Foxhole 0.0.6 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Item: Land Mine

  • Visible to friendly players

  • Visible to enemy players from crouched position

  • Triggered by stepping over

  • New Item: Wrench

  • Used to dismantle mines

  • Must be crouched and close enough to mine to dismantle (be careful!)

Gameplay Changes

  • Revamped damage mitigation system (See Damage Mitigation section below for details)

  • Added Armory and Workshop structures to the map (near The Plaza and Cemetary Lane)

  • Pillbox cost changed from 80 to 150 materials

  • Pillbox accuracy and rate of fire now ramps up over time

  • Pillbox and Outpost are now damageable by all weapons to some degree

  • Pillbox and Foxhole detection range is reduced at night

  • Pillbox and Foxholes now fire target enemies blocked by enemy build sites

  • Smoke grenade cost reduced to 15

Major Bug Fixes

  • Collision boxes around Outposts and Pillboxes are no longer too big

Other Changes

  • Weekly Wars

  • One scheduled war happens per week now (Sat)

  • Countdown to the weekly war is shown in the HUD

  • Practice mode is enabled when a weekly war isn't active

  • Practice mode is identical to weekly war mode for now gameplay wise

  • Server side world backup/restore system (experimental)

  • Improved SFX attenuation

Damage Mitigation Notes

  • Pillbox, Outpost

  • Very high resistance to small ballistics

  • High resistance to small explosives

  • Sandbag Wall

  • Very high resistance to small ballistics

  • Moderate resistance to small explosives

  • Storage Box, Reinforced Wall

  • High resistance to small ballistics

  • Light resistance to small explosives

  • Manned Foxhole, Wood Fence, Campsite

  • Moderate resistance to small ballistics

Known Issues

  • "Push To Talk" won't work if you previously rebound the key. Reset to default and rebind again to work around this issue.

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