugglers, its legend is well-earned. With incredibly high stopping power and unique revolver mechanism, the Hangman often plays judge, jury, and executioner.

Volta r.I Repeater

○ Class: Heavy Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ An old war Mesean rifle. It boasts high stopping power, but not as accurate as its modern variant. A weapon of legend, the Howling Lions wielded the Volta during their raid on the beaches of Fisherman’s Row.

Clancy Cinder M3

○ Class: Long Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The Clancy Cinder is a classic, high-powered long rifle designed for use in mid-to-long range encounters. First deployed with the Hands during a high-risk operation in Acrithia.

KRR2-790 Omen

○ Class: Long Rifle

○ Faction: Colonial

○ An older but reliable model of Kraunian long rifle. The Omen is a sturdy, simple weapon best used in long-distance skirmishes.

Sampo Auto-Rifle 77

○ Class: Auto Rifle

○ Faction: Warden

○ The precursor to the storm rifle, the Sampo Auto-Rifle, is a mastercraft of its day. With a single shot and automatic fire mode, this versatile rifle may not reach the fire rates of automatic weapons but more than makes up for it with utility.

Small Shipping Containers

○ Produced at Construction Yards

○ Performs the same functionality as the old Shipping Containers

○ What you lose in carry capacity you make up for in flexibility as crates can be assembled on open terrain.

Listening Kit

○ A device used to intercept enemy radio broadcasts transmitted from nearby sources. ○ Works like a portable version of the Intelligence Center that works on local Intel sources

○ Requires a Tripod

New Town Bases

○ Replaces the old Town Hall structure

○ Three Town Base variants: Town Center, the School, and the Post Office

○ Unified gameplay with other town structures like Garrisoned/Safe Houses

○ Full interior spaces

○ AI garrison windows

○ Three upgrade Tiers

World Expansion

■ Fourteen new regions seven to the North, seven to the South.

○ New Northern regions from West to East are:

○ Nevish Line

○ Callum's Cape

○ Speaking Woods

○ Basin Sionnach

○ Howl County

○ Clanshead Valley

○ Morgen's Crossing

○ New Southern regions from West to East are:

○ Origin

○ Ash Fields

○ Red River

○ Kalokai

○ Acritia

○ Terminus

○ The Fingers ■ Southern environment set

○ Unique landscape and foliage.

○ New town environments and building style.

○ Four new Garrison Houses.

○ One new Safe House.

Building Update


○ New defensive AI structures replace the now removed Foxholes and Gun Turrets

Rifle Pillbox - Fires 7.62mm

Machine Gun Pillbox - Fires 12.7mm with a limited firing arc but longer range

Anti-Tank Pillbox - Fires 20mm

New Bunker/Trench Modifications

○ Bunker Stairs allowing easy access to the roof

○ Bunker Ladder also allowing easy access to the roof

○ Interior Firing Port gives comer and fallback positions if the enemy gets inside

○ Bunker Sandbags gives a secure firing position on the roof while preventing enemies from climbing onto your bunker

○ Trench Sandbags provide ground level cover and prevents enemies from using your Trench against you

Barbed Wire Fence

○ Used to prevent enemy infantry movement through an area. This structure is difficult to destroy with conventional weapons and must be dismantled with a Wrench.

Foxhole (New PvP version)

○ A simple hole dug into the ground to provide infantry with makeshift cover from enemy fire.

○ Players can easily build this with a shovel

Observation Bunker (2x Tiers)

○ A radio bunker that provides intel to friendly units about the surrounding area. Reinforced with wood, it can withstand more punishment than a standard radio tower, and therefore is capable of increased effectiveness.

○ Requires power

○ Tier 2 has greater range than Watchtowers

○ Tier 3 has greater range than Tier 2

Observation Bunker (2x Tiers)

Intelligence Center

○ A high-tech listening post designed to intercept and decode enemy transmissions. The intelligence Center can target distant locations and will continue to decipher sensitive transmissions over a sustained period.

○ With the same prerequisites for construction as the Storm Cannon

○ Power requirements are exhaustive

○ Disabled during heavy Rain Storms

Large Materials building system

○ Sandbags, Tank Traps, Barbed Wire, and the new Barbed Wire Fence are now built with Large Materials but also offer new benefits

○ Structures can be arbitrarily scaled and curved for more custom coverage

○ Such structures can be built on bridges

○ Large Materials are procured from Pallets, which are now available for construction at the Construction Yard and are distributed by Flatbed Truck.

New Power system

○ Power is now a finite resource that is produced and consumed in Wattage

○ Engine Rooms produce a certain amount of Wattage when fueled with Diesel

○ Power will distribute power equally to all connected structures within pipe range

○ Bunker Garrison structures now have lights that extend their targeting range at night

Tanks can now drive over trenches

○ Trenches no longer collapse when rammed by a vehicle.

○ Tankettes, Scout Tanks, and Landing APC's do not drive over trenches.

Bunker and Trench Reservation

○ The original builder of a bunker or trench may "reserve" their structure.

○ Reserved structures can not be upgraded, modified, or attached to except by the original builder or the owning squad.

○ The owning squad is determined by what squad the builder was in when the structure was originally constructed.

○ Structure reservation lasts 48 hours and can be refreshed by the original builder or anyone in the owning squad.

○ Structures that are less than 3 hours old and not concrete may be demolished by the owner or by a member of the owning squad.

■ AI visualized line of sight preview for selected structure build ghosts.

○ The visualized area will be displayed before placing a build site for construction and during structure upgrade.

○ Visualized area represents the AI's maximum range and accounts for physical obstructions including topography and other structures.

○ Temporary obstructions such as vehicles, other players, and concealed structures are not accounted for by the visualized area.

■ Bunker Infrastructure now provide passive buffs making them useful even after unlocking Base upgrades.

○ Bunk Beds/Lockers/Latrine: Nearby Bunker Bases have a small chance to not consume a Soldier Supply when a player spawns

○ Wash Station/Kitchen/Pantry: Nearby AT and Howitzer Garrisons fire slightly faster

○ Workstation/Computer Module: Nearby Storm Cannons and Intelligence Centers require less power to operate

○ Chalk Board/Radio Station/Strategic Map: Nearby Observation Bunkers can sight targets slightly outside of their detection radius

■ Bunker and Trench modification placement is more flexible

○ Barbed Wire modification can now be build on Trench Connectors.

○ Trench Sandbags and Barbed Wire can fit onto all sides of a Trench, including the ends of a Trench and beside Trench Bridges

■ Bunker modifications can now be added onto Engine Rooms, Bunker Ramps, and Ammo Rooms.

■ Bunker Garrison defenses now have full interior spaces where modifications can be built

■ Bunkers and Trenches will now visually degrade when damaged like tanks do when they lose armour.

■ Engine Room can now be constructed at tier 2

■ Tier 1 Trenches and Trench husks can be filled with a shovel.

■ Bunker Garrison defenses can only be mounted from inside the bunker.

■ Certain Trench Modifications now block other trenches from connecting

■ Trench Connectors updated to reduce terrain holes and increase reliaibility.


■ Players can now equip uniforms, which can change your inventory configuration and provide one or more gameplay benefits

■ Uniforms are produced at Factories and delivered to Base stockpiles in Crates

■ Uniform types

○ Colonial Soldier Uniform - Legionary Fatigues

○ Kinetic weapon ammunition stacks

○ Kinetic weapons have reduced encumbrance

○ Warden Soldier Uniform - Infantry Battledress