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Foxhole 0.0.14 Release Notes

Gameplay Changes

  • Foxholes and Pillboxes will no longer fire at recently spawned players

  • Map changes

  • Eastern bridge types changed

  • Salvage locations moved slightly

  • Removing items from the Outpost is more restrictive

  • Only 2 packed items can be removed at a time

Game Balance

  • HeavyMG cost decreased by 30%

  • Smoke Grenade cost decreased by 7%

  • Smoke Grenand production time reduced by 16%

  • Green Ash cost reduced by 13%

  • Green Ash production time reduced by 14%

Other Changes

  • Local chat text now appears above the heads of characters that are visible to the player, allowing you to communicate with nearby players more effectively

  • Typing /a /t /l and pressing space in the chat box will now switch channels

  • Player screen now sorts players by faction

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that causes visuals to be blurry when graphics detail level is set to low

  • Fixed Field Artillery so it no longer has issues colliding with certain objects

  • Fixed bug that caused aim accuracy to increase when sprinting

  • Fixed bug that prevented movement keys from being bound to arrow keys

  • Fixed bug preventing lock dismantling

  • Fixed HeavyMG so it no longer targets the wrong location when aiming at a Field Artillery

  • Fixed bug that causes incorrect location name to be shown on the HUD when exiting a vehicle

  • Fixed bug that prevents access to the inventory when rotating the camera

  • Fixed exploit that allows players to cross the Wooden Bridge build site

  • Fixed bug that causes the names of players inside vehicles to not be visible

  • Fixed crash that occus when sometimes opening the Keyboard settings screen

  • War Correspondent will now mention the correct faction when reporting Outpost information

  • SFX from other players reloading will now play properly

  • Player arrow on the minimap now rotates correctly when players are passengers in a vehicle


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