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Prototype 0.0.2 Released!

We just released an update Steam that expands the world size and increases the player cap to 100. Players can now build multiple Outposts, enabling true front line expansion. We've also changed the way structure building works so that it's a much more collaborative effort. Get the update HERE!

Please remember that this is a very early prototype where many aspects of the game will be incomplete (or possibly broken) and many features are in flux.

New Content

  • New Item: Hammer (used to build structures and manufacturing)

  • New Buildable Structure: Outposts

Gameplay Changes

  • Player limit raised to 100

  • Expanded map

  • Collaborative building:

  • Place a "Build Site"

  • Use Hammer on the site to add resources and complete the structure

  • Multiple players can add resources at the same time

  • Building materials are now manufactured by using the Hammer on raw material nodes (spawned at the manufacturing plant)

  • War is won by destroying ALL enemy Outposts (including those built by players)

  • Player now spawns at the nearest Outpost (if they don't have a Campsite)

  • When spawning from a Campsite, players don't get Rifles or Grenades

  • Friendly fire no longer damages Outposts

  • Campsite UI now has a "Dismantle" option

  • Tweaked XP algorithm

  • Campsite cost changed from 30 to 25 materials

  • Manned Foxhole cost changed from 80 to 60 materials

  • Grenade cost changed from 10 to 5 materials

  • Medkit cost changed from 7 to 3 materials

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed low FPS that occurs when player is near a Campsites

  • When crash that sometimes occurs when pressing Apply on the options screen

  • Fixed exploit where players could leave the playable area on the map

  • Fixed bug that prevents items from being picked up when they are too close to some structures

Other Changes

  • Improved minimap visuals

  • Items are now transferred from storage in increments (as oppose to all at once)


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